Fourteen and counting…

Fourteen came a knocking this week. It’s one of the lesser exciting birthdays for you are already a teenager and can get into PG-13 movies, but the next two birthdays are just waiting time until you get to drive. But all birthdays should be celebrated of course (though some disagree…but I prefer it to the alternative). Their actual birthday was on a school night and so homework and regular activities took over so we decided to wait until this weekend to celebrate it in a proper way.

We went to a place where they pour your food onto a table and you beat it with a mallet. While some other places would have been better food (the food was good though), we were going more for the experience…which we certainly had. Then we came home to this beauty.

I actually saw the cake years ago with a Christmas Kit Kat Cake (just red and green M & M’s) at someone’s holiday party. I saw it again on Pinterest and decided to give it a go. You can use any cake recipe you like but I HIGHLY encourage you to make the fudge frosting to go with it. I love this frosting; it makes me so very happy. :)

This recipe makes for three mini cakes but I only made one of them a Kit Kat Party Cake. For while it is fun to look at it is a little over the top….though no one had any problems getting it down. :P This would work just as well with Twix Bars as well for those thinking they don’t really like Kit Kat bars.

Kit Kat Party Cake

Chocolate Cake recipe of your choice (baked using six 4 ½-inch-diameter spring form pans)
1 recipe Ultimate Fudge Frosting
5 ½ Kit Kats for each cake (I only made one, the rest were just frosted but if doing all three you will need 17 Kit Kats)
1 pound bag of M & M’s


Ultimate Fudge Frosting
2 cups unsalted butter, at room temperature
12 ounces semisweet chocolate, melted, slightly cool
4 cups powdered sugar
2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, cream butter and 2 cups sugar until fully combined.

Add melted chocolate and cocoa powder, and beat on low speed until fully incorporated.

Add the remaining two cups of sugar. You might need to thin it out, I never had.

This is a fantastic frosting and I don’t even really like chocolate that much…yeah I know, but you could seriously bath in this.

To see how to put it together head over to Recipe Girl.

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  1. A great cake! I love the idea.



  2. While the cake looks great, and I’ll bet there were no issues getting it to disappear, I have to know: where in the hell do you go to beat food with a mallet? I am uninformed (and perhaps live under a rock)!

  3. @Kate- it’s a place where they dump seafood/crab in front of you and have to unshell it yourself.

  4. YUM!

    And we used to go to the Crab Pot a lot… but now I’m allergic to clams so I’m scared! :/

  5. It looks like a giant bucket of m&ms incased in kitkats! I’d be excited too if I aw this cake waiting for me when I got home :)

  6. Raschell Celleste says:

    So simple and so delicious. Looking forward to more sweets and photos….

    Raschell Celleste

  7. Hi Thank you for sharing this, this is very interesting…I love it…yummmi. Best regards from Iceland


  1. […] Lots of candy overload with this Kit Kat and M&Ms cake! What you do with this cake is make a small round chocolate cake (or vanilla whatever you like!) then ice it with your choice of icing and line the Kit Kats up around the cake making a sort of fence look. Then top with M&Ms for a colorful decoration. I think the ribbon around the cake is a perfect decorative touch and you could get it to match your party theme or make the ribbon the favorite color of whoever’s cake it is! (via Culinary Concoctions by Peabody) […]

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