Oh Me So Corny…

Just last week I saw a bumper sticker that read “Fair: It’s where you get cotton candy at…not what life is”. Ah the irony. :)

I first off want to say thanks to the large number of people who contacted me to say hope things come around. Thanks. They will. I’m sure of it. Some asked how they could help. Well number one keep reading the blog. :) Maybe comment. Maybe donate to buy ingredients though I will admit that what you donate this week might go to beer and/or vodka :P. Follow me on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter, it makes me feel extra loved.

The good news is of course is that I have many amazing things in my life that make it so meaningful. I don’t gush a lot about MDP on here but I should. His mom who recently moved back to town told me the other day that the more time she spends with me the more and more she realizes that I really am the most perfect fit for her son ever. That she is amazed by it. So that really made me happy to hear. And you’ve got to love a guy willing to watch Say Yes to the Dress and I Found the Dress with you and not complain…other than to complain at how mean the family and friends are to these brides. And nothing cracks me up more than when he says stuff like “I don’t know I kind of liked that one on her” when the family says no. Hahaha (oh he will kill me for that).

And I of course have wonderful friends and family. And a loyal pup (unless of course someone has food…then all bets are off :D ).  I still have my blog and blog readers whom I love (well some of you I only just like….but you could work on that :P ). And I still work for Tablespoon.

And I have candy corn. :D It’s probably looking like it’s going to be candy corn week this week on the blog….though if you follow me on Facebook I will be posting the ham recipe that people were wanting me to post. For those wondering about the Candy Corn Oreo’s they don’t have a strong candy corn flavor but I like them all the same.


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  1. I’m so happy you’ve found your perfect match. I’m going to refrain from saying other stuff out of fear of sounding really corny (haha corny, candy corn… don’t mind my silly puns). I like reading about MDP and how you guys are basically one half of a whole (wow cliche much?).

    Oh good gracious! I love the look of this! I never eat candy corn except for the month of October. Any other time just seems wrong. I so want to try this! Good thing I’ve got some left over cream cheese and heavy whipping cream I have o idea what to do with :P

  2. I think I will die if I don’t get my hands on some of these candy corn oreos. Peabody, you’re killing me…and I love it!

    Reading about you and MDP is so sweet. You’re just so right for each other and that even comes through in writing. Congratulations to you both.

  3. glad you’re doing well. heart the blog as always.

  4. Hope you are feeling better Peabody! And I love to hear about MDP :)

  5. I have been dying to try the Candy Corn Oreos! I was told it tasted more like cake frosting than candy corn. Either way they are probably yummy :)

  6. These look amazing! I’m going to have to buy the Candy Corn Oreos now…yummy! I’m sorry to hear about your troubles, but I’m glad you have a wonderful fiance to lean on now. I follow your pins and I loved all those you pinned earlier about weddings/marriage/love!

  7. That bumper sticker is so true.
    Love the title on this one ;)

  8. Dude! That looks soooo fricking good!! And your title cracked me up. Sitting here at work, pulled up your site and started laughing. Love it!!!

  9. Wow, candy corn Oreos is a first for me–these sound unique and I would try them if I could buy those Oreos where I live!

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