You better not pout…

Cheer up Crazy Cocker Spaniel or you will get coal in your stocking instead of chicken strips. :) And in case you were wondering it isn’t easy to wrap a cocker spaniel in paper but I am going to guess it’s much easier than a cat!

Two more days!


  1. SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There is a youtube video on wrapping a cat. Very funny. Looks like CCS had a fair amount of patience.

  3. Thanksv forv another year of great recipes. May 2012 bring you health, happiness and MANY new recipe ideas.

  4. i put paper on the floor, and the cat wraps itself. haha
    even easier if you make a paper tube.
    like an octopus trap: you put a pot there, go away, and when you come back, you have an octopus in a pot.

    unwrapping a cat is probably more troublesome as well as dangerous.

    i love these pictures! happy holidays!!

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