Since you’re not doing anything…

One of the worst things about having to work from home (most of mine are) is all the things that people presume.  Many people dream of this and always want to know what it’s like. So here are some pros and cons of working from home:


Almost everyone thinks you are just sitting at home doing nothing. I must be doing something as I keep getting pay checks for it.

I get asked to watch people’s kids because I’m home and just baking and writing so that doesn’t take much concentration. Oh sure.

People want me to run errands for them again if I am just sitting at home watching the Lifetime Channel or something.

People want to stop by and chat. People want you to come by and chat with them. Or meet for coffee (which is fine once and awhile).

People are shocked if your place is not spotless and I get the “but you are home all day…what are you doing?” I’m working that’s what I am doing.

People are shocked that you aren’t making full blown gourmet meals.

Sometimes getting up and out of bed when you know you have a flexible schedule is really hard. Just look at Crazy Cocker Spaniel…mornings are not her thing. :)



Bad Hair.

No bra.

Own schedule, much of my work is done at night since I am a night owl.

Can go to the doctors or other appointments in the middle of the day.

I can pee whenever I want(most jobs get to do this but when you are a teacher this is a very exciting thing as you don’t get to leave your classroom to do this).

Get to take my dog to work every day.

Mid afternoon nap.

No commute.

Can eat Pop Tarts as a meal with no one around to judge. Well the dog judges but I have learned to ignore her.

And of course you can find outrageously fun ideas while you surf the Internet. Good ol’ Cake Spy over at Serious Eats had the genius idea of making strawberry shortcake…with a donut!!! Hers was pink of course with sprinkles but I thought that would be a little too sweet even for me so I went with traditional glazed. I made a strawberry jam whipped cream and some macerated strawberries. This is definitely a great way to make a strawberry shortcake. Can’t believe I never thought of it before.

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  1. Dear g-d, this looks good. Must do this while in Las Vegas next week! (Ronald’s Donuts on Valley View has vegan donuts!!!)

  2. Mmmhhh, divine! Working at home has many pros, but it is work nonetheless.



  3. Donuts+my favorite kind of cake ever. Too brilliant.

    Also, was just getting slightly sick of the “omg I’m lost, look up this place on google and send directions to my phone” emails from friends because I’m at home. So I kind of feel ya.

    I need to come back here more often, because your posts make me happy :) Hope all is well!

  4. truhali says:

    I hear you :-) On the other hand if someone is shocked that my house is not spotless despite not doing anything besides working from home (and having 3 small kids and 6 dogs) I always kindly offer them the broom, the mop and the vacuum. That usually does it :-)

  5. waiting for the backlash from stay at home moms

  6. Best idea ever! My husband would kiss you if he saw this.

  7. My mom used to go to work (a crazy messed up place) but as soon as she started working from home her mood improved like 100 fold, so you can add “don’t have to deal with crazy bosses” to this list:)

    That crinkly glazzed doughnut looks really good. Especially since I haven’t had breakfast yet :D

  8. That looks amazing!

  9. I’ve recently had the option of working from home (still might). The only reason I’m iffy about it is the lack of interaction with other people. In my situation I’d probably go nuts as days of not seeing another person would eventually get to me :). But still, that whole not having to get up early to catch the train is a nice bonus and probably worth my sanity :).
    And yes please to doughnuts and anything you can put in between them :). I always fear easy recipes like this because if I love them too much, I’m going to be in new pants territory pretty quickly :).

  10. Peabody says:

    @Rodzilla- Stay at Home Moms probably get the same thing as well. I know many of my mom friends who’s husbands want to know why the place isn’t clean, laundry done, and a full spread meal is not out when they have two toddlers at home.

  11. Peabody says:

    @Adam- not going to lie that is a hard one some days. I have way too many one sided conversations with the dog. Lucky for me my neighbors work nights and so if I get twitchy and need human interaction I go bug them and bring them food. On the plus side the annoying co worker you can’t stand doesn’t follow you home and if they do get a restraining order. :)

  12. Okay, I know there’s a Frost up the road in Mill Creek. Now you’ve convinced me to go try them out. Yummy!

  13. Peabody says:

    @hobby baker- get the Maple Bacon bar there…it’s my favorite. Or their fritters!

  14. Marcilla says:

    My (very understanding, helpful, non-judgy) husband says that he can gauge what kind of a day I’ve had with the kids and/or the suspenders business based on how many dirty dishes have piled up by the time he gets home. If dishes are done, floors are swept and any other small chore has been accompilished we call it a success :)
    I really need to try Frost but there’s no info on their website about allergens so it may be a mama-only trip.

  15. Wise words I once heard from a friend: “If you want to see ME, call and come over anytime. If you want to see my HOUSE, make an appointment!”

    Nope, no judgment here. Some of us simply have better things to do than making sure you can see your perfect reflection in the bathroom mirror. I’ve actually thought about leaving the cleaner and towels on the counter to see if anyone else would ever do that job! I guess they don’t care! A dirty floor? The guys just don’t seem to see it and, therefore, don’t care about that either. I’ve learned to not care, too!

    Yes, coming here makes me happier, also!

  16. Wow!!! These look so good, next time I make strawberry shortcakes, I’m using doughnuts for sure!

  17. LOL, you totally called it. That is the thing I zeroed in on from their website. Though I love apple fritters too, the maple bacon was a sure sell for me. :D

  18. Kristina says:

    That’s so awesome, I’m gonna eat one soon!

    Yep, I know how it is when everyone thinks you’re doing nothing when you’re home. So far from the truth! Maybe they just equate home with relaxation. A stay at home mom especially is more likely to equate home with work.

  19. Lorii Abela says:

    This looks really delicious!.. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Holy crap I just saw this on Cakespy and was drooling, but you’re looks even better, ahhhhh!

  21. Donut dessert looks good. Of course put anything between a donut and I might eat it (yes, I’ve eaten the donut burger).

    I work during the week…so people think I have all the time in the world on weekends…uh no, that’s when I’m doing laundry, grocery shopping and all the other chores I don’t have time for during the week!

  22. Love it!!!! Brilliant. Wishing I could make one right this minute but I’m going to have to wait until morning.

  23. Ahh! I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels this way! Working from home was a huge adjustment for me and my friends and family. Many people don’t realize that I actually work more hours a week now that I work from home than I ever did working my 8-5 office job. And even though I am working from home I still have deadlines, conference calls, and meetings. There are times I can’t make things because of these obligations and my household chores suffer a lot. But I love what I do and am grateful for all the opportunities because really you can’t top a day of work spent in your pj’s! PS this strawberry shortcake made out of donuts is pure genius!

  24. I am so glad that Frost is so far from me. Damn those are good donuts!

    And I just gained 10 pounds reading this. YUM.

  25. Chris Thorne says:

    I am so glad you said MACERATE and not MARINATE.

  26. I’m a year behind everyone else… But oh my goodness! I’ve been off grains and sugar since the beginning of forever (daughter got married, had to drop some pounds,I feel good and look good, so I stayed with it) but this recipe is certainly a great reason for a cheat day! Glazed donut! Who knew?! Thanks!


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