The Grass is Not Always Greener…

I don’t totally abide by the rule that there are no regrets in life. I think from time to time there are. I would hope some of the actions I have seen people take in their life they feel regret for…the key is just not to dwell on it.

The grass is always greener syndrome seems to get people into a world of regret. For me I had a case of it many years ago when I left my teaching job for curriculum to make more money. I learned the valuable lesson of making more money doesn’t mean more happiness, in fact, I was miserable the majority of that year.

But for most people they leave their pasture of grass for what they think is a greener pasture in the world of love and romance. And sometimes it is greener. But it’s mostly just greener on the surface…and often it’s just a little fertilizer ;). It’s kind of like the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. How can you not like someone who is handsome/pretty and nice that takes you out on wonderful dates and wines and dines you? The rush of the new. But once you settle in and start doing to less than romantic and mundane day to day stuff and paying bills together that’s when you really get to know someone. After just a few months of living with MDP we knew we were beyond right for each other. He told me right away how very easy I was to live with and how much he loved that he could do absolutely nothing with me and it was the most fun he had every had…and this was after us being friends forever as well. We don’t get a lot of wine and dine opportunities on our budget…though we do get to go to a special meal coming up that someone was nice enough to get us as an engagement gift!

One of my grass is always greener opportunities I passed on was someone wanting me to write a cookbook for them. Which before you get excited I said no to…because they wanted me to write one about candy. I don’t make candy. Oh sure I dabble in caramels and chocolate barks from time to time but as a whole I don’t do candy. I explained this to them and they said they had faith that I could learn quickly and do a great book. Ummm, no. If I am not an expert or at least pretty darn good at something I don’t want to write a cookbook about it. I am not pretty darn good at candy. So I turned it down.

So when the non-candy maker saw microwave caramel fudge on Pinterest I was a little intrigued. I figured I would try and make Rolo Fudge because…why not? Rolos are the best. And ever since the creation of mini Rolos that you don’t have to unwrap they have become even better if that was even possible. :)I was nervous about a fudge you make in the microwave but low and behold it turned out! And even better than a lot of the cooktop stuff I have made before. Some people already gave me grief about using the microwave but I’m on one foot here people, cut me some slack. :D

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  1. Mmmhhh, sinful!

    Indeed, the grass is not always greener on the other side…



  2. I would never imagine that fudge could be made in the microwave! I love that it works so well… so many possibilities to make different combinations for gifts!

  3. In all honesty, it doesn’t shock me the least bit that you can make fudge in a microwave. I mean people make cakes and cookies in the microwave now, why not candy? This looks like it would be fun to try. :)

  4. It looks perfect.

  5. Looks yummy!

    I don’t see why anyone should be giving you grief about using a microwave. If they don’t want to use one, fine. But they shouldn’t be passing judgement on those who do use one. To each his own.

  6. Caramel? Rolos? I just bought a bag of the mini Rolos yesterday. Now I know what I will do with them. Thanks!

  7. The rolos that we can buy in Canada don’t melt the same way as the American rolos. I think the chocolate must be different. I have used rolos that I bought across the border in recipes, and they work fine. When I buy rolos in Canada, they don’t melt nearly as well.

  8. Looks delicious. I don’t mind using the microwave for this.

  9. They look incredible. Like edible bricks of lego.

  10. Finally, a use for the Lyle’s Golden Syrup I’ve had in my pantry!

  11. Linda Robinson says:

    Made this for our goodie day at work and it was a big hit – thanks!

  12. Thanks for this great recipe!! I blogged about it here:

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