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Just a quick one today. As you can see some days running my blog can be torture on the dog. :P

It can be torture on my as well. Seriously…what was I thinking trying to work full time, write for Tablespoon, go on vacation, and have a blog post up every day? Oh that’s right I leave shampoo in the freezer…I don’t think anymore.

I was doing good until today and then I just hit a wall. The brick kind. Very sturdy. It won. This is short. :D

These are some simple sugar cookies that my friend sent me a link to. Told me they were good. She is the type of person when she says these are good, they are. So I followed the Pinterest link and found them.

Today’s giveaway is the ever useful kitchen bowls…you can make cookies in them. This is a nice set of six. To win the Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls in Assorted Bright Colors, Set of 6 leave a comment telling me how you found my blog. Have to live in the USA. Have to comment by Tuesday June 19th, 2012 at noon PST.

Chewy M &M Sugar Cookies

I didn’t change much to this recipe other than adding the full bag of M & M’s to the batch…I feel that was the better way to go. :) And I went with 2 1/2 cups when the recipe called for 2 1/4 cups of flour. I wanted them a little more sturdy for my trip.

To get the recipe go here.

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  1. I don’t remember which blog, but I started following you years ago after seeing you mentioned on another blog I was reading at the time. You’re one of the few that I actually visit rather than just glancing at in Google reader.

  2. It was a link from another blog to one of your recipes.

  3. i found your blog when i asked friends what blogs i should read, and yours was recommended many times. its great!

  4. I think I stumbled on your site through a link from another blog. I couldn’t help but follow you ever since!

  5. Through word of mouth!

  6. It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember! I was probably looking for food blogs and found yours.

  7. Marcela Moraes says:

    I don’t live in USA and won’t be getting the giveaway, but I wanted to tell you that your blog was recommended to me by Google Reader. I just love everything you post here.

  8. I don’t remember either, but it was one of the first ones I started following, and remains one of the ones that I bookmark posts from most often!

  9. Actually just found it yesterday through a Google reader recommended food blogs feed!

  10. Blog hopping years ago and followed you ever since!

  11. Oh, man, I don’t even remember! Probably a link from another blog, liked what I saw, and stuck around :)

  12. It was last year (maybe the year before… years sort of run together for me. I had just finished watching an episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts. I wanted to look up more about it and when I did a search for the show, your blog popped up with a post about you doing the same kind of challenges the Top Chef contestants were doing. You said you were going to do it every week, so I decided to stick around to see what you came up with, but I think you only did like 2 or 3 posts on the subject, but that’s ok because I read previous posts of yours and then just fell in love. :)

  13. Diane Faria says:

    I found you through a post on mojosavings about a snickerdoodle muffin that led me toeatmedelicious then to you! I pinned a few of your recipes so I can refer back to them and bookmarked your blog. I’m sure I’ll be back. Love the dog!

  14. I found your blog through Couldn’t Be Parve. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I’m def going to be a fan!

  15. amy marantino says:

    i found you via a link at i would love to win these Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls in Assorted Bright Colors.

  16. I don’t remember how I found you. Maybe I was searching for more food blogs that had entertaining commentary? IDK. Some days, I’m visiting more to see what you say than when you made. I just like you!

  17. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, I don’t even remember how I found it. I think it was a link on another blog I was reading and I just loved reading your blunt but so true stories!

  18. Simple cookies, I’m for it … poor poor pup.
    There is simply no way I could possibly remember how I came upon your blog, that is way too long ago.

  19. Well now…it must have been through my sister, the lovely and talented writer at Any Afternoon ( I check in when I can use a helping of butter, sugar, and tell-it-like-it-is.

  20. But I don’t remember how I found your blog! I’ve been following you for a long time, and I honestly don’t remember!

  21. jacquie says:

    i found your blog years ago when surfing and just kept coming back to “hear” your voice. i have enjoyed your company over the years. hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  22. I’ve been following your blog for years. I’m really not sure how I found you. I think I may have been googling for a recipe. I just remember enjoying our style and putting you in my reader feed right away.

  23. I’ve been following your blog for years. I’m really not sure how I found you. I think I may have been googling for a recipe. I just remember enjoying your style and putting you in my reader feed right away.

  24. I have no idea how I found your blog…I have been reading for at least 4 years, though and it was one of the first I started following.

  25. You already know this, but I think it was through Daring Bakers with the strawberry gelatin cake. Id never seen such a thing before. Im not very cultured, as you know. ;)

  26. I found your blog from a link on another blog. They shared a recipe for Snickerdoodle Muffins. They look great and as soon as I get some sour cream I am going to try them.

  27. I have been following for almost 3 years, but I cannot remember how I came upon your blog. I was probably looking for key lime recipes and had something pop up from your blog:)

  28. oh my gosh your pup is so cute in that bandana! and the cookies look delicious!

  29. I think it was through that or whatever that sight was years ago. It’s been too long :).

  30. I don’t remember how I found your blog, but it was probably through Googling for a recipe. I will have to try out these cookies with peanut butter M&Ms. :)

  31. Those cookies look yummy! I think I found you back in the Daring Bakers era. I used to have a ton of food blogs in my reader but I’ve unsubscribed from most and yours is the only one I consistently read.

  32. How I found you? I’m guessing through a link from another cooking blog? Maybe? It’s been years.

  33. I found you last week on Pinterest – I was looking for a pull-apart roll recipe for some out-of-town guests. So, the friends have arrived and I’ve made three things for them from your blog: Maple bacon monkey bread, Oreo birthday bark, and Chocolate stout pie. I’m hooked!

  34. Mellisa W says:

    You came highly reccommended by another blogger. Thanks!

  35. I have to say-I have no idea how I found your blog. Perhaps someone else linked up to you? I just know it makes me die almost every day when I see the recipes you come out with.

  36. I don’t really remember… I know yours was one of the first I read. I’m sure it was a link from another blog. :)

  37. Brooke D says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for so long that I honestly don’t remember how I started!

  38. I don’t know how long I’ve been following you…it’s a comfortable l.o.n.g. time!!! Can’t tell you enough how I appreciate your honesty and “take” on life. Am loving all your give-away items right now! They perfectly reflect your eclectic self! And these are “happy” bowls!!! Would LOVE to have them!

  39. I found it because I made your business cards. :)

  40. Megan P. says:

    I found it after my mom made your evil Nutella-Pirouette Cookie-Cocoa Crispie treats for my birthday the other year.

  41. I found your blog on

  42. I have no idea! I probably was searching for awesome baking blogs.

  43. I was searching for something insanely good and fun and came by a link to your recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s snickers amazing-ness. And though the first time I made them they were impossible to cut and people had to take bites from a communal block of dessert, I knew that the rest of the recipes would be wonderful as well :)

  44. I’m not sure how I found your blog. Probably googling for a recipe a few years ago.

  45. You have been in my feed reader forever, so I can’t recall how I stumbled across it. I have a ton of cooking blogs that I follow, but you are one of the top 3 for recipes I actually make/want to make!

  46. It was a link from somewhere else…maybe a google search for food blogs…but I don’t really remember. Your’s was the first blog I started following.

  47. I’ve been reading your blog since you linked it way back on the Knot wedding boards. It’s one of the first places I go when I’m trying to decide what to make.

  48. I found you through pinterest!

  49. I heard about your blog through a friend of mine who loves food just as much as I do!

  50. I found you on the blog roll of (the now defunct) about four years ago, and I’ve been coming back ever since!

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