A Day Late and…

I always seem to be a day behind on everything. Heck when I found out that Ryan Reynolds just married Blake Lively I was like when were they dating? I try not to follow what Ryan is doing because it was my understanding that while I am getting married Ryan was to be staying at home pining away for me never to love another. I was quite sure he was sitting there day in and day out crying and making a voodoo doll of my fiancé. So imagine my surprise when I read that he had gotten married. And when I looked it up they had been dating for quite some time. And just today when looking up how to spell Blake Lively I found out that Blake is pregnant and it’s Ryan’s. Umm, Ryan, we need to talk. You are not living up to your part of the bargain here buddy. :)

Another thing I was behind on was National Coffee Day. It was yesterday. I saw it on Twitter. I live in the city of the perpetual buzz I kind of needed to celebrate National Coffee Day. So while a day late I decided to make something to honor that.

If you have ever made a chocolate pound cake they tend to run dry. I was discussing this with someone who runs a bakery and she said, oh then I have the recipe for you. She promised that it would not be dry. And while I agree it is not I’m not totally sure I would categorize it pound cake. But what’s in a name? What I did get was a moist chocolate cake that was quite yummy.

I love Mexican coffee with its hints of cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla and decided that is what I would adapt her cake too. I baked them in paper tube pans that I found that a reader once sent to me. I went that route because I need to give them away (since apparently I owe Ryan a wedding gift…cheater). If you bake them in paper you might want to adjust the baking time a little as I had to bake this longer than indicated.

Off to read about other stuff I clearly know nothing about!


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  1. I feel the same way about Mike Rowe. He has been living with a woman for years and won’t come live with me.

  2. You’re my hero

  3. This cake looks delicious. Well done.

  4. Welcome to my world. I always have good intentions – especially when it comes to National Coffee Day – but I did not get my act together until today as well. I am kind of worried that I did knew about the Reynolds/Lively wedding but not that National Coffee Day was coming up. Seriously, where are my priorities?

    Love your pound cake. I really like the last photo because it looks like nothing could contain that chocolatey goodness and it just had to escape over the side of the container.

  5. I love the little paper tube pans. They are so cute and whoever created them should get some kind of award…or recognition… I dunno, something.

    Happy belated National Coffee Day :)

  6. Don’t even start me on Matthew McConaughey and his model wife!

    That cake looks amazing & delicious – I need to start prioritizing my baking.

  7. My best friend and I didn’t know they were dating either. Apparently we are also out of the loop. And in this post you have just broken the news to me that she is pregnant. I’m crushed.

  8. I missed the Ryan Reynolds boat too! I was n to of coffee day though :)

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