I have been eating such random things lately just so I don’t have to move them over. We’ve invited people over for beer to help clear out the beer fridge. Sadly we are down to the beers and sodas no one wants and yet we are still drinking because we are just that lazy. I took that approach to my baked goods as well. I decided that no cake mix is coming with and so I decided to make something with that. When I had made Funfetti cake bars awhile back a reader sent me a recipe using cake mix for bars and I never got around to using them…until now.

The mix ins are all up to you. They were what I had in my cupboard and the amounts are literally just what was left in the bag. You can adjust the amounts as you see fit. You can also change what you throw in there. Though I must admit all of those who ate these bars decided that for something I just threw random things at these were pretty darn awesome.

In random news:

Don’t ask how packing in going. Sigh.

My friend got a Groupon and is making us go to Boot Camp. It’s just 30 minutes but none of that sounds fun to me(especially since it’s in the am). I will go but I won’t enjoy it. Plus it’s women only…not sure how I feel about that. The best part of boot camps are staring at the nice male firm butts. :P

Spiders like to hide in boxes people give you. It’s a great cardio workout but the neighbors have come by twice to see if I was okay due to blood curdling screams.

I have 31 boxes of cookbooks. Either you are in shock or highly impressed. :D

I really, really look forward to moving to somewhere that is not up three flights of stairs. It’s great for security reasons but lousy for everything else. I will however miss having a pool for the kiddos.

I had to remove the dirt/plants from my planters in order to get the movers to move them. They weigh quite a bit. Little sad about that but also don’t know how I would get them down any other way. It was bad enough getting the empty pots up here.

Making the mistake of going to Michaels on a coupon day is worse than Costco on a Saturday. I only needed ribbon but came *this close to signing up for cake decorating class. Maybe when my life settles down a bit.

I don’t think the guy at the liquor store believed my when I told him I needed Goldschlager for my job. :) But it’s true.

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  1. oh my, that looks DELICIOUS!

  2. My daughter abandoned a white cake mix in my cupbaord. Might have to try these.

  3. 31 boxes of cookbooks. Totally awesome.

  4. I too enjoy the male eye candy when I’m running or working out. Extra points for the shirtless guys ;).

  5. These look delicious. And 31 boxes is very impressive. I could probably fill only one, but then again, most of them are magazines :P

    Happy Packing!

  6. Lovely cake bars! Really tempting.



  7. I have so many odds and ends in my baking cupboard, I need to make these, it’s all in the name of cleaning, you know! ;)

  8. Samantha says:

    Sadly, my gym does not allow shirtless men (or women, I would assume), however judging by the clientele (myself included) that’s probably for the best. 31 boxes of cookbooks? Completely jealous.

  9. I am impressed by your cookbook collection! Good luck with packing…ugh…such a dreaded “have-to”.

    This recipe sounds like a great way to use up those random bags of half used chocolate chips :)

  10. How could anyone be anything BUT impressed with 31 boxes of cookbooks?!?!? When you go to unpack, I’d really like a final tally on how many you crammed into those 31 boxes!!! And to think I got the “eye roll” for my measly 6 boxes…..HA! I HAVE, of course, added to that since moving here over five years ago! It could be worse. I could buy shoes like I buy cookbooks, right?!?!? (I did that when younger so I guess there’s something like “spending transference” maybe? Just a thought! I can’t share shoes but I CAN share food so that makes it all good!!!)

  11. These look really good! I love when random recipes come together so well :)

    31 boxes of cookbooks? Amazing! I wish I had that many…I did just add a new one to my collection though, thanks to you. It arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to get home and read it tonight!

  12. I can’t even imagine how heavy those cookbooks are…. I had maybe 7 or 8 boxes of books (total) when I moved and that was enough :).

    I think I might have the opposite problem, I have nearly nothing in my cabinets and I’ve been moved in for months, I should probably spend more time at the grocery store.

    And those bars look pretty fantastic.

    31 boxes!?…..:)

  13. Highly impressed. ;)

  14. Very impressed with 31 boxes. I think I have 4 boxes of cookbooks plus one of binders I have full of recipes when we moved last.
    Thank you for having a website that actually loads the normal web page view when I click that option at the bottom of the page when I’m on my iPad. A few sites seem to be having issues with that lately so it is nice to come here and have that work. :)

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