Target Temptress…

I had heard a rumor about Oreo coming out with a Candy Corn version for the Fall. My friend said she thought she saw them at a local grocery store only to find out they were being only carried at Target. It’s always a risk going into Target. For the most part I am good. I go in and get what I am shopping for. It’s when I go with MDP that I get in trouble.

He gets very shiny squirreled and then I do. The trip started off well. We had planned on just getting season two of The Big Bang Theory. As not only do I love it but so do MDP’s kids and we always get stuck watching the same episodes over and over again on TBS. MDP pointed out the Hello Kitty slippers and while OMG how cute I told him I already owned slippers and tried to quickly run away from them.

That was where my will power got left apparently. :) As I bought all the seasons of Big Bang that they offer. Because I figured we are going to get though the season and then I will just have to risk coming back to Target. And then in the clearance bin was NHL notebooks. Which we don’t need but somehow bought. And we bought them out of them. And a couple large bags of Halloween candy that are now hidden to pass out on Halloween. Because I have a fear that our new place gets a lot of Halloween action.

But for the life of me I could not find those Oreo’s. I had given up hope and just went to the checkout isle. When what did appear before my eyes but the Candy Corn Oreo’s. I squealed in delight and the checkout girl gave me a look. MDP tried to explain to her that I had been looking for them for a while…she didn’t seem to care. Boo on her.

I knew what I wanted to make with them since before I got them. I had made Candy Corn Ice Cream before and not only was it simple (three ingredients) it was crazy good. Even the candy corn haters were loving this ice cream. So I figured why not make a Candy Corn Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. And so I did. And what a great choice that was. “Oh wow, do you know how good that is?” was the response I got from MDP. :)
In less than stellar news today I got laid off from my job. The economy is just not in a good place and maybe when it is I will get to go back or I wont. I guess it was irony though since I just bought useless things at Target. :P It’s a bit of a setback but such is life. It means we will have a much smaller wedding (not that it was large to begin with) but we will be married and that is all that matters to MDP (such a guy). Also means back to big time budget baking.

(I did not buy the bat sippy cup but notice my Big Bang haul…and yes, MDP and I are weird and take silly photos at Target and Costco)


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  1. Aw man, sorry about the job loss, hope something turns up for you! But thanks for sharing such an evil treat. :D

  2. I have now heard every kind of response to these candy corneos. I’ve heard the “they are good but just not candy corn” and the “just too sweet” and now I’m hearing they make amazing ice cream! I guess I’ll just have to try them out for myself.

    As for Target shopping, I love it. But the closest target is 15 miles away! It sucks because that’s where I do my grocery/nonperishable shopping because it’s cheaper than the store. Good gracious. :/

    I’m sorry to hear about your job :( That really sucks, but I like your “budget” creations. Everything you make looks absolutely amazing :)

  3. This is going to sound weird but I’m Canadian and when we travel to parts of the US we take pictures at the Costco’s we’ve been to. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of the one in Maui and I doubt we’ll ever go back. I don’t think we’ll get these oreos since we don’t have Targets yet but I will look at your original Candy Corn ice cream recipe!

  4. You need to E-bay BBT. I was late to the game and purchased seasons 1-4 for $36.

  5. So sorry about the job loss, but glad you had such a fun trip at Target!

  6. On the positive side, budget cooking/baking gets your creative juices REALLY flowing! Can’t wait to see what pours out of your mind!!! I’m off to do a little “pantry” cooking this week myself! I know there’s an awesome soup “in there” just waiting to be made!

  7. This sounds (and looks) amazing!

  8. so how are the cookies??? I might need to takea trip to Target now. :)

  9. @jill they don’t have a strong candy corn flavor but I like them


    This is the second post today i have read that uses those candy corn Oreos! I have never been to Target;. perhaps a visit is in order during the October visit.
    So sorry to hear about your job. Darn it all! You just have to get out of this sucking negative life vortex soon! I am sending better luck vibes to you. x

  11. I’m sorry about your job!
    Have you ever heard of foodsie? Maybe you could sell some of your budget baking? I sell on etsy to support my craft habit

  12. Genius!

  13. Oh my, Target is a dangeous place. I used to live ACROSS THE STREET from one. My hard-learned lesson: neve bring a credit card and only as much cash as you’re willing to spend. But my Target tip, especially if you love candy, is to go the day after Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s or Easter. They mark it down to almost free, you just have to get there at opening. You might have to do some elbowing, but your hockey experience should come in handy.

  14. You know, if you had a print button you wouldn’t have gotten laid off (tongue firmly in cheek)

  15. Can’t wait to try this! Yum!! I’m confused but am I the only one who can’t figure out what MDP stands for? It’s killing me I don’t know what it means!!

  16. @Stacia- you kind of have to have read the blog for awhile to know that MDP stands for My Defensive Partner as we play hockey together.

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