Holiday Road…

That’s right I am packing up the dog and going for a little vacation. Good news is that she is going to drive part of the way so it won’t all be on me. :)

Since she will need Road Trip snacks Crazy Cocker Spaniel has decided that today’s giveaway is a cookie sheet and a dog biscuit cookie cutter in hopes of you baking your pooch (or a friends) some treats.
To win the Nordic Ware Bakers Quarter Sheet, 13 by 9 by 1
and the R & M Dog Bone 4 Piece Cookie Cutter Set
just leave a comment and tell Crazy Cocker Spaniel the favorite thing about your pet. And if you don’t have a pet then tell what kind you would get if you were to own one!


  1. Hello, CCS! I think one of my favorite things about Penny (our boxer) is her enthusiasm when we get home. No matter what time it is, she’s always ‘tap dancing’. Plus, she’s awfully cute. :)

  2. My pug likes to sit behind my shower curtain and watch me get ready…creepy :)

  3. When I can, I would like to pick up a couple Dobies.

  4. favorite thing about my pet (a cavalier king charles spaniel) is his sweet nature and cute face!

  5. My graduation present to myself is definitely going to be a kitten!

  6. if i could get a pet, i’d get a chihuahua

  7. i have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a conure and i love how excited they are when i get home from work. i often make home made dog biscuits that they love and this would be a fun treat for them

  8. My daughter has hermit crabs as pets. My favorite part about them is that they’re quieter than my kids!

  9. I have two kitties. They are as sweet as can be and not aloof like typical cats. They love to play and snuggle.

  10. Dear CCS,
    I have a cat, Smelly Cat, ask your mom about Friends. My favorite thing about her is that she is huge and fat! She loves to roll over and show me her belly. I think it must be because she was raised with a dog when she was younger. And CCS… please don’t drive too fast, the cops may have a hard time understanding how you got a driving permit in the first place.

  11. My fav thing about Max…is everything!!!! we all love him

  12. My favorite thing about my cat Wall-E is how soft he is. It’s very relaxing to have him sit and purr next to you.

  13. My favorite thing about Guinness (chocolate lab) is his love of life and constant desire to play…just one more swim, please throw just one more ball…

  14. Celina Lin says:

    My dog is a husky, shepherd, sheep dog mix and I love frolicking in yhe snow with her. Yesterday, I spent my very last day (also mt birthday) with her, as she is dying from cancer. I miss her already, but I have many memories of her. Dogs are a joy, i hope you have a lovely road trip.

  15. I have a great recipe for whomever wins:

    Drive safe and have a great vacation!

  16. I love how Jake, our chihuahua, does the Army crawl for treats. I also love that he lets my preschooler aged girls dress him up and put him in a doll crib. He tolerates sooooo much!

  17. I recently ‘inherited’ a pet in the form of moving in with my boyfriend, who has a big aquarium of fish. My favorite thing about them is that they actually get to know you and will let you pet them when you give them food!

  18. I had a cocker spaniel for 17 years- he was the best cuddler in the world!

  19. Don’t have one right now, but that’s ok, as I house sit (dog sit) so the dogs can stay home while their owners are out of town and don’t have to be boarded!

  20. I love love love animals, but have an allergic husband. I really want a bunny!

  21. My English Bulldog is the best snuggler! (except for the snoring) and she would LOVE for her momma to make some treats with these. By the way…HER name is Butch ;)

  22. I love my Bassets Belle and Cole. The best thing about them is their love for life and how much they love their walks – Belle does anyway.

  23. there is so much great about my dog, Charlie, but right now the best thing is he doesn’t mind that the baby pulls his ears and tail.

  24. amy marantino says:

    i love that he is loyal and loving, and that he keeps my feet warm at night. i would love to win the Nordic Ware Bakers Quarter Sheet, 13 by 9 by 1
    and the R & M Dog Bone 4 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

  25. I have tow cats, and my favorite thing about them is they like to cuddle with me when I sleep!

  26. We have three fish one that my daughter got for her third birthday, and two to replace my four year old son’s dead crab.

    My favorite thing about the fish is the names. Daughter named hers Animal after the Muppet Movie, and son named his Spark and Gravy… we don’t even make gravy so this name was particularly hilarious:)

  27. My dogs make me laugh, shake my head, and roll my eyes daily. But my favorite thing is how they act SO happy when I come home, then push past me to run around the yard. Ha.

  28. Sarah B. says:

    We have a full house with a golden retriever, a lab mix we rescued, a cat, a hedgehog and a piranha…a full house! I love the the can make you smile and laugh even on the worst days. Not so fun…getting batted on the face by the car at 4:50 in the morning bc he wants fed. But I wouldnt trade any of them.

  29. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation!



  30. I like that my (195 pound) Newfoundland makes a great footwarmer. He’s too lazy to ever move, so your feet are toasty always.

  31. Christine says:

    Hi CCS! your cousin in spirit Lucy is the best cutest thing (next to you of course!) BUT the best thing I love about Lucy is she is just constantly smiling at you, just warms your heart

  32. Sarah C says:

    We have one Beta named Hurley. My favorite thing about him is his feisty-ness. He loves to attack his food pellets! I also love his red color – so different than all the blue Betas we saw at the pet store.

  33. My favorite thing about my pet is her many sleeping positions. My favorites are Croissant (when she curls up kind of in a C), animal cracker position, hot dog position.. Hm, I just realized they are all named after foods! :)

  34. My favorite thing about my dog( a yellow lab) is that even though she weighs 90lbs she thinks she weighs 9 and lays in my lap.

  35. My favorite thing about my two cats is that they keep me company when I am home alone. :-)

  36. Well CCS, my Ava and Finley are the bombdiggity in all ways! They even have their own blog :) One of my favorite things about them is our shared love of all things peanut butter. They know the word and where the jar is…they are smart (that’s how they have their own blog, heehee).

  37. No pets since I’m allergic to everything, but whatever I got it would be something that didn’t shed or smell…like perhaps “adopting” a zoo animal sponsorship. Yep, that would definitely be it. I would go for something cool like a hippo or a whale. :)

  38. I used to have a dwarf hamster named Hilly that I loved to bits. She got her name from the hills she would dig in the bedding in her hamster cage. Whenever we’d give her a nut or a peice of carrot or another treat, she’d curl up into a little golf ball holding it in her front paws and munch away, stuffing it all into her cheeks. She was so cute.

    Now my only pets are my brothers. :p

  39. Dear CCS –

    My family is a little different than yours – there are 5 animals, two dogs and three cats (don’t hold it against us!). All of our animals are rescues ad all have their own…quirks. Jane the dog is our pretty princess, Fred the dog loves car rides, but not wood floors. The kitties like to frolic and open closet doors…at 3 a.m.! Our family wishes yours a very nice road trip :)

  40. We had to put our little Lucy (pug) to sleep about 8 months ago at the age of 16. I would probably get another pug, because they’re the most adorable dogs on the face of the planet.

  41. No pets here! My kids would love a puppy though!

  42. My favorite thing about dobby??? Umm how much he loves me! He knows when I’m sad and will just lay with me,

  43. my favorite thing about our Mollydog is no matter how long you have been out of her sight…2 seconds or 2 days, she give you the same excited greeting either way. my least favorite is her snoring in my bed, under the covers ;) (okay, that is still pretty cute)

  44. Dear CCS,
    In November my hubby and I lost our beloved 14 yr old chocolate lab. Two weeks ago, we took the leap of adopting a 1 yr old yellow lab puppy. Full of energy and enthusiasm, Jake has taught me how to open my heart again after such a painfull loss, and has shown me again what true joy feels like! Enjoy your trip!

  45. My favorite thing about my doggies is waking up to a cold nose touching my nose, followed by a tennis ball nudged in my general direction. No better way to start the day!

  46. jacquie says:

    just one favorite? but there are so many :) the way they make me smile, the way they make others smile, the way they love their food, …. that they are just great buds and there unconditionally.

  47. Awww that picture reminds me if that one scene in My Dog Skip where the little terrier is “driving” to cheer up that one character don’t remember his name.

    I have a little, very overweight, very deaf, very blind, very uh….not bright, very sweet chiuahuaua. Her name is rainbow and I’ve had her since I was six. I love her dearly, even though she snorts like a big and has asthma and snores. She’s my baby. :)

    Enjoy your road trip!

  48. Heather says:

    The way our Airedale Murphy, wakes me up in the morning – he won’t jump on the bed, he just sticks his head as far onto the bed as he can and sniffs EXTREMELY loudly at me, till I wake up and pet him. Then he prances around like he’s super proud of himself. Makes me laugh every day. :)

  49. I used to have parakeets and I wish I could have them back again!

  50. Megan P. says:

    I love the way Sobaka, our Great Dane meets us at the door. There’s a window in the door and you can see him standing there, wagging his tail and smiling a dog smile. Our crazy brown tabby, Fiona, likes to watch over our newborn and take care of me. Our crazy orange tabby, Eddie, is just an awesome cat.

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