Reindeer games…

Peabody currently is feeling a little bit like Rudolph. See I don’t get to play in any reindeer games right now…I know it as hockey. In fact I’m getting to do very little as of right now. A few months ago I wrote that my right hand was being weird and they chalked it up carpal tunnel from being on the computer and mixing stuff by hand often. But then about three weeks ago my whole right arm decided randomly to go numb. When it didn’t go away I went to the doctor.

After poking and prodding my new internist, who I actually like, decided that it’s a nerve thing, with it most likely being a pinched nerve in my neck or shoulder. Oh goodie. Lucky for me the day I went unlike when I normally go, my pinched nerve was in full force, with me not even being able to touch my ring finger or pinky finger to my thumb. So he referred me to a neurologist and gave me never blockers until I got an appointment. Oh and uttered the words I dreaded to hear…no hockey until it’s no longer numb. Ugh. :(

When is my appointment? Not until January!

January. I can’t feel my arm/hand but I can’t get in until January. Got to love specialist. I’m on the waiting list just in case there is a cancellation, but other than that I wait…and learn to do stuff left handed. Which FYI, I am not skilled at. So if my food seems extra un-pretty right now, it’s because my hand was not cooperating at the time. :)

So as usual I felt the need to want to do something sort of involved…if you are using your left hand and are right handed. If you have normal use of your limbs…these are actually quite easy…other than the pretzel part. They make it sound so easy in the directions, just break them in half. Yeah, that doesn’t happen…maybe you will have better luck. All I know is that I ate a lot of broken pretzel pieces. :P Not that it’s a bad thing.

I chose to go with a chocolate coffee cupcake, because of coffee and donuts, but feel free to omit the coffee if you are making these for kiddos. I was just making them for me, though I am a kiddo at heart.

Have a good Tuesday…as I wave to you with my left hand! :P

Donut Reindeer Cupakes
One batch (about 22 cupcakes) devils food cupcakes with 2 tsp. instant coffee powder added with the flour (I used Via)
1 batch frosting of your choice, with ¾ cup of it set aside to use for eyes, I used the vanilla frosting from here
Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts (22 of them)
Peanut M&M’s® (the red ones…you will have to eat the extra…darn)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Mini Pretzel Twists
Bake cupcakes and let cool. Frost when completely cool.

Place remaining frosting in a piping bag.

Press a red peanut M&M® into the hole of the chocolate frosted mini donut. I secured mine with frosting since the holes weren’t that big.

Pipe two dots for eyes and press mini chocolate chips (tip side down) into the frosting to create eyes.

Break a mini pretzel twist in half and press them into the top of the donut for antlers.

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  1. Nervy of those nerves I say. They do misbehave.
    I say ‘Proud’ rain deer!

  2. Love it! You should have a Pin it button on your blog.

  3. You did a fantastic job, regardless of your arm not functioning! I hope the meds will help you in the meantime.

  4. Happy Holidays Peabody!

    I haven’t been able to check your blog for a while, but now that I can, my salivary glands are working overtime. Might have to take it slow.

    Speaking of taking it slow, I really hope your arm gets better so you can play hockey again, and be able to bake and decorate to your heart’s content. Though, your not-at-fullest art skills are way better than my on-my-best-day-plus-divine-intervention ones.

    take care <3

  5. Well, darn it all! I hope you are feeling your right arm soon and feeling right soon and soon alright
    all round. OK? X

  6. How cute and fun are those cupcakes! I hope your arm is back to normal soon–especially before January! ugh!

  7. Those are some very clever reindeer. Hope you get better soon.

  8. I am wishing for a cancellation so that you can get in earlier than expected. Hope the meds help until then.

  9. I’m awful sorry about your arm :( I guess you can use the time to learn to become ambidexterous! :D

    By the way, these cupcakes are super adorable!

  10. Have you considered a chiropractor? They can do amazing (non-surgical) things for pinched nerves, etc. In other words, a second opinion is warranted, even if you like the internist–and don’t give up on him because of this!!!!!

  11. Sorry to hear about your arm! I’d be in the same pickle if I lost use of my dominant hand. :( The reindeer cupcakes are cute. Hope the doctor can squeeze you in earlier …

  12. Hope you’re on the med soon. Nothing more awful than waiting to get in to see the doc.

  13. THis is adorable and so creative. My kids would love to help me make these cuties. :) and maybe eat a few along the way. LOL

  14. hope your arm gets better soon! that is a horrible thing to have to deal with around the holidays!

  15. Cupcakes, mini doughnuts, chocolate chips, pretzels AND M&M’s Peanut all jammed together? I think I’m tearing up a bit.
    Hope the arm gets better and that someone drops off that list. Waiting until January is completely ridiculous.

  16. These are too cute for words Peaboby. Let’s hope for a cancellation as well before Christmas.

  17. Adorable!

  18. Those are cute!
    Sorry to hear about your nerve; not fun :(

  19. I have to keep coming back to this page and looking at your cute reindeer – they make me smile :) Great job! They are adorable

  20. Too cute!

  21. I must make these with the kids- how fun!! Love cute cupcakes like these.

  22. I’m very sorry to hear about your arm but your reindeer cupcakes are adorable! I’m trying to keep sweets down this season to just a few good things but I might have to make these. They’d be great gifts for my pals at rehab.

  23. Made these with my kids- a big hit and so easy!!

  24. @Michelle- Yay!

  25. Peabody…
    You can come and drool anytime over my 20qt, 40qt, 60qt, and 80 qt Mixers that sit across from the workbench from my 3 Kitchen Aid pros!

    Of course, they would ask you to make a big batch of something

  26. How wonderful… I want some cupcakes like these… hmmm. I should learn how to do them…

  27. Really cute idea.

  28. These reindeer cupcakes are so cute! I’m delighted with these idea and I’ve featured it on my blog! I hope you don’t mind! If you don’t agree with that please contact me and I will remove it. All the best.


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