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I belong to a page on FB for food bloggers to ask other food bloggers questions. It’s been a pretty good resource for things and it was a way to figure out who was going to BlogHerFood and what not. And we started a discussion about building community.

I get a lot of beginner bloggers asking me how to get traffic? How to build a community? They want to know how I get brands to work with me. They never like my answer of time and be yourself. There are very few overnight sensations in the food blogging world. Bakerella was because no one was doing what she was doing. She is the master of all things cute cake pops. I hate cake pops but love her site just to look at what things she can come up with. And then there is Ree of course. The woman built a dynasty. That won’t ever be me (I wrote about it here). I’m okay with that.

I find it funny when they say they want to build a community. I’m not totally sure they do. I think they want a cookbook. I think they want the traffic. I think they want to get things from their blog. I think they have grandiose ideas that they can make food blogging their job. And there are bloggers that can and do. But most of them are married with a nice first income and blogging is the nice supplementary income. Food blogging is a lot like teaching…it makes for a great second income. :D

A lot of people suggested that people do giveaways to drive up traffic to the site. I told them I was against that. Not against giveaways obviously as I am doing one every day this week. I am against it because if you have nothing to keep them around then they are only going to show up for the giveaway. And if you are doing out of pocket you aren’t going to be able to giveaway for too long and people will stop coming. Now if you have something interesting AND you give something away that can be a winning combo.

Speaking of winning combos I took the snickerdoodle cookie dough truffle dough and put it at the bottom of a crème brulee dish (which is today’s giveaway) and topped it with cinnamon crème brulee. Very good choice on my part. Yum!

To win today’s giveaway COLORcode Oval Fluted Creme Brule, White Chocolate, Set of 6 leave a comment telling me why you keep coming back to my site? Also be living in the USA. Comment by Tuesday June 19th 2012 at noon PST.


Snickerdoodle Crème Brulee

1 cup snickerdoodle truffle dough (if you already have it in balls you can just smash it down), divided by three
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract (or paste)
½ tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. nutmeg
½ cup granulated sugar
3 egg yolks
Cinnamon sugar for top

Take 1/3 cup of snickerdoodle cookie dough truffle and place on the bottom of a crème brulee dish. Press down to make sure that the cookie is evenly distributed on the bottom of the dish. Put in freezer until ready to use. Repeat on all three dishes.

Preheat oven to 300F.

In a medium bowl whisk together the egg yolks and sugar until pale in color.

Whisk in the cream, spices, and vanilla extract. Whisk until fully incorporated.

Remove dishes from freezer. Evenly distribute brulee liquid among the three dishes.

Bake until the crème brulee is just set but a little jiggly in the center, about 25-30 minutes.

Let cool and then refrigerate for at least 4 hours (covered in plastic wrap).

Before serving sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of the crème brulee and melt sugar under broiler or with a culinary torch.

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  1. Cuz when I met you – I was impressed with you…no blog was around yet!

    I like to tell DH that you’re me “Baking friend in Seattle”

  2. Honestly, I read you irregularly back in the day. Then I had a chunk of time and read both of your entire blogs and started to bake what you had made. And I felt that you were a lot like me personality-wise, and I really felt like I got to know a little more about you and your baking personality. I love baking (but hate dishes). My family and friends have yet to thumbs down anything you’ve made and they are freaking fussy.This creme brulee recipe is now on my list because everyone loves snickerdoodles and the hubby loves creme brulee. Thanks!

  3. Ive been a loyal reader of your blog, for 5 years? The gorgeous photos of desserts drew me in. The stuff you make is creative, looks delicious and is affordable. With 3 kids in the house, I cannot afford pricey ingredients to make treats. After the eye candy, your writing style and sense of humor clicked for me. Sarcasm is often very hard to pull off in writing. You do it brilliantly. Add the hockey and you are the coolest blogger I know. Even if you do like the Flyers.

    Yes, I need brule dishes. For what? I dont know. Ive never made brule. Maybe I would if I had the dishes.

  4. Sarah C says:

    I keep coming back because A. I like your honest writing and 2. You have some of the more creative treats around the foodblogiverse, IMO.

  5. You make me laugh
    You make me drool
    You inspire me to try baking more complex desserts. This looks amazing!

  6. I keep reading because I love your writing and everything that I have made from here has turned out great. A lot of it is a little more involved than I have time for but I still like to dream!

  7. Michele Chapman says:

    Because your food inspires me and everything I’ve made has been wonderful. Your personal touch is the icing on the food story cake.

  8. The AMAZING recipes. I have loved every single recipe I’ve made from your site. Keep it going!

  9. I started reading for the recipes, which I still love, but I think I love your sense of humor just as much.

  10. I keep coming back because I love your writing style, and almost every recipe you post is something I want to try!

  11. i found you on the links page of cakespy and just like the stuff you make and the food photos

  12. Beth Cook says:

    I come back because you’re like comfort to me. You’re witty and I think that we’d be great friends if we knew each other. I love your creativity!

  13. Why do I read? That dish right above these comments :)

    Honestly though, aside from you making super yummy creative desserts, I love your stories and personality. I think the personality of the blogger is the heart of the blog, and that’s what makes me love a blog and stick with it no matter what :)

  14. Katie Rose says:

    I started coming because I liked your recipes. They were non-pretentious and friendly. But then I realized that they reflected YOU. On my blog reader I have the food blogs I follow separated into two categories, the ones I read regardless of the appeal of that particular recipe, and the ones I only read if the recipe catches my family…and then usually I’m just reading their recipe not their commentary. You are one of those that I read. I like your perspective and humor. You feel like a real person, and the kind I’d grab something to eat with just to chat.

  15. I stay around because it’s food porn for me. :)

    And because I need to raise my pH. ;)

  16. I keep coming back because you make food I like. And you do it with a great sense of humor!

  17. Love your sight for several reasons: every recipe I have tried has been a winner, your blog is funny and always makes me think “damn, she nailed it!”, and you have a super cute furbaby.

  18. Diana P says:

    I keep coming back, for the one thing that can unite us all… Simply put…. FOOD! It brings back memories, creates new ones, and can be shared amongst us all… Your blog is a reflection of Life! ( okay, sorry if that sounds too deep) :)

  19. Your personality! I look forward to reading your posts. Oh, and I like the recipes:)

  20. I think you’re hilarious and I love reading your opinions. I’ve been reading for years now(I’m going to guess at least 3) and I don’t always click over and I hardly ever comment(sorry!) but I do like seeing your creations even though they aren’t the kind of thing I’d make. Although, I mostly just stick around for your writing :)

  21. I come back for the stories. Recipes are a bonus.

  22. I love your writing and your recipes. I agree with everything you said about blogging. I started mine when we moved out of state for my family to see what I was up to. They don’t even comment and I don’t think they read it.

    I have switched gears to more recipes than anything else. I have 18 followers, have given a couple things away (if people think giving something away gets more traffic they are dead wrong I hardly had anyone enter and I didn’t even make people follow me or jump through hoops to enter) The point I am making is I don’t care how many people are following me I’m doing this for me and if someone enjoys reading my blog that’s a feather in my cap.

  23. I keep coming back for two things:
    1. Ridiculously awesome recipes for things real people like to eat.
    2. HOCKEY which not enough of my RL friends enjoy…I think I need new friends.

  24. I come back for the awesome writing and amazing recipes. Thanks P!

  25. i come back for the stories and the yummy baked goods. i have even tried your recipes and loved all i have tried even the snickerdoodle muffins that are awesome

  26. I don’t want to enter the contest but rather to join the “why i read your blog” discussion :) No, really!

    I enjoy your writing style, your open, honest take on life, and your wit. I kept seeing yummy desserts here and there, and they were contributed to Peabody. So, after looking at some of the goodies, I got hooked on your funny stories. The bridal veil and the UPS guy still cracks me up when I think about it! ha!

  27. I keep coming back because of your open, honest writing, your sense of humor, and, of course, the literally mouth-watering creations you concoct. Seriously, sometimes I drool looking at your pictures and reading the recipes.

  28. You produce food porn and fun stories. Even when you went to truncated rss posts, I still kept coming because your blog is so awesome. Happy blogiversary!

  29. I don’t get much traffic, but I absolutely love blogging and trying new recipes for the blog. To me it’s a fun hobby. :)
    The creme brule looks amazing. I think I’ve only had it a few times ( the traditional kind) but they were nothing special. This kind you created here is so whimsical and fun. :D

  30. Most food blogs I just glaze over the text and look at the picture/ ingredient list. I actually enjoy reading what you have to say outside of the recipe :) (though the food is always pretty exciting too)

  31. this blog has a great sense of humor and awesomely creative recipes. yesterday my good friend and I attempted two different creme brulees – sooo cool/fitting to open up your blog today and see this posted. we tried rhubarb creme brulee and kaluha/irish cream brulee. can’t wait to try this! AND WIN ME SOME BRULEE DISHES FOR MY VERY OWN!

  32. You are on my regular reading list because of all the yummy sweets!

  33. jacquie says:

    i keep coming back for your sense of humor and your being willing to “put yourself out there” and tell it as you see it w/o holding things back.

  34. amy marantino says:

    i come back to your site because i enjoy your stories and writing style… and of course your lovely recipes. i would love to win the COLORcode Oval Fluted Creme Brule, White Chocolate, Set of 6

  35. What keeps me coming back?

    Aside from the massive load of butter and sugar with gorgeous pictures that make me drool every time I see them, and aside from your straightforward, opinionated writing that always makes me think or grin, and aside from the stories and recipes, and aside from CCS?

    Cookie dough. Seriously. :)

  36. I keep coming back because of great recipe ideas and your great stories…love how you always keep it real!

  37. You make some b.e.a.utiful food. This creme brulee is just flat out sexy. ;p

  38. Megan P. says:

    You make completely evil and delicious things, I love your writing, and I love your view on life.

  39. Carole R. says:

    Your recipes are fantastic. Most of my desserts come from your site. Plus, your conversation is the best.

  40. I come back each post because I enjoy how you write and tell it like it is. I feel like I have to have such a filter on sometimes, when I want to just tell someone to buck up and stop putting themselves in that situation… maybe I should and see what happens:)

    I of course come back for the recipes as well. The Nutella Rice Krispie Treats have been the fav recreation from your site.

  41. I love that you have great recipes, and that you tell it like it is. Even if I don’t agree with you, I love what you have to say.

  42. Wow! Creme brulee has become one of my favorite desserts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. I come back to your site for your honesty, frankness, and whitty ways of writing. Honestly, it’s less about the recipes and more about your personality and general style of writing.
    I appreciate the way you don’t sugar coat things. I don’t always agree with your opinions, but I do about 99% of the time :) And you express yourself so well – I admire that.

  44. Denise M says:

    for the delicious recipes. I initially found your site through a Google Reader food bundle and keep coming back for more

  45. I love your sense of humor. You have such great food, often something I can even make!

  46. alyce poalillo says:

    I come back because it is fun and practical

  47. I come back because I love your site, it’s one of a short list that I consider “must reads.” I love reading your writing as much as I love your decadent treats.

  48. Angela S says:

    I come back because your desserts always look amazing.

  49. wow, that creme brulee looks outrageous! what a flavor combination!! thanks for sharing!

  50. For your yummy recipes of course! Your photos always make your baked good look so tempting. I always want to make them.

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