Lucky number 7….

Happy Birthday little blog! Or anniversary I can never really tell which it is. Pick one I guess and go with that. 7 years ago today I decided my new hobby should be food blogging.

I’m freshly back from BlogHerFood12 and can tell you that nothing makes you know how insignificant you are in the blog world like going to a food bloggers conference these days. Wow. Hundreds and hundreds of people with what seems to be two things as their objectives: how do I get a cookbook deal and how to get sponsors. I however was there to meet people.

Two years ago when I went to IFBC here in Seattle it seemed like more people were there to meet other bloggers. Now it seemed like people just consider other bloggers competition. Let me tell you folks I am in competition with no one. I write my blog for me. If others think it is good and want to read it all the better. :) I felt at times as if I was in a really bad speed dating conference. All these people who were *dying to meet me* talked to me for about two seconds and moved on (there were exceptions of course…there always are).

The phrase “I don’t want to keep you from meeting other people” was said to me not once, not twice, but four times in the course of 2 days. Umm, fyi that is the polite way of saying wow you are really uninteresting and/or I don’t think I can get anything out of you so I am going to move on. And they did. Which is fine. Just don’t pretend you are dying to meet me then.

Then there were the super popular bloggers, some of who I know because we have been around together for a while, and many of them are still nice but many of them have grown a stick up their ass. I don’t blame them…it’s hard not to get an ego when people flock to meet you and act as if you are a rock star. Ummm, bubble bursting time: Rock Star you are not. You make cookies, 10 minute pasta dishes, and put Oreos in everything (yes I do that too…not a rock star). And then there are my favorites, the popular bloggers who I don’t read their blog and therefore don’t know who they are who get BEYOND upset that you don’t know who they are. Or they are too good to tell you who they are. You are standing around talking in a group and you say “Hi I’m Peabody I write Culinary Concoctions by Peabody” and they just stare and say “oh”. I had to find out from OTHER people who they heck a couple bloggers were since they couldn’t be bothered to tell me who they were.

All of that sounds bad yes I know…but really there was awesome stuff too!!!

1. The people who were dying to meet me that actually wanted to meet me. And did. And we had a good chat. Some of us had good food and wine together.
2. Meeting new people who I didn’t know their blog but do now and are lovely, lovely, lovely people!
3. The Fairmont Seattle was a great place to have the conference! Minus the fact that they felt the need to put all of the food on skewers. Spinach salad…on skewers. Potato salad…on skewers. I was surprised the cookies weren’t on them as well. I’m sure they were thinking about it. The Samoa Popcorn they had was OMG and I am so going to try and recreate that for you all.
4. I met chef Ben Ford thanks to Dole and She’s Becoming Doughmesstic. Lucky for me I didn’t really know much about him before I talked to him. We actually had quite a few culinary instructors in common and talked about that. Come to find out not only was he good at making food he is the son of Han Solo. That’s right, Star Wars geek was talking to the son of Harrison Ford. I’m really happy I didn’t know this or I might have said really stupid stuff. :P Well, even more stupid stuff.

5. Getting to share with people my favorite places to go in and around Seattle. I really do love the city I live in.
Anyway, enough about the conference and more about the blog. Much has changed since this blog has started and yet much has stayed the same. I decided to that since sooo many people were excited about the cookbook give away that I would for the next 7 days give away one thing in honor of my blog turning 7! Each item I will be giving away are things that I use for this blog and my kitchen on a weekly basis. Starting with mini loaf pans…which I bake with ALL the time and people ask me ALL the time where do I get them. Where I get almost everything. Amazon.

So if you have any interest in winning a set of Wilton Recipe Right 3 Piece Mini Loaf Pan Set simply leave me a comment letting wishing my blog a happy birthday or anniversary (whichever) and tell me you would like the pans. You have to live in the United States though to be eligible (sorry to all my international readers). Wednesday June 20th 2012 the winners of all 7 prizes will be announced. You have until Tuesday June 19th 2012 at noon Pacific Standard Time to enter. You must comment on the post of the item you want not just a comment saying I want it all. :P

Lastly of course is the actual food here on this food blog. Funfetti had to make an appearance as did buttercream. These are more cake than cookie as far as bars go. But I wanted something more cakey for the celebration. You don’t need to frost them but why wouldn’t you?

Thanks for reading all these years…or months, or days…however long you have been a reader!!!

Funfetti Blog Birthday Cake Bars

1 ½ cups Funfetti cake mix
1 cup all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking soda
1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
As many sprinkles as you want

Preheat oven to 350F.

Spray a 9-x-13-inch pan with baking spray and set aside.

Using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, cream together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy on medium-high speed, about 3 minutes.

Add the eggs and vanilla and beat until smooth.

With the mixer on low add the flour, Funfetti cake mix, and baking soda until well combined.

Add in the sprinkles.

Spread batter evenly in prepared pan, smoothing with a spatula.

Bake for 20-22 minutes until top is browned and a knife will come out clean. Cool on a wire rack for 30 minutes then frost.

Funfetti Buttercream

2 cups powdered sugar
½ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
½ cup Funfetti cake mix
2 TBSP milk

Using a stand mixer with the paddle attached, add the butter and 1 cup of powdered sugar. Start on low and then increase speed. Add remaining powdered sugar, milk, and cake mix. Beat until well incorporated.

Frost cooled bars and add more sprinkles.

Inspired by Fake Ginger

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  1. Congrats on seven amazing years!

  2. CONGRATS!!! You’ve made my tummy SO happy over the years. :)

  3. yaaaay congrats P!
    You deserve the best, because you are the best!!!

  4. Happy Birthday blog, I think I’ve been reading it for about 5 years. I don’t even know if I’ve ever made any of your recipes, though they always look good but I really like reading your stories. I would like to win mini loaf pans, I’ve always debated getting some but have not commited to it yet.

  5. Congrats on 7 years :) My sis and I just hit the big 1 year anniversary for our blog and it was pretty exciting. I can only hope we are still having this much fun in 7 years. Your blog has been one of our favorites!! Your recipes are awesome! Thanks for being you :)

  6. Laurie A. says:

    Happy Blog Birthversary! I just wanted to say I have enjoyed your blog so much since I’ve discovered it and I can totally relate to your stories etc. It feels like you are sitting right next to me and we are just drinking a couple of beers and chatting away. I love your recipes too! =) Please don’t ever change… that is what makes you unique and of course, Peabody. Thanks for the past 7 years and may you have many more years of blogging and fun! Love ya! <3

  7. Happy blogiversary! I wish I had gone to BlogHer so that I could meet you! Reading your blog is an acceptable substitute though :).

  8. Melissa says:

    Perhaps the best compliment I could pay you is that I am always genuinely entertained by your writing and completely smitten by your incredible treats. I wish you many more yummy years of baking and blogging because I’d miss you if you ever gave it up!

  9. jacquie says:

    happy birthday :)

    and yes i would like to win the pans having recently downsized the household.

  10. The bars sound great and just scream “you,” or at least what I know of you :).
    Happy Blirthday Peabody and congrats once again!
    You’re a terrific writer and always a pleasure to read.

  11. Happy birthday/anniversary. Love your sense of humor and observation as well as the recipes.

    I was just about to comment when the Stanley Cup got exciting, so I had to watch the last 5 minutes instead of just listening to it. :) SoCal will be celebrating tonight.

  12. Happy blog-birth-iversary-day! Just wanted to mix it up a bit there. :P I love that to celebrate, you’re giving gifts instead of just getting them. I’m in for a loaf pan set!

    Reading about your experience at the blog conference makes me jealous. I want to go, I’d love to meet you (and other bloggers too), and I’d love to hear you talk in person. Your humor and tell-it-like-it-is writing is part of what keeps me coming back! Well, that, and the butter, sugar, and funfetti.

    Though I have to admit, cookie dough baked on skewers sounds FUN. :D

  13. Happy Birthday! 7 is a long time in blog years…congratulations!

  14. Happy birthiversary day CCBP! I love all the things you make with funfetti….that just makes everything better!

    And I would definitely love those mini loaf pans :)

  15. I have enjoyed reading your musings for several years, don’t stop now. Happy Blogiversary!
    Yes, I’d like to try the mini loaf pans too.

  16. Patty Jensen says:

    Happy Blogiversary and I wish you so many more – totally for my selfish reasons. Your blog is the first thing I look for each morning while drinking my smoothie. For me, it’s like breakfast with a friend. I like to think that in the real world we would be friends. You make me laugh and feel like nothing is that bad that I cannot get through it. Bless your heart for that!

  17. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! And, Congratulations! :-)

  18. Happy 7th blog anniversary, Peabody. I agree with you on the bloggers’ rock star personas. I’m not sure I would buy a cookbook from someone who is not a trained chef, because really, any one of us who is a decent cook/baker could put out a book, you just need the right marketing people behind you. I love your blog, and I would love to meet you in person. I would also like the Wilton pan set, but alas, that is not to be as I live out yonder in Canada!

  19. Happy birthday/anniversary! I love your blog, and I would love those mini pans, too. :-)

  20. Happy Birthday to your blog! I’m glad you got to go to the BlogHer conference. I’m not sure that I would care for all the personalities. I don’t even had ads on my blog so I’m certainly not looking for a book deal or whatever.

  21. Happy Birthday! Your recipes have made my hubby and co workers very happy since I started following your blog:)

  22. Happy Birthday! One of your recipes is still the most requested thing I make (the cinnamon roll cheesecake, if you’re curious. :) )

  23. Happy Blogbirthversary? Doesn’t sound very good does it? Happy Happy then. You’ve been an inspiration to me since you adopted me and I can’t thank you enough for making me smile all these years!

    And I honestly didn’t go to BlogerFood this year because all I want to do is meet people and it was so hard to do last time. Folks just want free stuff and to become “it”. I just want to talk and eat and write about recipes and food. No cookbooks. No deals. No fame (I’d suck at fame anyway).

  24. Happy Day! Love your blog…

  25. Happy Birthday! Yay for sprinkles and funfetti buttercream!

  26. Happy Blogiversery! Love your blog because it’s so down to earth, and because you do it just for your benefit and no one else. That’s what makes it so enjoyable to read. Something I actually do for your blog, other’s I just skim through for the recipes. I just started out and can’t even fathom reaching a seven milestone at this point. Congratulations!

  27. Danielle says:

    Happy Birthday! I would love win and use these cute pans; I’ll probably end up buying them myself if I don’t ;).

  28. Valerie says:

    Happy birthday, Peabody! Your honest posts are always refreshing to read. :-) I’d love to win the mini loaf pans, which I’d use to bake Christmas bread for gifts! Fun!

  29. Happy 7th Anniversary to your blog! I can’t even imagine keeping one going that long. I’ve had a blog on and off for over a year and lately haven’t been able to think of anything to write, so will try to work on that today. I’ve been a fan of your blog for several years now and usually check in once every month to see what you’ve been posting. I think your recipes are amazing and your posts are hilarious! I’d love to win the mini loaf pans.

  30. Denise M says:

    Happy Anniversary to your blog!

    I would love these mini loaf pans to try out great new recipes

  31. Happy anniversary to your blog! I love your site because of the yummy recipes you post. I also like the updates of your pets.

  32. Happy Blogiversary. I would love the mini loaf pans because they would make sharing treats a lot easier!

  33. Sprinkles make me smile. And so do your posts. :) Happy Blog Birthday! :)

  34. Happy anniversary and happy birthday! I’ve been reading you for six years at least, I think a little longer. (How has it been six years?) I’ve made a bunch of things though I still haven’t gotten around to the refund muffins yet. =) I’d also love the mini loaf pans. And I’m bookmarking this, because funfetti? Yum.

  35. Happy Blogiversary!

  36. Happy blogabirthdayversary :). I always enjoy reading your posts, and I’ve often thought about getting mini-loaf pans so I can make some of the deliciousness that you make in yours.

  37. Happy blogiversary! Here’s to many more!

  38. I just had to leave a comment on this somewhat cynical post and tell you that you are not alone. I have watched the world of food blogging go downhill since bloggers began to realize that there is fame and fortune to be made with it. So many, too many, have sold their souls, leaving quality and passion in the dust in favor of increasing their traffic and notice to the point that they can consider themselves a business. It is so disheartening to see more and more conferences for bloggers aimed primarily (although not uniquely I will add) at driving traffic, monetizing blogs, nabbing cookbook deals and snagging partnerships with companies. I am aware that there are many wonderful, truly talented and passionate bloggers who are focused on quality content, exciting recipes, etc but it seems most of them are overshadowed by those bloggers who, as you say, act like rock stars. What can we do? Will this bubble ever burst? Can I plug my own workshop, Plate to Page, which focuses entirely on honing writing, styling and photo skills? All I can say is that we can just keep pursuing our own dreams, continue producing the content we love, and supporting each other. Happy blogiversary, stay positive, keep on doing what you are doing and eat cake :-D

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