Cutting Edge…

I really can’t make fun of the made for TV Lifetime movies anymore that I end up watching when I have insomnia or am sick stuck on the couch and the remote has fallen to the floor. For in a way my life could end up as the movie of the week or better yet ABC Family’s Cutting Edge 4 (I think they are at 4)…yeah I like that idea better. Cutting Edge 4: Getting Defensive. Yeah, that has some ring to it…hey ABC Family…hit me up. :)

Why the title? Well as most of you guessed (minus the person who thought we were twins) that is my boyfriend. We play defense together and have for a long while together. Since no one gets a real name but me on this blog we shall from this point on call him MDP…short for my defensive partner. Not clever I know. MPD eats everything btw, even green algae smoothies.

John Hughes would be proud in the fact that we were friends for a REALLY long time (knowing each other 8 years) and best of friends for quite a while. If you ever watched Some Kind of Wonderful it was kind of like that, except not at all as he was never on a date with another woman and I was the limo driver and I didn’t get diamond earrings. Damn…I don’t have diamond earrings. :) Oh and I’m Keith (Eric Stoltz) and he is Watts in our scenario for those who know the movie. I’m still thinking about how I don’t have diamond earrings. Anyway, I digress.

Some of you have caught on in the many previous posts the amount of family friendly meals that get cooked on here. MPD and I live together and usually every other weekend we get his two teenage twins (a boy and a girl) and 8 year old son. The good news is they are awesome kids. I know some probably cringed when I said teenagers but as someone who taught junior high for as long as I did I can tell you they are super great teens. And the 8 year old is awesome as well. He is super patient with me as he tries to teach me video games that I am really bad at. :P The bad news…I’ve got picky eaters again. :) Not all of them, in fact the girl is a champ like her dad at trying all sorts of food. I don’t know how I found people who don’t eat soup again but I did. :)Oh well.

Speaking of picky eaters, yes, of course he knows. I even asked him if it was okay to come out in public on the blog. Not in a do I have permission but in a out of respect I want to give you a heads up, he of course was okay with it. We both want the other person to be happy.

Just an FYI Saturday the blog is having some stuff done to it (don’t ask me what exactly) but the comments are going to be turned off for a little bit, so maybe it’s a good time to fan the FB page to interact with me. Also just two days left to donate…I kept my word and told you if you donated I would tell you who he was. And of course since it’s Fur Baby Friday…that’s why CCS is in the photo.


  1. That’s terrific Peabody :)! Happy you’re happy :).

    I honestly have no idea about any of those references you made :). And I don’t have cable :). But you did exactly what I do when I create an initialism. I write it correctly the frist time, and then change it every other time :). My Partner of Defence sounds more badass anyways :).

  2. That’s great you’re not twins :P lol This is a much better story. I’m happy for you and the MDP!

  3. I didn’t think he was your brother!(insert smiley face) You look very happy together, and I wish you every happiness. You’ll be good with the children as you have patience and a good sense of humor. They’re lucky to know you!

  4. I’m really glad you are finding happiness again too. Looks like you have a thumbs up from little missy pup too :)

  5. Yay Peabody!! That is fantastic :)

  6. 1- yay!
    2- you have to love the ABC Family movies- although your movie would have to be Cutting Edge 5 (i’m only a little disappointed in myself that i knew that)
    3- just made my donation- thanks for always being responsive to my questions on FB!

  7. Is there anything more fun than a houseful to cook for? even if they might be a little picky. Happy looks good on you!

  8. :) thanks for sharing! ;)

  9. Aww :) I’m happy that you’re happy. And man, barring like being in a full body cast, I’d get my lazy bum off the couch rather than suffer through anything not Golden Girls on Lifetime ;)

  10. You said something on twitter the other day that made me guess something was going on but I didn’t want to pry. I figured you’d let us know when you were ready – or that I was way off and I didn’t want to be an ass. I think its great that you guys have been friends. I have never been married but I believe that’s really the most important part of a good relationship. Im glad your happy ;D

  11. Yay! You look very happy in the picture you posted when you made us guess who was pictured with you.

  12. Congrats to the lot of you!

  13. Peabody says:

    @Kita- I think the friend thing definitely helps greatly.

  14. Peabody says:

    @Denise- I’m just sad I have missed Cutting Edge 4…how did I miss that. There was the original. Then their daughter and the pro roller blade dude. Then the third was the girl hockey player and she worked in a restaurant or something like that. What was the 4th?

  15. Yay! It’s always good to be happy, especially when you get to share it with someone else. And at least you aren’t always around picky eaters. MDP can be your test subjectfor cooky recipes :D

    And made-for-TV movies aren’t always bad…and I’ve never seen the cutting edge, but it seems like they are beating a dead horse if it’s on it’s 4th (or 5th as Denise states). Are they really that good? Or are they just trying to…scratch that, I don’t know what they’re trying to do with 5 movies. It kind of sounds like the “Bring it On” series. I think theres like 6 of those movies.

  16. Peabody says:

    @Becca- the original Cutting Edge was like 20 years ago. Then ABC Family decided to make a sequel using their daughter…and then yes, became like the Bring It On’s

  17. Im so happy to read your post….!!!! And looks like i should be thankful i have no clue what this cutting edge talk is all about…:)

  18. I was WONDERING when that little shift would take place. I knew he was a really really good friend to begin with and I was kinda hoping to read more came of it. Good for you!

  19. @Kristina- thanks…it’s kind of nice to end up with your best friend…you already know what you are getting into.

  20. I had to unsubscribe from your blog almost two months ago when I was trying to beat my sugar addiction. And now I’m annoyed that I missed this! I am really happy for you!

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