Move over Paula…

**Screw Zombies, I am afraid of a spider apocalypse. Last night while having a bit of insomnia I upgraded my toe nails to Domestic Goddess by OPI from the chipped whatever color that was on them. While calmly doing my nails just trying to avoid dog hair…dropped from the F&*$ing sky was a spider that landed in my wet nail polish on my big toe. I’m not sure why a blood curdling scream did not spew from my mouth. I think I was past screaming. I mean here was a tiny to most/huge to me black with now a touch of purple spider squirming on my freaking toenail. I hyperventilated while the dog watched me strangely flail around and freak out. With the world’s largest wad of toilet paper I removed the spider but spent the rest of the night on the lookout for the spider paratroopers.

**If you want to hear me squeal then you should have been at the grocery store yesterday when my favorite bacon was on sale…and then there was a coupon on top of that. The freezer is FULL of bacon. Bacon and ice cream…and Jägermeister. :D

**I have decided that people who make socks hire people to go and steal at least one of those pairs of socks when you get home. Seriously who keeps taking all my socks??? I keep buying socks and keep having LESS socks.

**The dog is refusing to walk. When walking for three whole minutes she just sat on the sidewalk and refused to move. I need her a dog personal trainer apparently to motivate her.

**Nothing goes better with bacon than deep frying cinnamon rolls. Seriously ghetto and seriously awesome. I figure with Paula having to cook healthier there is an opening in the death queen category so I am applying. These took me all of 20 minutes and that’s what works for me. Yes you are going to want to make these. No, don’t be afraid of frying.

Deep Fried Cinnamon Rolls


Vegetable oil (enough to cover at least 2 inches of a heavy pan)

1 package refrigerator cinnamon rolls (I used Pillsbury)

Pour enough oil to cover at least 2 inches in the bottom of a heavy pan (I used a Le Crueset). Using a deep fry thermometer, heat oil to 350F. Do not leave unattended.

While oil is heating, open cinnamon rolls and fasten each one with a long toothpick or wooden skewer that has been cut to size. Let dough rest for 10 minutes.

Carefully place cinnamon rolls (I use tongs), one or two at a time, into the oil.

Cook for about 1 minute on each side, or until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon (or tongs), carefully lift donuts out of the oil and place onto paper towels to drain and cool completely.

I just dusted mine with powdered sugar and used the glaze it came with (I like the orange kind).


  1. The orange kind are Liam’s favorites too. If only I had a fryer. It will go on the list with the waffle maker.

  2. omg. Deep fried yummyness. Spider on wet toenail (or anywhere on me for that matter) would have freaked me out too.

  3. I am so going to try this, but not when the kids are home, these will be all mine!

  4. I am totally going to make these soon. Spiders creep me out too. I thinking watching Arachnophobia when I was younger kinda helped with that. Have a lovely day!

  5. Really, you REALLY fried cinnamon rolls. That’s flipping fantastic!

  6. OMG, I’m speechless!!!! Those look just incredible.



  7. Wow oh wow, fried cinnamon rolls … just stack ‘sum up around the bed. That should keep the spider paratroopers away ;-)

    I somehow don’t see you in the death queen category even with these fried cinnamon rolls. When you make me laugh this much, death queen category just doesn’t fit.

  8. OMG, I have no words… If that happened to me with the spider, I’d have likely had a heart attack. 8-O

  9. Stephanie says:

    OMG….you used thongs to dip the rolls in oil…..bwahahahaha I love you!!!!!

  10. Holy moly!!!

  11. Spiders don’t really scare me, but I would have been furious that it messed up my nail polish!!!
    Nothing like a deep fried cinnamon roll to make you feel better, though :)
    I think CCS and I are on the same motivational scale regarding exercise!

  12. Cinnamon rolls look delicious!
    And a little amusing at the timing of the spider story – I just had a spider crawl across my monitor at work… about had a heart attack, but managed not to squeal!

  13. Oh snap! Those are wicked! I do believe I have a package of cinnamon roll dough in the fridge. I’ll be getting major mommy points tonight!

  14. hey they worked!
    might have to buy some of that premade stuff and try them out.

  15. I’ll bet these rock! Can of cinnamon rolls goes on the shopping list. Homemade might be better, but this seems more an emergency type snack to me. You rock too!!

  16. Bring bacon with you on walks with the dog. Give her bacon crumbs every time she actually walks. Eat strips of bacon while walking. Mm..

  17. Holy crackers! I would have screamed bloddy murder if a spider landed on my toe (I’m an arachniphobe (sp?)). I’ve actually jumped out of the shower mid-shampooand ran down my hallway screaming for my dad because a spider was above my head.

    And yes, I am afraid of frying because oil doesn’t like me and splatters me and then I’m in pain and then I don’t go near the oil, so then my food burns. These do look good though :)

  18. They look gorgeous.

    I’ve had a spider drop on my hair, it’s like you have this mega intake of breath and the scream freezes in your throat!

  19. AMAZING!

  20. lol at spider paratroopers.

    I think you need to give your dog a break though. Have you considered that she doesn’t have the luxurious life of a stay at home dog (SAHD) that can just exercise whenever she wants? Wait..

    Sure homemade is good, but the dough boy is still a classic. You’ve got my vote.

  21. Holy mother of God those are decadent!

  22. Here’s my Spider story: I was chatting on MSN messenger one night, really late, leaning back in my computer chair, feet up on the desk. When a spider drops down right in front of my face. From that angle it was about 3 feet wide. I freaked, pushed myself away, which because I was leaning back, meant I launched the chair over, I fell on my back, the keyboard went flying and a message was sent to my friend that went something like this “I think that al;skjdf io0″.
    And it goes without saying that those cinnamon rolls look amazing. Standing ovation. Bravo!

  23. Ugh I saw a cockroach on my ceiling above my bed one night while I was reading, and I kept my eye out for it moving. Then all of the sudden it was gone and I was convinced it had landed in my bed somewhere. Totally grossed out I spent the night on the couch after grabbing a pillow and blanket and vigorously shaking them just in case.

    I want this cinnamon roll. And I am glad you used the store-bought kind because sometimes you just need a good fried thing fast!

  24. Genius!!

    I don’t know how you survived that spider thing. Wow.

    And I want to move into your freezer. How much is rent?

  25. LOL spider paratroopers! I would have been screaming and flailing about too, haha. Love the fried cinnamon rolls!

  26. What I really want to know if what is your favorite brand of bacon? PS. I am with you and socks, the dryer is totally winning the war at our house.

  27. You are so deep fat fryer bad! I am one of those scardy-cat people of deep fat frying.

  28. Have you noticed how those “sock people” ALSO have a nasty trick of packaging each pair in different lengths??? Especially when you get a bag of 5-6 pairs…AND, after you wash them a few times, the colors don’t “match” anymore either. I smell a conspiracy here, don’t you?!?!?

    Wish I could smell those rolls…..

  29. These are amazing. There’s a Cinnabon in the train station and every time I go through there it kills me, cinnamon rolls can even make a train station smell wonderful…

  30. When I was a teenager, I used to fry up some bacon in a cast iron skillet, then make French toast in the bacon fat – with out draining any of the fat first! My mom had a fit at the thought of it, but tough – my breakfast. Now, I’m imagining frying the cinnamon rolls in the bacon fat. H’mm.

    About dog not wanting to walk, could she have a health issue – feet hurting her or something? I’ve never had a dog that didn’t want to walk because of so many interesting smells to sniff. Maybe take her for a ride to a new park or something? Yes, my dogs were probably spoiled. ;)

  31. So, so decadent but they sound amazing!

  32. Made ‘em …. Loved ‘em!!!

  33. I’m trying it now but I dipped mines in eggs mixed with mix and cinnamon to give it the French toast taste

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