You Can’t Say She’s Not Loyal


Oh sure she might have hit the foot a million times but I can’t get her to leave my side…she’s a good pup.







And as you can see I’ve been upgraded in the hardware section. So I get to partially walk around. Yay!!!!



  1. Pups are the best huh? Glad you’re partially able to walk!

  2. Awww. CCS is so cute. Dofs really know when you’re sick and in pain. And it’s so sweet when they sit by you and nuzzle up to you :)

    By the way I’m digging the Kool-aid and cupcake PJs :)

  3. Loyalty is good, no question about it! Hope you’re up, about, and totally crutch-free before too long! :)

  4. Aww, how sweet! CCS is a wonderful companion :D

    My parents have three dogs, and every time I sneeze, the middle one comes over to check if I’m ok and to comfort me. I had a cold for about a week earlier this year, and that dog spent almost the entire time on my lap. Every time I made a noise he’d come running over to give me kisses and cuddles :D

  5. That face is the best medicine. How sweet!

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