The uniform…


It’s really that simple. People don’t think it is. They get distracted by what they think they need. More like what society tells you that you need.

I stick out like a sore thumb in my area. For one thing I don’t wear the uniform as the men who know our area call it. Let me start by saying it’s not an ugly outfit…it’s just that every woman around here wears it or some version of it every freaking day. I walked into the grocery store one time and it was like I was fresh out of the Stepford Wives movie. For those wondering the uniform in question is LuLulemon Black Yoga Pants, a long t-shirt, either a North Face or Patagonia Puffer Black Vest Jacket, Uggs (unless coming from gym then running shoes are acceptable) and usually a Nike baseball hat of some sort (though usually also black). Always sporty to show people that at any moment could be working out or driving their SUV’s into the mountains for an adventure. I on the other hand am usually in jeans and a hoodie sweatshirt…even in Summer. :P

MDP went to buy me a North Face Puffer Vest as a joke and came home almost chocking on the price tag of the one that is on sale. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for expensive taste (just look at my Pinterest boards) but most of these women own yoga pants after yoga pants and Puffer Vest after Puffer Vest. How many of these things do you need? I know someone who owns so much North Face wear she could open her own shop. She hikes like three times a year…and not in extreme weather…thank God she owns that gear/wear. But that’s what people wear around here and so the women literally buy into it.

I wish more people could be comfortable wearing what they truly wanted but in a society of don’t wear that wear this I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

There is nothing uniform about these whoppie pies. I saw a version of them on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Hers used cake mix but I was making these as a special treat for someone and decided to be crazy and make the full deal. To see Kristan’s version (the much more simple…aka what I should have done :) method) go here. I on the other hand used the Bon Apeptit recipe that was multi step. Though really if you broke it down it wasn’t really hard just time consuming.

German Chocolate Whoppie Pies

I used this recipe. I will just link it as the only change I made was to use Milk Chocolate Chips instead of Bittersweet for the Ganache.

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  1. I saw these on her blog too and loved them. But I also love your post today. I understand wanting to look nice, but you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process.

  2. Oh I wish I had the luxury of that being my daily outfit! Bye bye halfway looking professional clothes – hello, yoga pants!!!
    (Cute backdrop for these whoopie pies!)

  3. Uh I’d rather go the whole jeans and a hoodie route. Yoga pants are not to be worn outside of the gym/yoga class and puffer vests are just stupid. Sure they look cute (sometimes) but they’re missing the sleeves! If I’m going to wear a jacket then it dern well better have sleeved attached!

    P.S. these look yummy!

  4. I will make these as soon as I come home from my holiday. I make a pretty good whoopie pie (with my Amish roots and all) but this looks a little better.

  5. That is so true! Well, except at Walmart where I can wear my PJs. ;-) Actually, here on the south end it isn’t quite so bad. But still, lots of yoga pants and puffy vests.

  6. but I really do want to wear yoga pants and uggs…they’re comfy :D

  7. I joke with my best friend that my life’s ambition is to land a job where I can wear yoga pants to work everyday. But alas this office thing has me putting on real clothes like skirts and heals 5 days a week.

  8. I’m with KCat; I would love to live in that uniform – minus the Uggs and puffy vests – but my office doesn’t appreciate the finer qualities of gym wear versus business casual.

  9. I tried on a puffer vest and I just looked huge. Not the look for me. And yoga pants fall into the “tights are not pants” category.

    German Chocolate Cake is my favorite; I must make these!

  10. Oh Peabody, not to ignore your post, but you must check out this tribute video to Julia Child. As a baker, you must have watched an episode or two, and this is absolutely brilliant. I’m trying to get the word out before they pull it from YouTube. Enjoy, and please share.

  11. Ah-ha, I know what you mean about a ‘uniform’, I am a mature student at a (British) university known for being a bit on the… preppy side. These girls, all of 18 years old, must have a certain handbag, scarf, designer jeans and sunglasses to the point that they are all just identikit-copies of each other. One day I hope that they learn that being unique is something to aspire to, not to cover up!

    On the upside, those whoopie pies look delish. I haven’t ever made them before (and it’s hard to read such delicious things, when I am an Alternate Day Faster who is on a fast day :-/!) but as soon as I am on a feast day, you betcha I will give these a go.

  12. Thanks so much for the awesome idea! I made these to take to my 15 year old son’s paintball party and the kids loved them.

  13. Peabody,

    I’ve missed a few posts, but am all caught up now. So a big congratulations to you and MDP! I look forward to more recipes and reading about your journey towards marriage.

  14. Omg! These look incredible!

    The quote up top is so true…a wake up call that I need every so often…thanks for sharing it! As for uniform…I know what you mean :) I am all for wearing whatever you want, whether that be jeans or sweats, or heels to the grocery. Revel in yourself!

  15. These. look. scrumptious! I literally stared at the picture for five minutes just imagining how delicious they’d taste.

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