The Joy of Packing…

In moving I have discovered that I am the worst purger ever. Good thing I’m going up in space and not down. Going down in space would really suck right about now. The biggest issue I have of course is cookbooks. I thumb through one to decide if I should keep it or donate it. Only to waste 10 minutes reading through it. Only to decide to keep it. I mean how can you get rid of The Confederate Cookbook? You laugh but it has great southern recipes…see I am doomed. :D

In other moving news the dog is a wreck. CCS is literally afraid of boxes. So you can imagine how upset she is. She has run into more stuff in the last couple of days then she ever has before. And she is in complete panic mode. I wish they made doggie vodka to take the chill off for her. :P She already takes puppy Prozac (for real) but that helps with her every day stuff not the new apartment maze of boxes.

I found stamps. Lots of them. Which is good because I was just about to go buy stamps as I thought I didn’t have any. I do this with Ketchup and Peanut Butter as well. I either never think I have any and I buy some only to find 5 containers of it. Or I think I have it and I don’t buy it and I am completely out.

I have found every cell phone I have ever owned. My first one was SOOO heavy.

I have found a lot of random jelly beans. Most of which I didn’t eat when I found. Most.

I found cards I bought for people and forgot where they are. :)

Not once but twice I have gone out in public later to find packing tape stuck to me.

It’s all a bit chaotic and it seems when life is like that I turn to baking bread of some sort. MDP was raising his eyebrow at me when he figured out I was making yeast dough. You are doing that right now? He doesn’t really get the zen of baking bread especially if you knead by hand. Some people get it from gardening, running, hiking in the forest, whatever your zen may be… I get it from baking with yeast. It helps me clear my head, make lists of things, and in general just think about things. Mostly to recognize that regardless of the fact that I am freaking the dog out and the QFC deli guy gets to see packing tape on my butt life is pretty amazing. The move is a positive. I feel it will bring even more positive things to light.
And speaking of positive. Holy Yum on these. Seriously. I usually like me a brioche dough for cinnamon buns but this is a great dough. It shouldn’t surprise me though as the original recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks Baking for All Occasions . If you don’t own it you probably should.

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  1. Those buns look incredibly scrumptious! What a tempting treta.

    Good luck with the move.



  2. Haha, moving definitely can be an adventure in finding lost items :D

    BUTTERSCOTCH! The best.

  3. Those butterscotch buns are looking really good!

  4. It is killing me right now to look at these photos. I need to make them right now. Except it is so hot that I will spontaneously combust if I turn on the oven. *Sigh* This is quite the dilemma!
    Good luck with your move :)

  5. My cat loves boxes can he come over and play?

  6. Those look amazing. And I love the name!

  7. Victoria says:

    Those look so good, but I have this crazy fear of baking with yeast. I have yet to even try it. I need to get over that, though. Someday… ;)

  8. Wow…those look amazing!

  9. It’s amazing what you can find when you clean things up. I know you’re doing it for moving purposes, but still, all those treastures (and lots of trash) It’s kind of fun to look back on things when you find the stuff you thought you lost or didn’t have.

    And those cinnamon butterscotch bun cakes look amazing! I don’t usually bake with yeast (I’ve only done it a few times) but I’d totally start up again for these :)

  10. I just came across the Fathers Day card I bought for my Dad back in May. I was prepared. But then couldn’t remember where I placed it. Hopefully I’ll remember to bring it when I see him next week. Maybe if I bring a few of these buns he won’t mind the late card (that’s if I don’t lose it again).

  11. Christine says:

    poor CCS, it will be stressful for sure! Those buns look great! love butterscotch

  12. How do you have time to pack and food blog?

  13. My dog also freaked out during our move. I think that she was the happiest of us all to finally get settled in, and return to her regular 20 hours of sleeping a day.

    Good luck!

  14. I wish I had had the option of baking these while I was moving – how delicious and therapeutic!!

  15. It seems a lot of work, but I’m sure it’s worth it, because these buns look simply delicious.

  16. These look amazing!! .
    When we were moving from our apartment to a house our whole apartement was littered with boxes. I have cat and we would have to go on cat searches trying to figure out which box she was hiding in! It was kind of fun but annoying all at the same time.

  17. Mary Red says:

    I’m very excited for your new home, especially the gas stove. I know CCS will be happy once you’re settled. When we moved, our vet gave us human Valium for our crazy Manx to survive the move. I’m looking forward to posts from your new kitchen. I loved your apartment garden last year. I can’t wait to see what you will be able to grow in a real backyard.

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