Chocolate…nuff said…

I’ve watched almost zero Olympics. I had no cable for days. In fact when I called to get my cable working the tech guy was trying to make conversation and asked if I was watching the Olympics. I said to him “think about why I am calling you” (it was for tech support because cable was scrambled) and he was like oh yeah. Then after they got it “working” the only channel that worked until a guy came out was the Olympics. So I refused to watch just out of spite.

Now that I have Internet again…the unpacking has decreased dramatically. :) There is something to be said for not having your toys.

When the guys moved me one of them saw my face on a jar of Spices (Taco Seasoning to be exact) from my Sam’s Club days. He was all excited and swore that I must be a Food Network Celebrity because I had my own spices. I tried to convince him that no FN Star would be living in a two bed room apartment. I’m still not sure he believed me. He seemed very excited I hated to disappoint him.

One of the joys of moving to a bigger place is realizing you need more stuff. Well dressers. Because I never had the space for them. I refuse to buy new as I don’t know what magical power dressers posses but they seemed to be priced WAY above any other piece of furniture out there. So I’ve been looking at Craigslist…which can always be entertaining. I really like the guy selling a dresser…and a six food sword. He had a whole collection of swords but the six foot was by far the most impressive (insert dirty joke here). Hmmm.

I finally had to break down and bake to see how the new oven works. It works well! Yay! And bakes far more evenly than my old oven. I saw this frosting forever and a day ago on Kevin and Amanda’s site. It went with brownie cupcakes which looked awesome I just didn’t have the ingredients for. These are just devil’s food cupcakes but the frosting is yummy. It is not a thick frosting so be warned if you were looking to pipe it.


Adapted from Kevin and Amanda who adapted it from Cook’s Illustrated.

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  1. I think dressers are nice. I don’t like hanging things… I like having them in my dresser, but I also don’t like to fold, so I kind of just live out of the clean clothes basket :P

    Even if you don’t want to watch the Olympics try and catch some replays of the girls gymnastics. My god those girls can FLYYYYYYYY!

  2. We’ve been watching the Olympics using TV station online streams. The quality isn’t as good but it works.

  3. You should live near me. We just put four dressers in a garage sale this past weekend. I’d have given them to you free! (I’m still amazed that pretty much all the furniture we set out sold).

  4. How good does that look? I am loving that frosting!

  5. I haven’t watched a single second of the olympics… too busy

  6. Yay for getting settled in! I heart craigslist too. It’s interesting stuff you see on there, but there are some real gems too.

  7. Ahhh…I’ve used my face on the spice jar thing to strut my stuff now & then ;)

  8. Ohhh, those look so delicious!

  9. You had your FACE on a spice jar? I think that’s pretty famous of you!

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