Apple a day….

Apple made their big iPhone 5 announcement today and while I will probably drink the Koolaid so to speak as my phone is up for renewal I am unhappy about one thing. My phone case. I love my phone case. It came from Japan from a friend. It’s Hello Kitty and I love it for the fact that it’s cute and the fact that it drives MDP crazy that almost everywhere we go someone compliments me on it.

Yes this is clearly #whitegirlproblems that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. :P

Other #whitegirlproblems this week were the ladies complaining that the snack bar at soccer yesterday didn’t have premium coffee. Umm. Or the woman complaining that her husband bought her yoga pants from Costco instead of Lululemon. How dare he! Maybe he was trying to hint to you that you didn’t need $120 yoga pants for yoga that you don’t go to. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out…and that means their waistline will expand. You could just not go. And someone complaining that my wedding date was too close to their wedding date. Get over it.

One thing to not complain about is this bread. I saw it first over at my site designer’s blog Pass the Sushi and decided I needed to go there. I had the apples after all so why not. That and I love a little boiled caramel glaze! I chose to use Honeycrisp apples as they are my favorite in the apple world. I went with the mini loaves and instead of milk used apple cider in my glaze. It’s quite tasty and a great way to get you fruit in for the day. :)


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  1. I loved my last phone case too and was rather unwilling to upgrade my phone, then it went for a quick swim in a pond and well…. yeah.
    This makes me want to whip up another batch of that apple bread! It’s been a while since I’ve had it. Lovin’ your thick glaze. :D

  2. Love these! And I actually have honeycrisps on hand. :)

  3. No joke, I’ve been trying to work up the energy to make this for a week now! I loved it when Kita posted it and I love it even more now!

  4. Aghhh! You’re the second person torturing me today with wonderful, caramel glazed, fall feeling goodies. Drool.

    And bridezilla can go soak her head.

  5. I am totally with you on the phone case, mine doubles as a wristlet wallet so I’m going to have to get a wallet too. There are much worse problems in the world, but still…

  6. Mmmhhh, I love that luscious and generous frosting. Lovely breads! Wonderfully seasonal…



  7. The glaze looks amazing and I love how you incorporate brown sugar rather than just use standard powdered sugar.

    I do yoga but wear gym shorts and running clothes while doing it. My yoga teacher buys her yoga pants and Costco, because she can’t afford Lululemon on a yoga teacher’s salary.

  8. Your phone case sounds cute :) Have you seen those really obnoxious/seriously overdone phone cases? You know the ones that are 100% bedazzled and have like 2 inch teddy bears protruding from the back. My goodness, how can someone carry that?

    Anyways, I have fallen in love with the frosting It looks amazing!

  9. I just made this exact dessert..The photos done and post half drafted:)
    I buy my yoga clothes at Costco:) My daughter bought me Lululemon leg warmers..Most of her wardrobe is Lululemon:)

  10. Mine was the BC one from another blogger though..sorry just checked and I had no cider Vinegar in the glaze~

  11. This looks too amazing NOT to try!!

  12. @monique -it’s just apple cider not apple cider vinegar

  13. People are way too concerned with the label on their clothing.

  14. Honeycrisps are my favorite apple to bake with. They have a great flavor and after baking they impart such a lovely scent.

  15. I made these yesterday and we enjoyed a slice (or two) for dessert. Very good! Thanks. :)

  16. The directions call for one cup of brown sugar instead of the 1 1/2 cups listed in ingredients. When I mixed the bread, I only used 1 cup as directed and the bread turned out good. But would have been so much better had I used the whole amount listed in the ingredients. It also makes more than the three little pans. I plan on baking this again this fall. Loved the glaze.

  17. I love the glaze!

  18. Hello,
    FIrst I have to say I absolutely love your blog, so much fun! I was wondering if you thought that it would be okay to freeze one of the loaves.. I am hoping to make a loaf or two for an upcoming pot luck at work but would love to save one for my husband who is away doing training. Do you think the bread would hold up or am I better off just giving the left overs to a neighbor and trying again when he comes home?


  19. @Casey- if you don’t glaze it then it should freeze fine.

  20. Can you use 2 regular bread pans instead of the 3 mini? It would just need longer cook time right?

  21. @jami- it probably won’t go in two regular…won’t be enough batter


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