Holiday Road…

That’s right I am packing up the dog and going for a little vacation. Good news is that she is going to drive part of the way so it won’t all be on me. :)

Since she will need Road Trip snacks Crazy Cocker Spaniel has decided that today’s giveaway is a cookie sheet and a dog biscuit cookie cutter in hopes of you baking your pooch (or a friends) some treats.
To win the Nordic Ware Bakers Quarter Sheet, 13 by 9 by 1
and the R & M Dog Bone 4 Piece Cookie Cutter Set
just leave a comment and tell Crazy Cocker Spaniel the favorite thing about your pet. And if you don’t have a pet then tell what kind you would get if you were to own one!


  1. Carole R. says:

    CSS— you would love Velcro. She is a little girl after your heart. She flunked out of obedience school but I STILL love her. When she sees me getting her a FROSTY PAWS she pins me against the freezer.

  2. You always have great giveaways. Thanks!.

  3. Poe — the way he still act like a puppy sometimes, even though he’s 5.5
    Pip — the way he enforces everything and everyone with his nips and warning-growl
    Mallaidh — the way she question-meows every time she wants to come near me while I’m on the couch, like she’s asking, “Can I walk across here? Is it okay if I sit next to you? How about if I get on your lap? Do you want to pet me?”

  4. How my little cairn terrier jumps in bed after her morning “outing”.

  5. I love how one of my cats loves burying herself in things. Nothing makes me smile quite like when I notice a little cat face in a pile of pillows or peeking out from under the folds of a blanket.

  6. My favorite thing about my dog is right now…because he is worn out from a day of chasing ball! (My not favorite thing…the fact that he ate the ball. Waiting for him to throw it up.)

  7. my Cats sleep in really really strange positions, and when you pet them when they are asleep they make a half meow half purr sound that is so so cute!

  8. Dear CCS, I’m certain you wouldn’t appreciate my little Chloe…she is a typical Mini Dachshund in so many ways. She doesn’t know how to walk on a leash without choking herself because she prefers to run free and chase things. Of course, then she goes completely deaf when there IS something to chase. But she is sweet and defends her territory to a comical stretch! She prefers women except for “her boys” (MY boys!) and is spoiled rotten to the nth degree! We just returned from a trip that took us nearly six hours one way…and she was a trooper! I guess the bonus was all the new (strange!) smells at all the pet stops! Yes, I would definitely make her a new batch of peanut butter “bone” dog treats!!!

  9. I like when my dog Rosie goes on runs with me.

  10. Hi CCS! Hope you and Peabody have a wonderful vacation!
    My favorite thing about my cat Mario is how he tries to be a punk but really he’s a total softie-mommas-boy. My cat Bittman is an awesome greeter and snuggler.
    The responses you’re getting for this post are awesome and heartwarming!

  11. Caitlin says:

    I would love to get a dog. Something big, furry and sweet!

  12. CCS~My favorite thing about my two cockapoos is their sheer happiness when we walk in the door! I feel loved.

  13. My mini goldendoodle is pretty much perfect but my favorite thing about her is how she loves to cuddle as much as I do.

  14. My pet, The Tide, is the greatest. She is a good snuggler, eats all the crumbs and is always by my side. The very definition of a loyal companion.

  15. Hey CCS, My favorite thing about both of my dogs is their excitement about me coming home & how much I can see they genuinely missed me, even if I just went to the mailbox :)

  16. We just adopted a St. Bernard and I’m still discovering what I love most about him. I love how he rests his head on my knee and looks at me with his beautifully expressive eyes… and when we’re in the kitchen with the cold tiled floor – he’ll just plop down and I’ll bury my feet under his ample neck scruff to keep warm!

  17. I <3 her! The thing I love most about my dog is her unconditional love. She has given me so much support and love over the past 2 years :-)

  18. Oh, I want a dog! I don’t have a pet right now, but I would love a boxer (I used to have one in high school). It would be doubly nice if the dog came with an attractive someone who would clean up after the dog :)

  19. My favorite thing about my dog is his happy hello when we get home, and that he doesn’t shed! Hope you have an amazing trip!

  20. I don’t have a pet but my friend’s dog, who I call “Mr Pees Himself” will run at me when he sees me coming then, when he realizes its me, falls over and pees all over himself. No idea why he does this but it’s been going on for years.

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