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Oh so good to see the haters are back in full swing. I was starting to think I had lost my edge. I think I still have but apparently the key to riling up people is to use a microwave.

Ever since I posted my fudge recipe and discussed microwave candy on my Facebook page there has been much less than love mail we will call it. Once again I was contributing to the death of Americans by suggesting that they use the microwave to make something.

Let me be the first to say that I hardly ever use my microwave. It’s there. I don’t even make microwave popcorn, I do it on the stove top. But kids are here and from time to time if we are not around they like the ease of the microwave…and when I am injured so do I.

I posted a picture of my Bolognese sauce on Saturday night onto Facebook and several people wanted the recipe. I’m sure I will get hate mail over this that it’s not really a Bolognese sauce…guess what, I’m not Italian so I’m not committing any crimes…I’m Scottish, we screw up food all the time. :P Because I realize that there is no bacon in Bolognese sauce…but there should be. So I put it in. I also use a little more red wine than most.

The recipe is a take-off of a slow cooker recipe. And while I have made it both ways I must say I prefer it from the stove pot, not sure why, just do. If you want to make it slow cooker version just change where it says dump into pot into dump into slow cooker. And then cook on low for 6-8 hours. Either way this sauce takes a while. I was stupid and made it on the day that was super warm…which made the house extra warm. But then I tasted it and it was all good.

It makes for good leftovers as well. Which I heated up on the stove top and not the microwave so maybe I’m not totally going to Hell in a Hand basket. :D


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  1. Is there a microwave version of this recipe? ;) Just kidding!! Haha!

    This looks absolutely wonderful! Makes me want a giant bowl of pasta. I love it when you post savory recipes. :)

  2. True bolognese may not have bacon in it…but who cares? Bacon makes everything better! And this looks perfect for fall…thank you!

  3. This looks so great Peabody, totally worth heating the house (that means something in AZ!) I didn’t know you were Scottish, have you read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon? Will give you some national pride! :)

  4. Looks delicious. I love cold bolognese sauce. I can eat it for breakfast. I love your bacon and added mascarpone cheese. (lush!)
    So what is with the’ microwave bee up their bums’ anyway? So what? Trolls are so base. Move on, I say.
    Glad you got upgraded in your footwear. Black goes with everything.

  5. wow.I cannot wait to try this.Sending love from Iowa, where we are already harvesting field corn….

  6. I was hoping you’d post the recipe!

    Sorry about the haters. I just got a microwave after not having one for 2 or 3 years and it makes life so much easier sometimes. Whatever.

  7. I like the words “I also use a little more red wine than most” I like to think my cooking is inspired by the same philosophy.

  8. Um, I live alone so when I cook there is quite a bit left over. I use the microwave A LOT for reheating, in addition to warming up my coffee. It’s not ideal, but sometimes it’s also necessary for softening up butter, chocolate, and so forth. It would be wasteful for me NOT to use my microwave, given all of the food I probably would end up not wanting to eat because I couldn’t quickly reheat it.

  9. More wine the better!! I know Italians that use Pancetta in theirs :)

  10. Using the microwave: the horror!!! I still think it’s pretty innovative to use the microwave to make candy. I’ve “tried” to make candy on the stovetop… it burnt to a crisp.

    I’m not really a pasta kind of person, but when I see a pasta dish that looks good, I immediately want it! This looks really nice :)

  11. That looks mighty scrumptious! Pasta dishes of this kind are ever so enjoyable.



  12. I would bet money some Italian housewife from Bologna has, at some point, put that leftover bacon (is there such a thing?) into her sauce because.. why not? Sounds great, I’ll try it

  13. Gee whiz! If you HAVE a microwave, you should USE it! I certainly do. E.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.e. d.a.y. I drink tea. Quarts of the stuff. Iced. Microwaving the water means no boil-overs! (Love my quart Pyrex measure!)

    I think I could make this sauce and douse whole steamed green beans with it…..since I’m not a pasta girl, I have to find SOME way to eat it, right?!?!? Now…which wine to use….. Any suggestions are welcome!!

  14. I just don’t get the opinionated “haters” A recipe is only a guideline and fodder for our imaginations. You go girl!

  15. I should not be drooling over meat and pasta at 9am but I am

  16. Yum!!!! I like it when you post savory recipes – a nice little surprise for my boring work day :)

  17. Yum! And yes, despite the standing time, I prefer the stove top to crock pot for some things. Maybe it’s the moisture content or extra browning. You, however, should not be standing at a stove right now unless you are feeling significantly better!

  18. I know for a fact that some of the finest pastry chefs in the world use microwaves. Not that they necessarily make entire items in the micro, but it’s invaluable for heating chocolate, melting butter, warming pulled sugar, and many other things. Many might also be surprised that these same pastry chefs also freeze (GASP!) many components, and even final products.

  19. It is sad that every blog or facebook page, has haters. Glad you are a strong woman!. That is just too bad for them. I love bolognese sauce. and I love my microwave too.

  20. Bacon makes everything better! I’ve even cooked in the microwave a couple of times:) Your sauce looks great.

  21. I am open to cooking in the microwave occassionally as well….well…it’s not really cooking but more heating up frozen veggies or melting butter for the popcorn that i make on the stove! Peabody…I have a ‘whirley pop’ and it’s the best invention EVER for making corn!

  22. I tried this recipe last night. It was wonderful!!!
    The marscarpone made the dish. I did notice that the recipe mentions broth, but it is not on the list of ingreds. I added about a can of beef broth. I also prepared stove-top. I will say I rarely find a recipe that goes in my “book of keepers,” but this one will, per my husbands request. Wonderful recipe and not too difficult– I did it on a weeknight. Thanks for sharing.

  23. This almost had me licking my computer screen. OK, I am starving right now so I think I can be forgiven. I am going to call this Peabolognese sauce. You covered some basic food groups – bacon, wine, and cheese so I am good with this recipe. As for those criticizing the use of a microwave I have three words – Get A Life ( and don’t you dare criticize the use of bacon, never ever criticize The Bacon).

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