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First just want to say that I am pretty sure the person that wrote the email is real. They have an AOL address and an IP from Florida. In the words of my future mother-in-law she is probably a little on the senior side. Which is fine but may explain the repetitiveness (I hope). I do get some weird emails from time to time my other favorite is the man that asked for nude photos of me and of course the Refund Muffin. If you have never read those you probably should. Also yes, we have made the email a drinking game which can do some serious damage. So if you want that play at home version you will have to copy and paste that…as there is no print button for the email. What can I say…I’m not a best blog. 

Second let’s talk about best blogs for a second. No, I’m not going to list my favorite blogs. I am going to talk a bit about what people think being a professional blogger is like. For the record I am not a professional blogger. I don’t make enough money at blogging to call myself that. Heck I didn’t make enough blogging last month to pay for the food blogger conference I went too. :) On a FB group page I belong to for bloggers the Gluten-Free Doctor posted a story about a blogger who was stepping back. You can read it here. But it was very thought provoking.

Having just come back from a conference there were a ton of people who want to make food blogging their profession let’s address what blogging really entails. First off an foremost almost everyone thinks we must make something and throw it up on the blog. Ahahahaha, yeah no. There is a very small percentage of bloggers like that and those are the ones not really out there to have an audience…they are normally just doing it for their friends and family.

At the very least I spend 15-20 hours a week on my blog….and that is when I was working full time. I was running myself into the ground and making myself not really want to bake/cook (mostly because of the fact I baked for my other job). MDP was in awe of all the cooking I did this last week due to getting my cooking/baking mojo back. Yes, he is very happy about that, not so happy about the loss of income portion, but everything is balance. But now that I have the time to run the blog and last week I spent a little over 40 hours. Probably the same for this week.

For it’s not just making the food. It’s deciding what to make. Making it. Styling it. Photographing it. Editing the photographs. Writing something to go with the recipe (which can be super hard). Sending it off in to the blog world. Promoting it in the blog world. Twitter. Pinning. Facebooking. Email (I get about 30 a day most I get back to some get buried and I’m sorry about that). Oh and if I am lucky I have time to go and read some of the blogs I consider “best blogs”. And let me just say if you are a mom blogger I am in extra awe of you. I know that I only have teens every other weekend and every Wednesday but they do things during the week that we go to so I really don’t know how you all do it! Amazing I tell you! I do however get to do most of my work in sweats or pj’s though…so that’s a bonus. :P

These rolls are a good example. My foot is feeling better (hopefully the Ortho will say I can drive on Thursday) and so I threw caution to the wind and made a recipe that took a little time…though in reality not a lot of standing time. But just the prep work and rising time for these is you know a little over 3 hours before it goes in the fridge…then 4 hours or longer in fridge. Then a 45 minute rise after they are made into rolls. Then baking. Then glazing. Then photos. You get my point and just this one little post took about 8 hours. People just don’t really get that. :) So 8 hours of love coming at ya!

Nonetheless these are some yummy rolls that if you have the time you should make…they are very fall and it is well fall. The brioche itself is yummy but be warned you don’t really taste the pumpkin in the bread which is why I added it to the rolls. If you want more of a pumpkin pie flavor then add pumpkin pie spice to the puree mix.

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  1. These would make for an amazing breakfast!

  2. Blogging is a lot of work- and that’s coming from someone who blogs just when I feel like it! Even though, it’s a hassle… but I love to share recipes. People are funny. I’m glad you share those emails so we can all get a laugh….

  3. You crack me up, Peabody. I hope you get the go ahead to drive on Thursday!

  4. Blogging is a lot of work. I hardly have time to bake because of school and studying and just life, and then when I do bake something, lately it has just fallen apart and I just want to cry. Litterally, I tried to make scones the other day and I couldn’t get the dough to come together and then all of a sudden I got a brick, so I had to throw 2 1/3 cups of flour, 6 tbsp butter, 6 tbsp heavy cream, and 1/4 cup of sugar in the trash. I’m starting to lose my faith, but I will keep on trucking.

    I applause you and your super baking power. Each day this week you have come out with a new recipe and I seriously have no idea where you get the time. Everything looks delicious and so amazing. You are a true super-blog-woman and to me you are considered one of “the best blogs.” Seriously, when I see you have added something new I automatically click on your link, even if I’m behind on every other blog I follow. You are just too funny and real to just skip over. Even if you don’t have a print button :P

  5. I’ve been doing a blog with my sister now for just over a year and probably spend about 10 hours a week on it (not counting the actual bake-time). I do it for fun and as a way for me to track my favorite recipes. I am in awe of people who have been blogging for years and can still come up with fresh ideas for posts. Your blog is one of my favorites. I love your crazy email people. :)

  6. You certainly rank as one of my favorite blogs. When I read it I always feel like I would love to get a beer and talk story with you because you really seem like a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day there will be a CCbP book – recipes and crazy emails included.

    I have been trying to get back to my little blog. I do it just for fun and so that my family and friends can find a recipe if they need to. I would love to be better at it but you are so right when you talk about the hours you can invest in it. I find the photography the hardest, and then coming up with what to say. Unfortunately I live too far away to attend any blogging conferences so that I could learn a bit more.

  7. Holy crap, those look awesome.

    I spent a period of time where I tried to blog frequently, when I was also running a craft website and having kids and working full time. It’s so flipping hard to come up with things to write about and photograph when you’re trying to do it four times a week.

  8. Hello Pea, Yes, I know how much work you’d have to put in to run your blog. I was never that dedicated to bake for the blog. I loved getting comments and having my blog friends. But if you are a lazy baker like me, I know I have no chance in being a best blog or making any money from it! To do as many posts as you do requires real inspiration and dedication.
    But I love to read your adventures what ever they are. Really, Pea, just rotate your tires, take some snaps, and I would happily read about it! The baking is a bonus.
    By the way, the pumpkin brioche you did way back in 2007 was the first time I became a Pea fan! The recipe is excellent.

  9. Delicious buns!

    Bloggers get weird e-mails, but I’ve not had any like yours (yet)… ;-P Crazy!



  10. Love this for so many reasons, I wish people realized that blogging actually requires work and time and thought.

    SO love that quote lol.

  11. I went back and read your Nude Photos post and your Refuns Muffin post. It reminded me, truly, of the kinds of things people use to say to me when I worked in the public library system. One older gentleman told me I’d be PERFECT for his son. . .and the divorce would be final in 7 months!

    Anyway, love your blog! (Even though there’s no print button. :) )

  12. I went back and read your Nude Photos post and your Refund Muffin post. It reminded me, truly, of the kinds of things people use to say to me when I worked in the public library system. One older gentleman told me I’d be PERFECT for his son. . .and the divorce would be final in 7 months!

    Anyway, love your blog! (Even though there’s no print button. :) )

  13. You are my “go to” blog when I am looking for an unusual recipe.

  14. I definitely think you are a “best blog” and I love your stories and recipes.

    I do blog for a living, and it’s surprising how many people think I don’t really “work” and am available to babysit, run errands for them and just be on call in general. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day I know there is a whole community who does “get it”, so it is what it is I guess.

    The most overwhelming part for ME isn’t the work involved, but the social aspect. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest….ugh. That is the part I most often step away from because I feel SO bombarded.

    And don’t even get me started on emails. But you already know that ;)

    Of course, I love what I do and I know you do too…but it’s definitely work.

  15. I loved the print problem for that woman. I had someone leave a comment yesterday where she proceeded to tell me she liked the post and the recipe; but, wanted me to revisit the “comma rules” from school. That I use too many COMMAS. Love it.

    On a side note, (nice comma) I was just thinking about pumpkin roll sort of baking. These sound wonderful and I am all about brioche style baking. Thank you for feeding me this morning!!

  16. Love discovering new recipes for the pumpkin season. I also have Brioche molds sitting in my pantry, unused.

  17. I say you MUST be a best-blog since YOU ARE THE FIRST BLOG I CHECK when I have time to check! I routinely hit email first, then possibly a recipe collection website to which I belong….but as blogs go, YOU ARE #1!!! SO THERE, take THAT, you crazy email people…..

  18. I really enjoy your blog. Yours is the first and sometimes the only food blog I check out of yhe 10 foodie blogs I’m subscribed to. You always make me laugh, and your food always looks awesome!! Unfortunately some folks live in a really small world. Thanks for sharing the story and showing the world the right way to handle unwanted advice. I adore bread and will have to make this recipe sometime soon!

  19. This recipe looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to give it a try. Beautiful photos, too. Thanks for sharing – blogging is a busy business!

    Readers may prefer to use fresh homemade pumpkin puree instead of the processed kind. Here’s how: http://cookingripe.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/homemade-pumpkin-puree/

  20. Love your blog and the recipes… Now, I have a question… Am I getting 6 buns or 8 buns from the recipe you posted? It seems like you want us to roll the 12 inch wide end up to make a thick 12 inch roll which would cut into about 6 rolls 2 inches high. Am I correct or just missing something. Thanks for your input.

  21. @Aaron- sorry about that. You will get 6 if you make the large buns. I used the full batch of brioche and so I got more buns.

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