If there was a show…

…called Cookie Cutter Hoarders I’m pretty sure I’d be featured.

Still unpacking. Almost everything that could go wrong has but that’s for another post. Which I currently can’t post because guess who has to borrow a computer until she can afford a new one. :-(


  1. I have a similar problem… and yet, I don’t really have the patience to make cut out cookies. That will never stop me from keeping cookie cutters I’ve had for 30 years, nor will it stop me from acquiring more cookie cutters!

  2. Oh no! Stupid ‘puters. I just had to deal with trying to recover 6 months of pictures and data myself. LOVE your cookie cutter collection though. :D Do you have a kitchen yet?

  3. I am a cookie cutter hoarder too:)

    And as for your computer..my darling little Acer Netbook barks like a dog when I turn it on every morning.I so fear her days are soon to be over:(

    I sympathize w/ you..
    PS I am helping my neighbor pack..get that too..

    This too shall pass~

  4. Oh no! I’m sorry about your computer, and hopfully unpacking will go a lot smoother than moving. :/

    As for the cookie cutters, I have a lot too, but I don’t ever use them! Quite frankly I hate cookie recipes that require me to roll out dough, so I have all these cutters that go uused. I think I just like looking at all the shapes and then I get conned into buying them :P

  5. What is it about those crazy little things that endear them to us? They may put a curse on them at the factory, I don’t know, but they’re too cute not to hoard! lol And I don’t care for roll out cookies either! haha

    Chin up. It’s bound to get better… And congratulations and best wishes on your new life!

  6. I’ve got a similar bin of cutters myself. Which I rarely use. And despite this, I still watch out for cool ones all the time.
    :-( on the pc. I’m sure you deserve a new one, but not this way!

  7. WOW!!! You really do have a stash. I started collecting and then forced myself to give it up. I never use them! Ever. Some of them are still in their packages or still have price tags on them.

  8. I’m like this, but with jelly moulds. I have dozens. Can’t through any of them away. Make jelly maybe twice a year,

    Don’t judge me!

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