Oh the horror…

For two days for the first time I think EVER I had no butter. I truly feared for every one’s lives as I thought for sure the apocalypse was coming.

I also had no heavy cream, milk, and had a whole two eggs. I of course had the super baking bug with none of the supplies so I went in search of a recipe that didn’t use butter, milk, cream, and only two eggs. I found one. I baked it. You aren’t getting the recipe. I think I found a new substitute for traditional bricks. So if you are building a house or something let me know and I will email you the recipe. Though I think bricks would be cheaper to build your house out of instead of Greek Olive Oil Loaf Cake.

The good news is that means I should be back to baking now that all is right in the universe now.

And just to show love to my non-dairy peeps before you write me telling me you can make wonderful food without dairy, I know. MDP and I went to our friend B’s house. He and his wife were nice enough to have us over for  dinner. This pretty much never happens. People are afraid to cook for me which is ridiculous because unless I am allergic to it, I will eat it. I’ve even eaten bugs. We had dairy free, gluten free, and everything I am allergic to free dinner and it was wonderful. So you don’t need dairy for a lovely meal…but I do need it in my fridge darn it all. :P


  1. Oh no! I may not have any other food in my fridge, but I’m like you – it’s always stocked with milk, butter and eggs!
    I hate your recipe didn’t turn out well, but glad you had a nice dinner with friends.

  2. I always pause a moment at the store in front of the butter and think “Do I have butter?” while generally the answer is “Yes” I tend to buy it anyway because in my head I hear “Well I THINK I do .. but better get some anyway, just in case.” I usually have to laugh at myself when I get home and find I already have several pounds!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who panics without the “constants” in the house…..BUT, when push comes to shove, there’s a carton of almond milk (and probably coconut milk) in the pantry, flax seed and the grinder, and a jar of coconut oil that now lives with the popcorn. I make sure I can work my way out of that jam if ever I find myself down THAT dark alley again! Live and learn!

    Sorry about that brick bomb though…

  4. When I’m down to three sticks of butter I go out to the store and buy another package just in case. I think eggs and butter are the most used thing in baking because it seems to take forever to get through a sack of flour and a carton of sugar. :P

    And I’m sorry about the brick…but now at least you have a handy weapon incase you’re ever attacked. Just throw the loaf at their head :) But I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, was it?

  5. That sounds likes me. Am ok if I don’t have any really food to make but if I can’t make any deserts then I have problem.

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