Give us our daily rice…

I don’t know if I am singled out (I doubt it) but people have the perception often that since I run a dessert based blog that all I do is sit around and eat them all the time….and usually for breakfast. Hence the tote bag that was given to me by a friend (which I love btw)….Eat Cake For Breakfast. For the record I am pro eating cake for breakfast, I feel it is no different than that of a Pop Tart and probably has less fat and calories than the muffin people pick up at the coffee shop on the way to work. But I do seem to disappoint people when they ask what I had for breakfast.

I know in their mind they are thinking some sort of homemade croissant, cream puff, apple strudel…something along those lines. Nope, not so much. On the weekends MDP makes breakfast 99% of the time (yes, I am lucky) and that is normally waffles and bacon or an egg hash brown scramble thing…with bacon. :) But when it’s just me here during the week I either eat a bowl of multigrain oatmeal or brown rice. Yep, brown rice. See, you are a little disappointed and you know it. :)

But since people ask often what I eat on a daily basis I thought I would feature what I eat almost daily for breakfast (it’s this or a green smoothie).

Peabody’s Almost Daily Brown Rice Breakfast

1 cup brown rice, cooked (I use the Trader Joes microwavable kind)
3/4 cup unsweetened almond/coconut milk, divided
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of fresh ground nutmeg
Handful of nuts (walnuts was today’s choice)
½ banana (sometime strawberries, pineapple, just whatever), sliced
Sprinkle of dried fruit (I threw in dates today)
Maple syrup (how much probably depends on how Canadian you are :P )

Take one cup cooked rice and add it to a small sauce pan filled with ¼ cup unsweetened almond/coconut milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. Just stir until the rice is heated through.

Pour into a bowl. Add your nuts, banana slices, and dates.

Pour maple syrup over that and then the remaining unsweetened almond/coconut milk.




  1. Ummm yum

  2. I love borwn rice, but never considered it breakfast food. I kind of want to try it :P

  3. What a great idea! I do oatmeal most mornings, but this would tempt me…

  4. Also, quick question. Not sure if this is silly or not buuuuut if I were to use the microwavable rice, then would I microwave it first and then heat it with the milk in the sauce pan? Or should I just tear open the package and use the rice from there?

  5. Peabody says:

    @Becca- you would still want to warm the rice with the unsweetened coconut milk with the spices…otherwise the milk will be cold and it helps the spices get into the rice better.

  6. I LOVE brown rice. I often eat it for b’fast, but usually warmed up in leftover bacon grease. Okay not so healhty. I have to get some of the ingredients to make your version (the coconut/almond milk combo), but I’m definitely going to give it a try. sounds Yummy! Blueberries warmed up with it sound good to me too… with the same spices. YUM!

  7. Disappointed? But this sounds delicious! I actually eat two mini-breakfasts in the morning – oatmeal for carbs and fiber, and a scrambled egg for protein, since I jog and bike like a maniac.

    No worries, though. I do it because I like it, not because some self-help book told me to. :D

  8. I love having rice for breakfast! I pretend it’s rice pudding. :)

  9. Interesting. I would have never thought of making brown rice like this and eating it for breakfast but it sounds so good!

  10. Being a hockey player I knew you couldn’t live on cake alone:D

  11. I’m with Amanda! Rice pudding for breakfast!!! Mmmmm!!!!! I do the same thing with quinoa, too…..especially since I discovered how to microwave it. Brown rice and quinoa…not just for savory dishes! I’m guilty of cinnamon overload though. I like the banana/walnut combo and go that way often since it’s fast and easy. I’m all for instant gratification!

  12. Oh I think I will be adding this to our breakfast rotation. We have a bunch of brown rice and made as you make it means I can make a batch up in the steamer for breakfasts all week long. :D

  13. I love eating brown rice for breakfast too! Love all your additions too. Although I love desserts, I’m pretty plain jane for breakfast. Oatmeal, rice, roasted fruits and oatmeal. :) – mary

  14. Elizabeth says:

    That looks yummy! And so weird that I am sitting here at work, having a breakfast of oatmeal with banana slices and some pancake syrup that I just found in the break room!
    It’s not the same thing, but close. :) Kind of like having the same massage lady. :D

  15. Sharlotte says:

    My parents gave my Absolutely Chocolate: Irresistible Excuses to Indulge from Fine Cooking Magazine. I wasn’t expecting much from it since I had never heard of it and since I already had a few chocolate focused books. I was so surprised when everything I made from the book was delectable. My favorite is the mocha chocolate chip cupcakes with sour cream chocolate frosting.

  16. Sharlotte says:

    Sorry. I posted on the wrong page!

  17. Whenever we had leftover rice from dinner my mom would save it for “rice cereal” as we called it. But we were less healthy and just had milk and sugar. I hardly ever make rice these days, but I think I might need to again just for this. Who needs to wait for leftovers?

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