Out with the old…

I get pretty sentimental about the places I have lived in. And while home is with the people you make it with, places you live do provide memories. MDP made fun of me for being a little misty eyed that we were leaving our apartment. And while I love the idea of literally double the space I get mushy over the fact that it was the first place we lived and where our relationship grew and changed.

If I were to equate my move to an ice cream I would say without a doubt it was Rocky Road…extra chunky.

I’ll start with the good things…it’s always good to focus on the good things:

As mentioned above we literally doubled our space. Things are cramped and we are able to spread out…or at least I think once all the boxes are unpacked. :) And for the first time ever I have my own office. Which is incredibly nice.

My pantry. It’s large and in charge. My old apartment didn’t even have a pantry and 5 of my cabinets were for food and the rest was scattered throughout the apartment. It was not good. As you can see the new awesome! It goes all the way underneath the stairs.

No more going up and down three flights of stairs. Though without those stairs MDP would not have lost 9 pounds since last Wednesday without even trying. I of course only lost 2. Ah the joys of being a woman.

I have a gas stove again!

I have a garden tub. It makes me very happy.

We got a good deal on some used washer and dryers on Craigslist that were right down the street and were delivered to us. And I have a separate laundry area…also nice.

And now the not so awesome:

The movers I hired when I moved to my apartment were great. So I hired them again. Not so great this time. They were way slower (aka costing more) and complained often about the stairs and that I had heavy stuff. Why yes I know I live on the third floor and have heavy stuff…that is why I hired PROFESSIONAL MOVERS. Duh. In good news they didn’t break anything or damage anything that I could see. Hard to do when we only moved 1/10 of a mile away…for real.

The very first day we moved in I got stung by a wasp in the garage. I’m allergic. It was not good to put it mildly. Had bug guy come out on Friday. He found 8…yes 8 wasp nests and killed them. He unfortunately also found rodent droppings and damage in the crawl space. This area is known for a certain type of rat (Norway) and while there are none down there now that it looks like come cooler temps looks like we might be in for some fun. We also seem to be the house of bugs. I have never seen so many bugs in one place in all my life.

We thought it would be awesome to move during a 90 degree plus heat wave.

The people who lived here before us have a different standard of clean than us. They surface cleaned if that and I still can’t use the oven until MDP cleans it for me as I am allergic to oven cleaner. Boo.

We currently don’t have a working ice maker and the door to the fridge has to have something against it to keep it closed. It will close but then slowly pop open.

Our cable/internet wasn’t working for days and someone finally had to come out. Props to Comcast though for working 365 days a year…so they were here on a Sunday. My computer was/is fried. But my ex spent all day Sunday getting it to limp along…yay for the picky eater!

MDP and I are wiped out from the move. I still have all of my clothing to put away. I keep washing and wearing the same few things over and over again. :P

It will all come together I have no doubt. Just things won’t be fully back to normal for a bit. So I appreciate your patience!


  1. Is it possible the fridge just needs to be balanced a little bit? There are screw feet underneath the front section. Maybe lift the fridge side up a bit, and the door will stay closed?

    Just my small contribution, hope it helps.

    Yay to the doubling of space.

  2. Boo to stings and major eeks to the norways. Rattus rattus are yucky. But your kitchen looks so cute already, I love the floors! And so jealous of your pantry. ;)

  3. Yeah I was also going to mention the screw feet… or shim up the front with popsicle sticks so gravity doesn’t pull it forward. Or make the landlord replace it. Isn’t that the joy of renting??

    I hope they left traps for the rodents!!

    I’m glad you got moved all safe and sound. It’s cooler this week. I hope it’s inspiring you to bake. :)

  4. Oh lala..Bon Courage~

    I was a realtor for 28 yrs..and have moved my own personal share enough times..

    All will be well..:)

    Poor you and the movers and the sting !!

    My dishwasher needed a lift:) and it closed a gain..After 11 yrs of regular perfect Bosch use..it looked crooked and I had to push the door:)

    It needed an alignment and all was well..
    We’re in the biggest heat wave summer ever for QC I think.
    My gardens are burlap.

    Keep going.. all will be well:)

  5. I am sentimental too when it comes to the places I’ve lived in…

    Lovely new kitchen.



  6. Sorry about all the bad things, but congratulations on a relatively good move. Things-with-multiple-legs aside, it seems like a really nice apartment and one that you will get to grow into as a couple. Your ex-hubby sounds awesome, as does your current fianceé!

    Speaking of small apartments, I would love to show you ours… I think by American standards, you would have a conniption at the size ;-)

    I cannot wait to see what your new apartment yields in the way of creative cookery!

    Best wishes (and congratulations!),

    Tash @ VP

  7. Love the new kitchen and pantry. I’d loooove to have a space under the stairs for kitchen storage… maybe in the next house.

  8. Back to cooking with gas!?! All WILL be well!!! (One box at a time!) Also, it may be the alignment on the frig (probably) but it might also be that pesky seal…..make sure it’s impeccably clean….could be something between the “folds”…..or age-related deterioration. This one I have experienced…..

  9. Good for you! You always make the best of things. Let us know how CCS is doing in her new home. :)

  10. I love your pantry system! And I give major props for having like a million giant-sized peanut butter jars. Can I live in there please?

    I’m sorry to hear about all the bad stuff that went on, I probably would have been so frustrated to the point of tears, but you didn’t mention tears… so that’s good! :)

    Congrats on the doubled space :) I hope the unpacking goes over well.

  11. Long ago I stopped being attatched to places I’ve lived, this is because we are a military family and no place is my “home” for longer than 3 years. I now welcome a new kitchen every 3 years,lol.

  12. you had me at RATS! i had rats at my first apartment…i called the landlord to tell her and the next day she left a bag of rat poison on the door with direction on how to us it! ha ha ha ha i hope yours don’t come back. :)
    I love your pantry and the super cute curtains.

  13. I moved this week too! Gas stove and pantry were the #1 factors in selecting my apartment. Good luck with all the little settling-in stuff. I hope you find some time to break in that beautiful kitchen!

  14. Good luck getting the finishing touches in your new home! I’m still incredibly nostalgic about (and had a hard time saying goodbye to) our itty bitty 1930’s era townhouse with the bathroom so small that the door would hit your knees if you were sitting on the can. Good times.

  15. Samantha says:

    Allergic to oven cleaner…I’ll have to remember that one (j/k :))
    Congratulations on the move – I have pantry envy!!

  16. @Samantha- I’m allergic to most cleaners. And the more “green” they are the worse as they use natural ingredients. I’m allergic to so many plants that my hands usually swell up within minutes.

  17. Boo wasp stings and moving in where people had low standards of clean, but Yay bigger space and gas stove! We just doubled our space and got a gas stove too :)

  18. Can you use baking soda and vinegar – that’s the only thing I’ll use for oven cleaner, and it works a treat!

  19. I wish I would have hired movers. Twenty years later bfhubby and I moved from Hawaii to Minnesota. I think we spent more in beer and food having relatives help! Now to get used to these winters…

  20. Yay to doubling space and garden tubs! I would kill for your pantry, as we have zero pantry space in our tiny rental house (thank you 50s architecture with tiny kitchens!). Moving sucks period, whether you’re moving cross country or down the street. Sucks about the wasps/bugs/rodents, movers and hot temps (be thankful it wasn’t the 115 + humidity it’s been here in Phoenix, ah Monsoon season). Hope y’all have recovered.

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