Last year as a tween…

(Special thanks to Auntie C (fellow teammate) who works for the awesome Organic Dog Treat place Wet Noses. She was kind enough to get CCS cupcakes as well as some sweet potato treats for her birthday!)

Dear CCS,

Today you turn 12. Like most parents (fur or otherwise) I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. You’ve taught me many things over the years:

First and most importantly you taught me unconditional love…as long as there isn’t someone holding bacon then you are going with them. :)

You’ve taught me that a dog can swallow a whole bunny shaped Pez dispenser and have it go through your whole body and not damage a thing. I only find this out after having to pay hundreds in vet bills though.

I’ve learned that apparently used Kleenex is far more appetizing than I ever thought as you are always searching for it in the bathroom trashcans. Though this is coming from a dog who likes to “clean up” any stray rabbit poop that might fall from its cage.

You taught me that not all dogs are into walks, often having to be carried back halfway through them (such a diva).

You can always cheer me up.

A shut door to the bathroom doesn’t mean keep out to you, just means try harder.

And lastly you taught me that I didn’t rescue you…you rescued me. Happy Birthday to my baby girl!


  1. Happy Happy Woofday!

  2. Christine says:

    She is such a cutie!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your pup, and great post. It reminded me of a few of my pups quirks (who passed away early last month) and made me smile. The pictures are terrific! :).

  4. Happy Happy Birthday, CCS! Those eyes say it all! Sweet rabbit-chasing dreams to you today!

  5. Cheers CCS, may today be filled with peanut butter wishes and bacon dreams.

  6. This is so sweet. Happy Birthday CCS *<]:o)

    I love the picture of her eating a cookie; that by far is the cutest picture I have ever seen. :)

  7. Happy birthday CCS!! :)

    This post was adorable and made me tear up a bit, but I’m a crazy animal lover, so that’s to be expected.

    And yes, animals always seem to be the rescuers and not the rescuees. ;)

  8. Christine says:

    happy birthday CCS!!! I have two cockers at my house, Lady Lucy Lu IV is 6 and her son Mutton Chops Willie is 4…. so much fun to have around and the love is so great.

  9. Awwwwh. happy birthday cute doggie!

  10. Aww happy birthday!

  11. I love the cookie photo, those eyes just say it all!

  12. awwwww

  13. happy birthday pup!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Wonderful! Such a sweet post. And coincidently, my youngest, :D Eddie, turns one today!

  15. Love this and so true. Pets do bring some joy to our lives. AS much as they can be pains lol their unconditional love is such an amazing support. Adorable post. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. You always give me a smile on my face, as I start my day!!!
    I was wondering where did you get your dog tag – “I rescued my human”? A friend of mine would love it… their rescue dog, rescued them too!! I would love to get them one.
    Thanks for the great recipes.

  17. Emily your old neighbour! says:

    Happy Birthday Woofer!
    Came on here to see what you’re up do. Counting down the days till I can get back on fb!

  18. Ann-Marie says:

    Happy birthday, CCS! You have made my day today, and thank you!

  19. Happy Birthday, CCS! She’s looking good, but she was absolutely adorable as a baby.

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