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We are still having snow (it’s falling as I type) which was supposed to be gone by now. Everyone is at the point where they have taken to Twitter and Facebook to let us all know that they are tired of the snow and to complain over and over again. I wrote that if we were in Ghostbusters 2 we would be dead from the slime being turned so negative…and then included a link to the average temperatures in Phoenix in hopes of them moving there. :P

The dog and I of course still love it we aren’t complaining in the least. We were out in it this morning, it’s colder than it has been so I have to take the blow dryer to her (which she hates). I on the other had to rely on hot chocolate to warm me up. I got thinking yesterday that I want something other than chocolate and decided to try and make a Snickerdoodle Cocoa. Now, it’s not actually cocoa as it uses vanilla chips instead of chocolate chips but it’s warm and wonderful all the same.

The rim of cinnamon sugar adds a little something extra special as do the Cinnamon Bun Marshmallows (if you can’t find them just use regular marshmallows). I’m happy to say that it’s kind of like a cookie in liquid form. Mmm. You could always add a little spiced rum as well. If you don’t want your Snickerdoodle in liquid form you could always make the refund muffin. :)

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  1. Yes, please!

  2. I was so hoping you were going to figure this one out when I saw you comment on it the other day. That sounds insanely good. Hopefully I can try it this weekend.

  3. What a treat. I didn’t know the cream of tartar would give that much flavor. Always good to learn something new. :-) this sounds yummy

  4. Thank you for going there, now I must go there too…Snickerdoodle stuff rocks! I also know you love this weather :)

  5. That is a decadent drink!



  6. @Janet- it’s what gives a snickerdoodle that suttle tangy flavor they have

  7. Wow! Is it wrong that I really hope we get some snow in Nashville soon, just so I have an excuse to make this? Like I need an excuse.

  8. Was outside hiking with our dog today in Phoneix. Despite have absolutely wonderful weather, please don’t send all your negative nellys our way. Looks yummy Peabody.

  9. I agree with KCatGU. Don’t send them here, we have enough!

  10. Damn, it is far from hot cocoa weather where I live in Texas. In fact it reached 80 degrees today. I guess I will have to turn my AC down real low so that I can make this and have it warm me up! : )

  11. 70° in Dallas and I’m wondering Seattle streets knee deep in the snow when I’m not out throwing snowballs with the grandkids … and I’m loving it.
    Ha, I almost was able to make those refund muffins (maybe next time) but Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa! ho, I can make that for just two! I’m going for this one.
    Weather is weather you deal with it or you hibernate. Right!?

  12. OMG, you did it! You made a snickerdoodle into a drink! I want to try some!

    And you’re lucky with the snow. I think Colorado is all pittered out of snow. It’s supposed to be 56 tomorrow, but we’ve been getting massive winds (I heard in the mountains it got up to almost 200mph)

  13. I want a snow day so I can sit inside and drink this. All. Day. Long.

  14. I’m totally with Erin – I’m not a fan of snow, but if I could sit inside and appreciate this tasty treat, it could snow all the darn day long!

  15. Snickerdoodles are my husband’s favorite!! I will have to try this out on him ;) Thanks!

  16. I just love having a hot drink during snowy / rainy cold season. Sitting beside at window, watching outside and having a sip at your hot choco drink, makes me relax.

    This is a new recipe.. hmmm.. let me try this one. I’m pretty sure it’s delicious, with matching marshmallow at top. :)

  17. My favorite cookie in liquid form!! If only it would actually get cold here in NYC this year…

  18. Ok I know this maybe a dumb question, but are those marshmallows on top?

  19. Yes those are Cinnabon Marshmallows


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