Copy That Ghost Rider…

So amongst the nice well wishes this week I did get a scathing 14 paragraph (yes, 14) email about how ridiculous it is that I run my (FREE to YOU) blog and don’t have a print recipe button for all of my recipes. This is not a new complaint to me and when the site got redone I added a print recipe button. When I first started my blog 7 years ago that wasn’t an option. It’s added now and the newer recipes have it. I will when I have time (so possibly never :P ) go back and add it to the old recipes.

In the time the person took to write the 14 paragraphs to me they could have Googled how to get the recipe off my site. You might have heard of it…it’s called Copy and Paste. If you haven’t heard of it…Google it and it will change your life. I promise. With sprinkles on top.

But in all seriousness people…copy and paste. It will take you about 30 seconds…less if you are quicker…longer if you are my mother (love you mom). None the less it’s not THAT big of a pain. And like I said, when I have the time I will go and update my free website for you. I even did a little yesterday.

If you follow me on FB I asked people if they wanted the ham recipe I was making and people said yes please…so here you go…with a print button and everything. :D It’s a slow cooker recipe so it makes your life even that much easier. You do have to massage the ham a bit with some rub but some people pay good money for that. ;) Don’t skip the Apple-Ginger Chutney as MDP says it makes the meal.

And because it’s Fur Baby Friday…my dog sporting her Mail Chimp hat. 

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  1. It makes me so sad when people give in to people like that. I would have told them, “Copy and paste it YOUROWNSELF.”

    But then again, that’s probably why you have many readers, and I do not. . .

  2. 14 paragraphs? What must someone’s life be to complain for 14 paragraphs. :(
    This recipe looks like it might be tomorrow night’s test meal of choice. Thank you! Your fur baby’s picture made me grin. Thanks!

  3. Wow, that looks Über delicious. And I hope you, being you of course, were able to just shake your head and laugh at the temerity and ridiculous entitlement issues some people have!

  4. It amazes me how the Internet has turned into a way for (some) people to be openly rude to others. Reading about the 14 paragraph letter, I was sitting here thinking, “It would never cross my mind to send a complaint to anyone about something so small as a print button.” But alas, this is what the world has come to apparently. *sigh*

    And if you don’t know about copy and paste, maybe you shouldn’t be on a computer. And yes, I know that I’m probably including my own mom in that group ;)

  5. I’d love to read all 14 paragraphs. WTF do you have to say in 14 paragraphs??

    Anyway, people are morons. Why does anyone think you owe them anything on a FREE blog?

  6. Well, I might suggest someone put in a print button but 14 paragraphs seems a little excessive. “Hey, did you ever consider putting in a print button?” seems to cover it pretty well. They are kind of nice. Not that I’ve put one in myself but then I seem to post a recipe ever 6 months or so. I admire your print button and your many delicious recipes. Including this one, it looks really good.

  7. I have a recipe I love for ham in the crock-pot, but this Apple-Ginger Chutney sounds divine! Will have to try this sometime soon (next time I need ham for a family dinner)! Oh, and people are so rude! They don’t appreciate or understand the hard work that goes into blogging!

  8. Uhmmm…. a 14 paragraph e-mail on why you don’t have a print recipe button? Dude, that’s just ridiculous. Like you said, there’s such a thing as highlighting, copying, and then pasting, or better yet, do it the old fashioned way! Write the freaking thing out yourself. I don’t think I’ve ever printed out a recipe unless it’s something I’ve never made before and the directions are lengthy and I need them. But every recipe I get online I grab a piece of scrap paper and jot it down in 10 minutes. Simple as that…. :/ People are just mind boggling sometimes.

    Your ham looks delicious! I love eating ham, especially the honeybaked variety ;).

  9. Haha I just noticed the Print button! Seriously though, that is the cutest picture of your dog.

  10. Yum yum yum and yum! I love ham with something a little sweet and spicy.

  11. That first picture of ham – holy wow! You made ham look ridiculously good! I love it.

    Second, I still am, and will always be jealous of your crazies. That’s my gauge for making it in the blog world, crazy ppl, email, and comments. Some day… ;D

  12. You are awesome. Other people are idiots ;)

  13. I also never noticed the print button. I just automatically cut and paste. Who knew I was so advanced?

    This recipe is definitely going to be tried in my house soon. Keep the savory stuff coming.

  14. Delicious! I’m not usually a fan of ham, but the chutney sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try this!

  15. seriously? people that THAT kind of time on their hands to chastise but don’t have time to copy and paste? UNREAL. Anyway, CCS looks cute, the ham recipe is to DIE for.
    Thanks. Think I will copy and paste it now on to my hard drive so I have it handy

  16. I feel like I should write you 14 paragraphs on how awesome your blog is to make up for their ignorance. “Ignorance is bliss,” right? Happy are those wallowing in their own stupidity and judgements I guess… Jeeze!

  17. This is such a nice fall recipe – I’m glad you shared it!

    As for the print button – I have 4 years of posts on my blog that I aim to get that added to – at least the ones for the last year or so have it!

    I can kind of understand people’s frustration, cause it is a pain, but 14 paragraphs? LOL

  18. My husband does not care for ham, so I just got a little pre-cooked one and am cooking the chutney as we speak! I used ground cinnamon instead of cinnamon sticks because I am cheap, but it still smells great!

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