Do You Believe In Magic…

It’s October and I’m ecstatic! It’s my favorite month of the year. We had a high of 70 today but starting tomorrow it’s supposed to dip down to the high 50’s and I can’t wait. Oh sure I am going to freeze my butt off at the JV soccer game but that just means blankets and snuggling…and it for sure means baking!

Since it’s been awhile…the good, the bad, and the Meh:

The Good:

Thanks to Bake at 350 for finding the Print Button Post so humorous and sending some readers my way! I’ll admit I am still getting over the sting of not being a best blog. :P Welcome. And speaking of Bake at 350…she’s got a cookbook coming out Decorating Cookies: 60+ Designs for Holidays, Celebrations & Everyday. If you have never seen Bridget’s blog it’s adorable (as is she). She got the decorating gene that skipped my generation. Her cookies are too cute.

The foot is on the mend. And while I won’t be getting to start back to hockey right away the sheer ability to drive is wonderful…and crappy all the same. I swear today was National Drive Like Crap and Piss Peabody Off Day. And since they have a day for everything that probably does exist. It’s probably National Hamster Awareness Day and Love Your Neighbor Day as well and no one told me. :)

A generous reader decided to donate to me so that I can pick up some of the baking books I am coveting. This is the sweetest gesture and of course one that will benefit you all as well.

The Bad:

Still no NHL Hockey and still no hockey for Peabody to play.

I made the stupid mistake of going back and reading through my journal last night when I had insomnia. All was fine up until I started to read where I journaled about my divorce. And of course I couldn’t stop from reading it. So that kind of sucked.

The Meh:

All of my Targets are officially out of Candy Corn Oreos and I can’t seem to find the Pumpkin Marshmallows. Why must I be stuck with the inferior Targets darn it all.

I watched Carrie Underwood True Life Story last night on VH-1. We are like the same person. Except I look nothing like her, sing so poorly my dog howls, she has millions, and weighs about what my left elbow does. BUT she did have a buff colored cocker spaniel growing up and is married to a hockey player. So see we are totally the same person. Though I rarely let Jesus Take the Wheel because last time he got me a speeding ticket. :P

So that’s the un-excitement going on in my little world. Hopefully you are as excited about fall baking as I am! Welcome October!

Oh yeah, these bars. These bars were seen on Bakers Royale. Which is a site to swoon for. It was her take on 7 Layer Magic Bars. I loved the idea but wanted to change some things and decided to make them for myself. I got rid of the graham crackers and used gingersnaps. Got rid of the apples all together. Used walnuts instead of almonds. Used white chocolate and butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. And HAVE MERCY these things are seriously good. I mean I put it in my mouth and could not believe how good they were good. If you are a pumpkin lover get to the store. Make these. Now.

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  1. Wow that really does look like a great bar :) I’m so happy it’s October. It’s finally fall baking time! :)

    This is something totally random but I’m sharing it anyways, I left my room to go talk to my roommate for a few minutes and when I came back I found out I had a missed call. I checked the area code and it was from Seattle, Washington. I was a total nerd and for a moment hoped it was you that somehow got my number and decided to call me, but then I realized that’s probably not possible… but I thought it was kind of worth sharing. See, you are so awesome that your readers get a little fangirl like when a missed call happens to be from your area and they think it’s you :P

  2. I too love the fall and the cold weather and have a national drive like crap and piss Jackie off day…….just about every day! These bars look great. I have a can of dulce de leche that eaglebrand milk makes and I bet that would taste great in place of the condensed milk too. By the way, I remember voting for you as best blog not long ago, so you must have a best blog:) I think so anyway. I think you’re a great story teller and the way you write seems so genuine – unlike some of the other so-called “best blogs”.

  3. It is still way to warm here. Stupid winter storms to the north are cancelling our trade winds :( Yes, I know stop whining – lucky I live Hawaii yada, yada,yada. I just want it to be cooler so I can at least not melt in a puddle in the kitchen when baking.

    These certainly look like magic bars. The kind that will magically disappear from the counter as soon as they are cool enough to eat. And for the record, I am sure that Carrie Underwood has nothing on you in the baking department, and she is totally jealous of that.

  4. I love October too! Cool enough to snuggle but not cold enough to have a sense of humour failure!

    Love the look of those bars. :)

  5. You need to get your hands on the milky way caramel apple candy bars. Hopefully your Target carries those!

  6. Oh, thank you so much for the sweet shout-out! I am STILL laughing over that post! As a matter of fact, my aunt emailed me yesterday and asked, “is that for REAL?!?” ;) Haha!

    These bars look FAN-tastic!

  7. I have just been combing my cookbooks for a pumpkin recipe that is a little different. I made pumpkin biscotti yesterday and I am looking for a way to use up my extra pumpkin. this recipe is the answer otomy prayers — and contains my some of my favorites: gingersnaps, pumpkin and coconut. What more could a girl want?! Thank you…..

  8. Yay for pumpkin recipes! I also love fall and I think that the abundance of pumpkin stuff is one of the reasons.

  9. Helen in CA says:

    My Target has no CC Oreos either……let alone pumpkin marshmallows.

    Boo. (and NOT the Halloween kind either!) After hearing you talk about them….I want to try them!

  10. Hi!

    Just made these, but I have a question. Mine definitely did not set up enough to remove from the pan in 35 minutes of baking. Are they supposed to firm up in the fridge? Or am I missing something? I am about to throw them back in the oven, but I wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem…

  11. @Ashley- yes they will firm up more in the fridge. Which is why you have to wait to cut them in the fridge. Every oven is different though so you may need them in there a little longer. They are like cheesecake where they need standing time to firm up and then firm up more in fridge.

  12. Peabody!! You’re in NHL hockey misery too?!?! It’s killing me! I, too, have been baking and reading….and watching baseball and football. Doesn’t compare though.

  13. I do! I do! As long as I can have some of those bars! They look great!

  14. Going to make this tomorrow for a ladies meeting at church! Can’t wait….everytime I make your recipes I make sure to print your recipes for people b/c I always get asked for them! :)

  15. gabrielle says:

    Got a batch of these babies in the oven!! Hope the husband and kids like them, I am sure they will!

  16. I have these in the oven now-yum! I noticed that the inspiration recipe (I like the ingredients in yours much better!) called for a 9x13pan and this says 8×8. Do you think it would work in a 9×13?

  17. @Nancy- You might have to cut the baking time down

  18. Made this recipe last night and LOVED it. Seriously, one of the best, love all of the flavors, especially the ginger snap crust. I recommend cutting back on the butter a bit – seems like 6 tbspns would have been enough. Everything was swimming in it, even after baking, so I wasn’t sure it would set up. Chilling it definitely helped, but some of the butter pooled and hardened. Otherwise, perfect fall recipe!!

  19. You say these are seriously good. OK. I am making them for the first time for our Pumpkinfest (our annual pumpkin carving party). I’ll let you know later how they went over.

  20. I snagged 10 bags of pumpkin chips from Walmart that I found on clearance for $1 bag and was trying to find a recipe to try them in and I found it. Oh my Gosh these are delicious. I took the advice of Cassie and cut back the butter by a couple tablespoons and substituted the white chocolate chips for the pumpkin chips. I was planning on just making one batch for game night but knew after the first taste they wouldn’t last so made another batch. I should have made three since they didn’t make it half way through the night.


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