Cider House Rules..

We sure did do a quick turnaround in temperature around these parts (in the upper 50’s for a high)…my hands are freezing as I type this. But I’ll take it! It was so chilly today that I busted out the hot apple cider…which meant once opened I needed to do something with the cider. Enter this pound cake.

Our weather has been exceptional lately…which isn’t a common phrase used in the Seattle area much. :) The kind where the sun is out but it’s still cool enough to do whatever activity you see fit. And of course that great autumn chill in the morning that just awakens my soul.

Since I live in Washington State there is no shortage of apple products, I am lucky that a local orchard makes its own Honey Crisp Cider that I have down right become addicted to. Which is hard because it sells out quickly and unlike candy you can hide a gallon of cider in a drawer. Well I guess you could try but that just screams trouble.

It resulted in a quite yummy pound cake with a sticky but equally yummy caramel glaze. I would not skip the glaze because by definition skipping caramel in anything should be outlawed. Not an overpowering apple taste but I wasn’t going for that.

Off to freeze at JV soccer…but lucky for me I have someone to keep me warm. ;)

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  1. omgee. that pound cake looks amazing! (drool)

  2. Awesomesauce! I have recipe for something very similar. Now I’ll have to look and see much our minds think alike :-) looks yummy!

  3. Wow — I’m drooling! I don’t have shortening or cider cause if I did, I’d be baking this right now ;)

  4. Oh this looks beyond good! Love the sticky cider glaze!

  5. oh my that does look yummy.
    perhaps some of that limited freezer space needs to be taken up w/ honey crisp cider?

  6. A gorgeous cake!



  7. This cake might literally be the most exciting thing that happens to me today. And that’s not so bad.

  8. FYI – you can freeze cider. My neighbor is an apple farmer – he freezes it prior to sale most of the winter!

  9. Of course I passed by the cider this week. I will make sure not to make that same mistake twice!

  10. Holy Moly! That looks delicious. I have one son that is WILD about apple everything. He will especially love it!

  11. oh my yum!!!!! Our temps are still in the upper 90s….ugh, I’m so over it! Craving Fall desserts like crazy!!

  12. This + your cookies and cream hot chocolate = bring on the rain and cold and winter! I now have the tools with which to handle any cold that might come my way. ^_^

  13. I don’t have vanilla paste… would straight vanilla extract work?

  14. Yes vanilla extract will work

  15. I loved this recipe and included it in an apple cider round up on my blog. Thanks for making and sharing this, it sounds fabulous! If you’d like to see the round up it’s here

  16. I was wondering if peeling & slicing some apples thinly & putting them on the top would work? Honey crisp of course! :)

  17. Could probably work…only one way to find out

  18. barbara belcher says:

    That looks so delicious !!!!

  19. Oh my goodness! I think I have to make this cake this weekend!

  20. Loving this delicious looking fall bread! Perfect with a warm beverage!

  21. Oh my god ! That looks so delicious !!!

  22. So, I’m not a big cook – a fact that will become self evident in this comment – but I believe I’ve just learned that a tube pan is very different from a loaf pan? I thought this was a recipe for a single pound cake in a regular size loaf pan and an hour later it’s still overflowing in my oven :S

  23. Yes a tube pan is not a loaf pan it’s bout double the size


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