Now that’s recycling…

*The president was in town on Friday. He didn’t stop in and say hi. How rude. :)

*Yes Paula Deen makes food that is bad for you. So do I. She has diabetes. This should shock no one. I don’t have diabetes, I’m going to guess because I weigh less than her and workout daily. And when I make a batch of brownies I don’t sit around and eat the whole batch (I chop them up and put them in muffins).

*I swear spiders are mathematical geniuses knowing how to calculate the exact distance to make sure you can see them but you can’t get to them to squash them. And they just stare you down with their wee beady eyes secretly plotting your death and waiting for you to go to bed.

*I’m not really loving any of the new cookbooks coming lately. Seems to be the same recipes over and over again just in a different book.

*I think the clutter on my counter is reproducing. Every time I look even after I clean it expands.

*There nothing more satisfying than knowing someone is lying and then you get proof that they are lying and you get to show them that proof.

*Some of my better ideas come out of boredom. These muffins are example of that. Had bananas and left over brownies. Decided why not throw brownie pieces into the banana batter. If you are not a butterscotch fan you can always use chocolate or peanut butter chips and it probably will be equally delish.



  1. I love your crazy mad scientist experiments. I went to the store and thought I had everything I needed to make them, but forgot the chips. Ah well, gives my bananas time to get spotty.

  2. Brownies inside a muffin, sounds like a winner to me :)

    And yes, spiders are evil geniuses who are planning to take over the world, which is why I think they should all die.

  3. What great muffins!

    I love spider! ;-)))



  4. Though I don’t know about Obama, the next time Clinton is around I’m sure if you fried up some more Cinnamon Rolls he’d be right over :).
    The muffins look terrific. I’m going to have to bake some leftover brownies :). And I love your quick fire posts, they’re a lot of fun to read.

  5. I can’t even read the word spider without getting the shivers. The muffins look wicked tasty, well worth having to read about those creepy little buggers.

  6. What do you think about the Joy the Baker cookbook coming out?

  7. @Rebecca- I would have to see it first. Most of her recipes are her blog are pretty basic and I feel that there are too many cookbooks like that out there already.

  8. So no Peabody Cookbook Creations anytime soon?

  9. @Rebecca- nope. I seem to be the only food blogger around without at cookbook deal

  10. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one shocked by Paula’s news. And yes, spider’s are mean plotting ass clowns. The cookbooks (and even magazines) are becoming so repetitious that I am waiting for copyright drama to implode on them the way it seems to have picked up steam on the internet.
    And these muffins look spectacular.

  11. Number 1 & 5 are dead on. Duh on Paula Dean, seriously I wish people would stop acting shocked and yes there is very little more satisfying than catching a liar. Oh and how good do these muffins look? Love bananas in baked goods, don’t like em plain but love them in things. NUM.

  12. Nobody’s gonna give me a cookbook deal, either. :( (Though you certainly deserve it more, or at least first.)

    I’m gonna have to raid the fridge for something yogurt-like — I’ve got bananas and butterscotch chips itching to be used, but I know I have no yogurt (or sour cream, either).

  13. Got bananas, got butterscotch. No brownies, though…may try these at my parents’ this weekend. Mmm! And I am TOTALLY with you on the clutter thing…I clean and then in five minutes it’s back to cluttered. What’s with that!?

  14. You should be bored more often ;-)

  15. I find your little comments hilarious, and I have yet to try any of your baked yuminess, but I plan to. Thank you for posting :)

  16. I am trying to delurk :), these turned out so well, we loved these muffins! Another winner at our house.

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