Going for drunk…

I’ll admit that I don’t really watch the Summer Olympics all that much. Canada doesn’t do well in the Summer Olympics (shocking…it helps to live in a place that has Summer) and while watching someone run with a gun and then out of breath have to shoot at targets is really hard…I don’t find it all that interesting to watch on TV. There is very little danger to the Summer Olympics. No one hurling down a mountain head first on a little sled with just a helmet that is there probably just to keep your brains in when you hit a tree head first. You know. Danger.

I saw a poster that made the Summer Olympics into a drinking game and I figured that would make it far more interesting to me than just watching table tennis or synchronized swimming sober. And if you ever watch the Olympic profiles that alone will lead to you drink as well. Jimmy Smith was born in a box underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. His mother took him 47 miles one way on her bike every day for Jimmy to go to practice. She worked 13 jobs so that Jimmy could afford to train. She gave up having any life of her own so that Jimmy could become the world class fencer that you see before you. You pretty much need a drink after that stuff.

So since the Olympics are in jolly Ol’ England this time around I thought tea would be appropriate…of the Long Island Variety. With just a splash of Goldschlager you know to be festive. :) I served it with just some Ham and Chutney Crescent Rolls (no, no one is paying me to pimp crescent rolls). Which literally is just chutney and pieces of diced ham all rolled up and baked at 375F for about 12 minutes.

Happy Olympic watching!

Going for the Gold Long Island Ice Tea (or how to make the Summer Olympics more interesting)
2 oz vodka
2 oz tequila
2 oz rum
2 oz gin
1 oz Goldschlager
1 oz triple sec
2 oz sweet and sour mix
1 large splash of Coke

Mix every thing but the Coke together. Pour over ice in two glasses…or one large one for yourself. Splash with however much Coke you want. Remember the less Coke there is the better the Olympics become.

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  1. Your photos get better and better. I’m sorry that I have to agree with you on the Summer Olympics being decidedly tepid. Diving is fun because of the cool underwater cameras but….rowing….no…

  2. I have never watched the Olympics. Quite frankly I find that watching sports on TV is just boring. I like actually being there… well only if it’s baseball or hockey, those are the only two sport I like watching live. Even though I don’t really follow it, they are still just fun :)

    I think I may watch the Olympics this year, but only because I was in London a few weeks ago. And I have to agree with Firework, your pictures are getting so much better, and even though I don’t eat cresent rolls, I must say that those in the picture look really amazing (it’s the simple things that get me ;) )

  3. How about Long Isle of Wight Iced tea…to be extra British-ey!

    I also don’t really follow the Summer Olympics, and since they changed the schedule it seems like it’s always an Olympic year. I wonder if the ancient Greeks would have agreed with that?

    : )

  4. Boo to you Peabody! Do some research, all of us Canadians get summer, especially those of us in Toronto where its Hot Hot Hot!!! We likely get more sunshine then you…and our Olympians rock!

  5. Peabody says:

    @Jill- I do know that you Canadians get Summer…it’s called humor you might have heard of it.

  6. And poor old Jimmy Smith isn’t even the saddest story. I swear they must make this stuff up. At least I know why I never became a world-class athlete…too happy. But I love the Olympics anyway, also a good Long Island Iced Tea, and a fresh from the can to the oven crescent roll. It’s all good, as is your post. You deserve a gold medal for blogging. Thanks for all the enjoyment,

  7. You’r amazing. On all levels. And, I just might turn on the Olympics and crack a bottle of vodka, in your honor.

  8. Just NOW I’m finding out about the drinking game? What, no link to the poster? I need a drink!

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