I’m not a Best Blog…

So not only in the 14 paragraph email did I learn that I was horrible for not having a print button (which again for the record I do on the newer recipes) I also learned that I am not the best blog. Which is upsetting to me as pretty much anyone who asks what I do I tell them well I run the BEST BLOG don’t you know that? So clearly this was a blow to my ego. Thank goodness for Nyquil or I might not have been sleeping for the last few nights.

The other thing I learned is that The Pioneer Woman is the best blog and one of those reasons is because of her print button. Martha Stewart has a nice print button as well but that they would not want to be friends with her because she was in prison. Let me just say Ree this woman is a follower of you for life, though I do fear she may have a shrine up of you somewhere made of print buttons. Let’s hope she looks nothing like you Ree or she might be trying to do a little Single White Female switching action on you. Run Ree. Run.

Since she was so dedicate to all things Pioneer Woman I decided why not make a Pioneer Woman recipe? So I did…with my own twist of course. Tres Leches Cake (which means three milks for those not familiar) but with a candy corn twist since this has pretty much been candy corn week. Like the other things I have made with candy corn this week, this does not have an overpowering candy corn taste…just a hint. Which is why both candy corn lovers and haters will eat it. :)

And because I know the majority of you are dying to see what was in the email…here you go…in it’s entirety. My comments are in bold. :P :

I found your blog through Pinterest and while I find many of the recipes to look delightful you site is not nearly as good as most of the food blogs I follow. Do you know the Pioneer Woman’s blog? You should strive to be more like that. That site is well put together and has a lot of features your blog should consider. Hmmm…who is this Pioneer Woman you speak of? :P

The thing that bugs me most is that you don’t have a print button. I see a recipe that looks interesting yet I can’t print it. Am I supposed to walk to my computer everytime to make the recipe? Is this how I will burn off the calories I make from all your fattening treats? That is actually a great way to burn calories….good idea. 

Why would you make a site and not put on a print button. A print button is not that hard of a thing to put on. All of the best blogs have a print button so clearly you do not have a best blog. The best blogs have print buttons. Oh the shame I am not a best blog. (hangs head)

Maybe you like to tease us and are like joke on you you see the recipe but you don’t get to print the recipe. So you can want the recipe but can’t make the recipe unless you own a lap top which I do not. So if I want your recipe I either have to buy a lap top or not make it. Or if I print it will print out your entire site. Yes when I write this blog I think about how I can tease and mess with the reader…I did that in teaching school as well. 

Whoever designed your site shold have put in a print button. I hope you didn’t pay someone for this site because when you don’t have a site that looks like the Pioneer Woman people aren’t going to come to that site. But I guess that’s why she has books and tv shows because she knows how to run a blog. She also gets a lot of comments and you don’t because she runs a better blog. She does get a lot of comments. I used to get comments a lot more than I do now so maybe I used to be a best blog….just not anymore. 

It would make the life of the people who read this blog much easier to have the print button. We could just look at the recipe and print and it would be there in the printer. But you do not have a print button. The best blogs have print buttons. So what you are saying are the best blogs have print buttons?

It seems to me that if I were to start a food blog that had recipes on it and I wanted people to be able to use those recipes I would have a print button. I don’t have a food blog though. I don’t have a blog at all actually. But these are things to think about. Oh please, please, please start a food blog so I can learn from you. 

Another site that has a print button is Martha Stewart. She has both magazines and her website and I think she still puts out books as well. Very streamlined site. And she does crafts as well. Most people who cook craft or scrapebook as well have you considered a section like that. The Pioneer Woman has different sections on her blog and Martha Stewart does to. I’m not skilled enough to do more than one thing. 

I know you are not as popular as those blogs and people but I think more people would come to your site if they knew you had a print button. Maybe put in a print button and advertise that you have one on Pinterest and that you now have a print button which you currently do not have. I will have to look into that print button advertising. I’m sure it’s all the rage. 

Does it cost money for the print button? Is that why you don’t have it? Are you too cheap? I bet the Pioneer Woman didn’t care about the cost of the print button. I bet she thought what would the people want? I think she is very generous in that way. I bet she would be great as a friend. I wish I were her friend. I don’t think I want to be Martha Stewarts friend because she has been to prison. I don’t trust people who have been in jail. I suck at programming so yes it cost money to have the print button added. As with anything added to this site. It cost more than I make in advertising to run this site. I bet Ree would be a good friend. And yes be wary of Martha Stewart as she has far too many knives at her disposal and who knows what trade secrets she learned in prison for stabbing people. 

So if you could add a print button that would be great. I notice you have a donation button for pay pal so you will take our money gladly but you wont give a print button feature. I will never give you my money for your inferior site. Hey look I do have a print button. 

I can’t believe you expect people to give you money for this site? You just rake in money from us and expect us to sit by and make you one of the popular blogs when you don’t have a print button. You will never make it as a blogger without a print button. Yes, that’s me, just raking in the money. 

Maybe one day if you are very lucky you will meat the Pioneer Woman. If you do you need to ask her how she runs the best site there is. She might not talk to you because you don’t have one of the better blogs but she seems charitable to me. So maybe charity will be on your side and she can tell you how you can do the best blog ever. Yours will never be the best as hers but maybe. Yes MEATING the Pioneer Woman would be great. I have met her sister and she was lovely so genetics probably dictate that Ree is the same, eh? Yes hopefully she would help me become the best blog ever…after hers. 

So again please put in a print button. I want to print this cake but I sit here and I can’t I can not print because you do not have a print button. You are not a good food blog. Your wish is my command. 

Thanks for consideration please add print button or I cannot make recipe,


Not to be out done by the dog here is me in the Mail Chimp hat. :)


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  1. Peabody what if I don’t have a printer?! Oh noes! Whatever will I do I can’t bake this recipe because I’ll never be able to print it even WITH a print button??

    I personally subscribe to the walk back to the computer method of cooking or you know the old fashioned picking up a pen and write it down on a piece of paper method.


  2. I like the old pen and paper method, shouldn’t one read a recipe before you start cooking anyways? It sounds like this reader has plenty of time on their hands to write 14 paragraphs so why not a few recipes? Geeze

  3. So funny. I’m grateful you can be so eloquent

  4. Oh Peabody…I just don’t know if I can read your inferior blog any longer…(large sigh) and I would NOT ever want to be your friend…what if you have a knife??? You are obviously to witty for me, but if you would just add a print button perhaps then I would come back to you…oh? What’s that you say? You HAVE one?? Yipee! I no longer have to leave your beer drinking, hockey loving, desert loving blog…but back to the print button…
    I just love people…but I love your cooking more :)

  5. This is the best thing I have ever read. I never get any cool hate mail! Jealous.

  6. This made me laugh, a lot. I admire the way you handled it.

  7. That is quite the ridiculous email. Is it that hard to select text and copy over to Word, then print??? She wasted a lot of time ranting. :/

    Chin up, you know you have more cheerleaders than haters. ;)

  8. LOL! This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile. – From another “not best blogger”. :D

  9. Oh my goodness, you either just got punked or this person has severe mental deficiencies. Especially since she can’t seem to figure out how to cut and paste. For the record, I never print recipes, as it’s a waste of paper, so you can get your money back on that print button if you want. ;) Love you blog! It’s is most definitely a best blog!

  10. Awesome. Even your hate mail is funny. I usually just lick the icing off my phone when I’m done baking, but with a print button on your older recipes I could single handedly be responsible for the death of so many trees ;)

  11. I.. I just.. I really… Seriously.. I mean.. sigh..
    For a moment there I was tempted to go back and count how many times the “p”word was mentioned in that e-mail. I hope she gets a life in the near, very near future and a chance to print it.

  12. It almost sounds like you made that up! That is HIL-arious!!!! “Why don’t you have a print button? Why? Why? Print button, print button, print button. You do not have a best blog.” Frankly I am glad to get a break from the PW (and wanna-be) blogs with the million shots of chopping an onion, the shots of all the ingredients, etc. I’m just like “Give me the recipe already!” Anyway. I do not have a print button, but I already knew I was not a best blog. LOL!!! Do you think this dear reader realizes that you do, indeed, now have a PRINT BUTTON?! Ha ha ha!!!!

  13. Hahahaha, hilarious! I can’t believe this person actually took the time to write up this entire message!

  14. In other news, the cake looks kinda pretty.

  15. Ha! I actually subscribe to the Walk back and forth to the computer philosophy as one way to be greener and less cluttered with paper and NOT print recipes! I created my own blog (pre-pinterest) to store links to my favorite recipes so I would not have to use a print button! It’s actually quite amusing when my kids are trying to play a game online and I come running in screaming”pull the recipe up- I need to see what temp I am supposed to be cooking at!” or ” I forgot how much baking soda I was supposed to put in!”… oh and I don’t have a laptop either so there is lots of running back and forth to my office-unless my hubby is kind enough to loan me his iPod touch! But thank you for adding a print button that I still won’t need to use!

  16. I have two thoughts. 1 – is someone pulling your leg, that cannot be real. 2 – Let’s start a drinking game 1 shot each time this person says print button and 2 shots each time they say best blog.

  17. That is one of the longest, most poorly written and boring emails in the history of emails. She (he?) is clearly not the best email writer.

  18. Were you at IFBC this year? I partied in a monkey hat there, so that’s why I’m wondering. I mean, you don’t have a print button or anything, so I don’t really care nor would I probably speak to you because who would speak to someone who doesn’t have a print button? I just thought we could meat, you know, next year. And party in monkey hats and talk about how my blog is better because I have a print button.

  19. What I don’t understand is why she could not just highlight the recipe, right click, select copy, and then paste into a word processing software. Or maybe she could just print the webpage to PDF, and then print the appropriate pages on paper. These are things I have done with pages without the beloved print button. Problem solving is apparently not this reader’s forte. Though this person tries, complaining is also not a forte. I love your blog and appreciate your time and effort to make this fabulous blog!

  20. Copy & Paste? Geeze!

  21. Oh my word, I almost spit my coffee all over my screen! File>print, honey… sheesh!

  22. That’s the funniest email I’ve ever read. Perhaps we should correct the grammar and send it back. Send a big photo of a print button with it.

    Love the candy corn cake.

  23. Oh! Oh! Let’s make this a drinking game! Take a shot every time she says print!!!!

  24. Seriously?? I mean seriously???? Is this person for real??? I’m here dying of laughter with the ignorance and stupidity of this letter!!!
    Anyways, I’ve been following your blog for years (silent reader, i know 😝)and thank you for all the wonderful recipes. But please get a print button cause I can’t copy and paste!! Lol lol

  25. K could have written your recipe down by hand, translated it into 4 languages, hired a recipe writer to reformat the recipe contacted recipe blogs in 4 different countries, gotten them published in less time than it took her to write her complaint to the not best blog. talk about bad busy…..readers with unrealistic expectations, *sigh*

  26. Did my mother-in-law write this? Because she, too, seems to think I need to be told the exact same thing over and over and over again in order to understand it, but worded differently every time. If that lady has horses I can guarantee you that they are dead, but she probably keeps them in the stable so she can continue to beat them.

  27. Amazing! One of the best blog posts I’ve read all month. I wonder if she has ever heard of copy and paste? Or maybe if she was really so desperate she could write down the recipe. Life is hard without a print button :(

  28. Peabody, I have to carry my laptop to my printer, and then sometimes it does not even print. So what good is this print button on your site. I guess if I want to make this cake I will have to carry my laptop to the kitchen and read the recipe off of it. I like your reader would like to MEAT the Pioneer woman someday, too.

    This is classic – someone took the time to write you paragraph upon paragraph about a freaking print button. Geez. I just recently started adding a “print” option to my recipes, as in last Friday recent. Maybe I can become a “best blog” like you, now. People need a life ..

    Great response. You always make me chuckle during the day. I thank you for that! ~ Denise

  29. Oh thank you for making me laugh today, what is wrong with that person? And honestly, I try not to print out a bunch of recipes, I’d rather mark them as a favorite or pin them. Who wants to waste all that paper printing out recipes?

  30. Oh my Heavens! that just made my day! I needed a good laugh! Thanks for posting that. People are completely insane – this woman is a prime example! Love your site – and I’ve been copying and pasting for years. Works just fine for me!

  31. Best blog post – ever ; )

  32. The humor you used to handle the letter was refreshing. In the time it took for her to write, she could have used the time to check spelling, grammar, AND write out the recipe by hand AND make the entire cake! I guess all those skills might seem a bit old fashioned.

  33. @Tammy- maybe not your MIL but I suspect an older person as they have an AOL address and live in Florida. :)

  34. @Frenchlady- sadly I believe it to be a real person.

  35. @Wicked Noodle- I was at IFBC this year but we went out and didn’t end up at the Mail Chimp party until right as it was ending and so no monkey hat. To which I was very sad about and they sent me one. :) And yes, I am sure you didn’t talk to me there because I do not have a best blog.

  36. @Casey- it’s a woman…with and AOL address and an IP from Florida. :)

  37. @Melillisa- we have already been doing the drinking game around these parts. :)

  38. @Michelle- sadly I think it’s real. It ranks up there with the man who asked for nude photos of me and the man/woman (that person’s name could have gone either way) who wanted a refund for the muffins they made that didn’t turn out right.

  39. Here’s an idea, Peabody. You should add a Print button. In case you hadn’t though of that. Just sayin’.

    I mean seriously, how can you expect someome to make a cake without a Print button??

  40. WOW.. just WOW! for the time it took this b.. err.. person to write out in 14 paragraphs that there was no print button, she could have typed out the dang recipe or hand written it! GEEZZ!

    Don’t worry.. i’ll keep reading and baking your recipes with or without a paste button =) you rock! and i agree… that email would make the absolute best drinking ever!

  41. hahaha!! That has GOT to be a joke, right? I hope. And has she ever heard of copy/paste or … i dont know.. pen and paper? LOL :)

  42. At least you have something new to laugh at.
    Keep up the GREAT blog.

  43. I know you’re probably tied up with programming a print button on all your archived recipes and procuring printers to send to all your readers who don’t currently have one – but, I just wanted to know: how’s your leg?

    My apologies for the horrible run-on sentence above. Maybe I should have re-worded it to about 14 paragraphs…

  44. OMG! Tears are running down my face! What a flipping loser! Who does that? Who would write that much about a stinking PRINT BUTTON! Does this person have a life?

    Oh…and just so you know….I think your blog pretty much rocks!

  45. I couldn’t even read to the end of that mess. What in the world? Have they never learned the very basic copy and paste commands? Do they know how to use a word processor? Oh my goodness. I don’t even use print buttons. I copy & paste into a document so I can eliminate pictures and save ink. But, this poor person needs a laptop to be able to make your recipes. Oh dear.

  46. That.was.awesome. I hope to get such fantastic hate mail in the future. I think I need to send a plea to my readers…I’m sure there are a few things that keep me from being ‘a best blog’. I’ll have to start with staying out of prison and not bleeding my readers out of their hard-earned money if I can’t deliver the goods. :D

    Karma’s going to be after you, you print poor blogger!

    Hahahahaha. Awesome.

  47. Someone has too much time on their hands! If it is any consolation, even if you had a print button, I would still sit at my computer with pen and paper and copy it down!!! I am an old fashioned type gal and I like your blog!

  48. In the time it took her to write that email she could have copied and pasted every recipe you’ve ever posted into Word. Where there is….. *gasp* a print button.

  49. This has GOT to be a joke! Are you kidding me? I’ve got to print this. Do you have a print button? Bwahahaha!!! xo a fellow blogger who got a real kick out of this

  50. That is just hilarious! Is this person 8? I’m pretty sure that is how my 8 year old would have written a letter, focusing with childlike persistance on the print button. Haven’t they ever heard of copy and paste? I do it all the time- because most of the blogs I follow don’t have print buttons and the ones that do don’t have them in a format that I prefer.


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