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Left in the comments by one of my most favorite people of all time was a request for more snickerdoodle stuff. So since I do big puffy heart her I am going to oblige her. That and it’s not too hard to convince me to make something snickerdoodle flavored (twist my arm).

It’s funny that the vast majority of people who I adore and have been positive influences in my life (with the exception of my hockey peeps…MDP included) have all come as a result of this blog. If nothing else ever comes from me having this blog, the friendships that I have made from it have made any amount of time spent keeping this blog a float all worthwhile. It’s even is worth all the caramel burns. :)

They (whoever THEY are) say that the Internet often isolates and keeps people from having real life relationships. I can see that in some ways. I think what is nice about the Internet is the fact that it allows me to search out and find people who I have things in common with or are just good peeps that I could throwback some beers with instead of having to pick from what is just around me (no offense to my local friends :P ). Some of those are people who are merely acquaintances that I would meet up with for dinner if they were in town and some are people I would give money to and go at someone with a hockey stick if they asked. And they have done the same for me (well not the hockey stick…but it could happen).

One of the blessings (friend) that came into my life from my blog said to me when I commented about all of my good friends have either come from hockey or this blog was “passions bring good things to people”. I liked that. I have two passions in my life: hockey and food…so really that makes total sense. It also helps that hockey peeps and food lovers are for the most part pretty awesome human beings. Or sure there is always a rotten apple now and then…but that’s okay because then I can write about them on this blog and exploit them for ad revenue. :P Suck that mean people.

These truffles are a take on the chocolate chip cookie dough truffle that was made for the ever hip expanding Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake which is excellent for all your post break up needs. :)But I prefer sugar cookies and snickerdoodles to chocolate chip cookies (I know shoot me). Plus I like any excuse to throw nutmeg into something. Which brings us to today’s giveaway the ever handy Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater . You probably own one. I do. But really you need two, just in case the one is in the dishwasher. That’s why I own two…well three now thanks to who gave it in their goodie bag. No I am not re-gifting…you get your very own. Not that I am against re-gifting…I just really like it…it’s yellow.

So just leave a comment and tell me if you think you can form real relationships just from the Internet. You have to comment by Tuesday June 19th 2012. You have to be living in the USA. And you need to name your first born after me…oh wait. :P I will let people know on Wednesday June 20th 2012 if you won anything.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Truffles

½ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
¾ cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ tsp. salt
2 cups all-purpose flour
14 ounces sweetened condensed milk
½ tsp. freshly ground nutmeg
½ tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. cream of tartar

Cinnamon sugar for rolling truffles in

In a medium size bowl add the flour, spices, salt, and cream of tartar. Set aside.

Using a stand mixer (or a bowl and beaters), cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.

Beat in vanilla.

With speed on low, slowly add flour mixture, alternating with condensed milk, beat well after each addition.

Shape balls into 1-inch balls and place into an air tight container. Roll them into the cinnamon sugar just like you would a snickerdoodle cookie. Store in freezer for at least 3 hours.
How many you get really depends on what you think a 1 inch ball looks like. :) I will be using these in the next several recipes so be on the lookout.

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  1. Those are terrific and surely addictive! I love cookie dough anything.



  2. amy marantino says:

    i think that perhaps you can form good relationships on the web… but it takes time and common sense (be smart and safe, people). I hope to win the Microplane 40020 Classic Zester/Grater … i don’t have a zester but want one.

  3. I think you can make real relationships over the internet, but only friendships. Not romantic relationships. If the friendship, after you’ve met several times IRL, develops into a romantic relationship, then it will probably be a very good, long lasting relationship.

  4. THese look awesome and I totally agree you can foster good relationships on the internet!

  5. I think you, and your friend nailed it. If I happen to be selected for the microplane, please gift it to your friend :)

  6. I would’ve never thought to make snickerdoodle truffles. I’ve never been a meet-people-online kind of person, but not because I don’t believe in it. I hate zesting by hand, a zester would be wonderful!

  7. Yes, I believe so. The only friendships I have’re found/maintained on the internet.

  8. I think relationships can definitely be started online, but eventually they need to move to face to face.

    And I’m ashamed to admit that I actually don’t own a zester. So I could use one, thanks for the chance!

  9. These look so good!

    And yes, I think you can form friendships through the internet, but I think face to face interaction is important in pursuing a romantic relationship

  10. Mm I love cookie dough stuff. But I’ve never tried eating snickerdoodle cookie dough…it’s a foreign concept to me. But I want to make this and eat it all :)

    And yes, I do think really good elationships can form over the internet. I’m not very outgoing and I’m socially awkward. Some of my best friends are from the internet and most of the people I admire are from the internet.

  11. wow, the truffles look so yummy!

    I think the internet is great for meeting/making friends. It’s made the world a smaller place and we are all connected.

  12. You added 2 cups of flour and did not bake these cookies. Is it OK to eat them after 3 hour in refregirator? I think, it should be baked first.

  13. The internet is a great tool for making new friends, since you can connect with people all over the world who share your interests. It also facilitates easy communication between friends you’ve already made, and provides more opportunity to share parts of your life with these people through social media.

    That said, I think it’s still important to maintain physical interaction with some friends. Otherwise we might all turn into crazy cat people.

  14. I feel the same way about my blog and meeting awesome new friends, too! I feel so fortunate that I can connect with people I’d otherwise probably never meet. It rocks! These truffles also rock–like, a lot. Tasty little spheres of heaven, come to mama.

  15. I would love the microplane zester/grater, I can never find the one I have… way too many gadgets and small kitchen!!!
    I love your snickerdoodle cookies, they are the best.

  16. You know how I feel about this. Id cut a bitch for you. ;) I will meet you at some point. I know this. We will drink lots of beers and be merry. After all, you live in Seattle. And thats my Mecca.

    Thank you for humoring me with your culinary genius. Im going to make these for the boys this weekend. They are gluttons for snickerdoodle anything. Smart boys. Im raisin’ em right.

    And I dont own a zester. Ive been making due with a 4 sided grater.

  17. The internet provided a pathway to a person but it was the work we did together in the effort that was made that made the friendship. Real friendships happen in all sorts of places.

    The internet is really great at allowing me connections to people but I have to be good at discerning am I a fan? a follower? a friend? Sometimes I’m only a fan but occasionally it becomes more. Something solid and real outside of the bytes and bits floating out here.

    For the record I don’t have a microplane yet. Sad I know!

  18. I think you can form a sort-of friendship on the internet, but not a genuine romantic relationship.

  19. These look amazing! I love snickerdoodles, but I don’t make them nearly enough.

    I definitely think true relationships can be formed online. You can get to know a lot about someone from what they write on their blog!

    And, I must be in the minority because I do not own a microplane. Oh the sadness! I’d love to win one though :)

  20. Yum! These look easy and tasty! And you’re right: it’s nice to have more than one zester (or other gadget you use often). Can’t wait to try these – may even try a half recipe since I have an opened can of condensed milk in the fridge right now!

  21. I suck at online friendships. I just really don’t know how. Always afraid I’ll overstep and people will think I’m stalking or something if I e-mail too much etc. So I just don’t. Sigh.

    But these little truffles? Bet I could make friends if I had these to pass out!

    Hockey and Food. Passions. Knew there was a reason I liked you :)

  22. At first I was a skeptic, then years ago I was parentally snooping on what was then my son’s #1 passion the internet. In the process I randomly spoke to someone in a group. Innocent at first but now this person is my best friend. Most ppl I met was because of my father so you have to wonder but this was just and still is a pure friendship.

  23. I think you can form real relationships. Just have to be careful.
    And of course I need another microplane!


  25. I meet some one form facebook and I had no idea who he is. The person that I meet is really nice and we have a lot of things in common. So yes it is possible to meet and become friends with someone through the internet.

  26. I am also one of those happy to admit I prefer sugar or snickerdoodle cookies to chocolate chip. I also am one of th

  27. @Ally- yes you don’t bake these…because of no eggs you can eat them raw. They are more of a candy than a cookie. Store them in the freezer in an airtight container until you are ready to eat.

  28. ….and my button pressing skills fail. Needless to say I also fail at having a micro plane because i don’t have one. xD

  29. Thanks for the giveaway!! I think you can definitely form real relationships just over the internet. I have a few friends that I’ve talked to for many years online, we met in person a few times, and now I consider them to be close friends.

  30. I think so, but you have to be careful. Internet relationships can be super one-dimentional, as people tend to filter what they put out into the internet. But that doesn’t mean a slightly superficial relationship can’t develop into more. Real life relationships do the same thing.

  31. suzanne says:

    Yes, you can form relationships on the internet. I have met several people on line that I truly consider real life friends.

  32. Your last comment reminded me of when I met you in person (at the communal table at Herb Farm) and you extolled the virtues of the name Peabody to us. Alas that baby and the following one have been boys so no Peabody for us. I would however like another microplane.

  33. I definitely think real friendships can start online! I have a mutual admiration society thing going on with an online friend. We share in each other successes, she inspired me to start an exercise program, and though we have briefly met in real life, we’re great friends online.

    Also, I love my Microplane, but I have been thinking that I need a second. One for sweet one for savory, maybe?

  34. Yes, I do think you can make real friends via the Internet.

  35. I may or may not hate you for this. (they look so amazing!) I LOVE Snickerdoodle stuff! <3

  36. I think you can form real relationships! You just have to be smart, safe and spend time on it (like any friendship!) And I don’t have a microplane zester!

  37. Snickerdoodles are relatively new to me. I’d never made before this year but they turned out wonderfully. The cookie must be fantastic.

    You can form friendships over the internet, especially if you’re a blogger.

    I could use the microplane too.

  38. I met my best friend over the internet. Call me lame, I dare anyone to. I was suffering from depression and a few other disorders at once, and I was withdrawing from people I could physically see and feel, because I thought they looked at me with disgust. This internet girl pulled me out of it and now we’ve hung out face-to-face. I’ve met friends and I’ve reconnected with my family, thanks to her. So, yes, I believe you can form real relationships over the internet. Just not in 5 minutes on skype with some guy that randomly added you and says “ur hot”. :)

  39. My daughter just found this recipe today & made them all by herself (she is 12). Everyone LOVED them! Also, yes you can form online friendships for sure! I have several and will be meeting one of them in 2 weeks!

  40. kamaile says:

    I definitely think real relationships can develop over the internet. I have a few friends I met gaming online and we still get together and chat even though we don’t game together anymore. I also have lots of friends who have met their significant other online. I think it’s awesome that the internet allows us to “meet” people from all over the world.

  41. I do think you can form real relationships over the internet–one of my closest friends only became a friend two years ago through the internet–she lives in another state and we see each other a few times a year, but most of our communication is through email and now texting.

  42. I’ve never formed any lasting relationships online, although at times I have found real support in others online. I’ve always followed this blog because it feels like I’m hanging out with an old friend talking my two favorite things: hockey and food!

  43. You definitely can form real relationships!

  44. jacquie says:

    why ever in the world would you not be able to???? it is all about how “authentic” people are and not about location. why would meeting someone in a bar make it any more likely that a “true” relationship would result???

  45. wow those look incredible! and so “poppable!” thanks for sharing!

  46. Um…YUM! These look amazing, I have not made any cookie dough truffles since I do not love chocolate chips or oreos…well not enough to eat a bunch, but snickerdoodles?!? yes…I could eat them all!
    And yes you can form real friendships online, sometimes it is nice for someone to not know all of your dirty laundry and love you anyway :) As for the first born, he already has a name but you can have him anyway…you could use a 12 year old boy right?

  47. Wow! I love reading all your concoctions – these are totally brilliant!!!

  48. Danielle says:

    I’ve never formed relationships online but I’m sure its possible.

  49. I have always wanted a microplane! I don’t even have a box heater with a fine side. Made GF cranberry orange scones this week and had to grate my orange peel on my handheld large hole grater!

    Common sense is definitely needed when forming new relationships via the internet. It worked for me! I wanted to marry someone in my same religion and there weren’t many options available…so I explored my options online and met an amazing, God fearing man who has changed my life!

  50. I agree with MrsL, I worry people will think I’m a stalker. I commented on a blog I found through a friend’s blog, and she freaked out that there were ‘strangers’ reading her blog. I know, more her problem than mine but it makes me hesitate.

    Still, I like you and believe we would be friends if we were neighbors. I need face-to-face I think.

    Cheers! These truffles will be a hit

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