How the peach crumbles…

Just want to say how excited I am that people were touched by my own version of the birthday project. I really hope it inspires you to pay it forward a little. Feel free to email me with stories of your own good doing.

As most of you know the 4th is not my favorite of holidays. MDP took his kiddos to see Spiderman today while I hydrated as my teammates tried to see how quickly they could get this girl drunk. The answer is quite quickly. The good thing is that with age comes the wisdom to hydrate the heck out of yourself before you go to bed so as to wake up without a hangover…which I did.

We are currently doing laundry (be jealous) and making a little gluten-free, cow’s dairy free sloppy joe mac and cheese. Turns out that we are 99% sure that MDP is gluten intolerant and we are both allergic to cow’s dairy so we have been having to make a few changes around here as of late. He goes later on this month to confirm what the elimination diet has been showing.

I still get to have gluten as I have no issues there so that luckily means I still get all the crumbles and cobblers I want with the awesome summer fruit. This was a yummy peach crumble that I made while we were on our Father’s Day trip to the coast. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. Nothing too crazy.

Hope everyone enjoys the 4th and avoids having their house burn down or their hand blown off.



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  1. A mouthwatering crumble! Something I eat on a weekly basis during the summer…



  2. Looks delicious especially the crumble, but then again the crumble is the best part of anything :)

    Sad to hear about MDP’s gluten intolerance (if your 99% feeling is right of course) but maybe you can now expirement with gluten free foods.

  3. Ooo yummers. My hubby would love this. Sorry about those food sensitivities, they are a real pain in the patootie. My daughter has just about every BUT gluten but I still try to use mostly spelt and other less inflammatory glutens. Good luck learning the new ropes there, at least there are so many great GFCF blogs out there now. :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Peabody.I am impressed at your pay it forward idea. Imagine if every person did just one good deed per day,the world would indeed be a better place for everyone.Thanks for the inspiration to do good (or better).

  5. If MDP can have oats, there are a few certified gluten free brands out there now. I bake g-free all the time. I usually mix all my own flours, too. You are SO talented so I’m sure you can be doing this in no time at all! My g-free snickerdoodle recipe tastes e.x.a.c.t.l.y. like the one I always used to make! Of course, I cheat with butter! I hear many success stories using Earth Balance sticks though! If you’re really wanting to make him happy, just Google what you want to try (e.g., gluten free vanilla cupcakes) and you’ll be shocked at what comes up! All the Best!!!

  6. I LOVE peach cobbler. I keep buying batches of peaches to make some but they’re so good fresh right now that I keep eating them all before I get around to baking any!

  7. Yummers!!! I have the peaches. As soon as it is cool enough to light the oven I will nake.

  8. It’s amazing sometimes how the simplest things are the most drool worthy because holy jeez I’m going to need a bib :).

  9. I’m really, really digging the new site!

  10. Nice new look, but I liked the old one too. I guess you’re just good lookin’! I too made a cobbler/crisp/crumble for the 4th: blueberries and nectarines. What a great combination and totally worth turning on the oven in this crazy hot weather. I wish I had thought of including cinnamon, but we fought over the last serving anyway. Next time cinnamon for sure, so maybe I’ll just hide a little portion away for myself. Thank you for all your great ideas.


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