What a week….

Ahhh, I missed my little blog. This has been one crazy week last week and not really in a great way.

First and most mind consuming is that my sweet pup is sick. So an emergency trip to the vet was in order…except I can’t drive so that became quite an ordeal that is a story for another time as I have no energy at all. She is doing better but I still worry. :(

I got many an email asking about how the foot is doing…in a nutshell…not good. I was told to rest and put my foot up until I went back to the Ortho next Friday. I have done none of that. And as of a result I am paying the price. I am quite sure the Ortho will yell at me and tell me I’m not healing and it is numb up to the knee cap most of the time. :S Bad Peabody.

I miss getting to do normal things like oh say DRIVE. Stand for more than 30 minutes. Baking things complicated (like practicing wedding cakes!) hence today’s recipe. The privilege of wearing a variety of clothing (I wear the same three pairs of pants). Everyone not having to wait for me when we walk anywhere. Play ice hockey….or even skate for that matter.

Not that it applies to many people who read this blog but the NHL is in lockout right now. Leaving me with no hockey to play due to injury and no hockey to watch. And I love watching me some hockey. Very disappointed in the greed.

And now it’s 7pm and I’m just pretty much exhausted to no end, and the minute I push send on this I am going to bed…yes I am pathetic but it’s been that kind of week. But I had to put up these easy little bites of goodness that was the breakfast of champions around here this weekend.

It only makes a serving for two if you eat like me, maybe four if you eat less. :) But this can easily be doubled and you could make it in a pie pan like the original recipe.


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  1. Sorry to hear that your puppy was sick! And that your foot is not doing well! Hopefully this week will be less eventful. This recipe look so good and I got a bag full of apples from my father-in-law this weekend. Guess I know what I will be making this week!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your week. Guess what? Every once in a while it’s okay to show that there’s positives and negatives in life and we still like you for it! Everyone just has those kind of weeks, but you have multiple ARGHS coming at you. Sending you positive thoughts and good wishes for a speedy recovery and return to healthy feet…or, minimally, an end to the strike. And some good thoughts for the pup, too.

  3. I can commiserate on the hockey lockout, especially with my Rangers looking so promising. That must have been the last straw for the week you had. But Pillsbury cinnamon rolls do cheer a person up and those apples and all that juice on the plate look delicious. I, of course, will try it with the optional glaze.

  4. I hope your dog is feeling better now. How stressful!

    That is one wonderful treat!



  5. Aww I hope CCS gets better soon. It’s so sad when animals get sick because they can’t tell you what’s wrong :(

    I hope your week gets better.

  6. Hi Peabody,

    Hope you get better soon. Just went apple picking and would love to use my apples. I do not have mini loaf pans. Is it possible to make this in a 9×5 pan?


  7. I’m also disappointed in the NHL lockout and as you said, the greed. It’s just ridiculous in my opinion when professional athletes have a lockout because they want more money – especially when a lot of Americans can’t even find a job making minimum wage. It’s just disappointing.

  8. Audra Blair says:

    Here is to a much better week! Hoping that CCS is on the repair and that you are up and foot loose and fancy free soon!

  9. I could definitely go for some of that apple cinnamon loaf right about now!

  10. Seriously, I hope your puppy is ok. That has me frowning and worried even though you said it’s ok. I totally get that kind of worry even after the doc says its all ok. Hope this week treats you a little better then last. :(

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