I once worked for a principal who had a habit of making up words. The general consensus was that she was trying to sound smarter than she was. The students mock her behind her back…and yes, even the staff did. So much so that we made Bingo cards that we would use in the staff meetings. Try not to judge too much it helped pass the time. Plus the winner got free drinks at Happy Hour on pay day Fridays. :)

So when I was making this cake all I could think of was the word Boo-riffic. Which of course is not a word but it is to me. And well it’s my blog and now that I have a print button I can do whatever I want. Because print buttons give you and excuse to rule the blog world…to be the best blog!!! Anyway… I’ve made these little meringue ghosts pretty much every Halloween but this time I decided I needed to put them on top of a cake.

Staring at my bag of peanut butter cups I decided that I needed to make a buttercream frosting out of them. And this cake was born. The ghost come into play as I am quite sure you could die from overload with eating this cake: chocolate chip cake layers, peanut butter cup butter cream, peanut butter cups, Oreos and ganache. It’s super-cra-olistic (hopefully that’s on your made up word Bingo card).

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  1. OMG that sounds so rich. Did you use black food coloring in the ganache? It looks so dark.

  2. @Carrie- no, just a little adjustment in photo editing.

  3. I’m one of those weirdos that doesn’t really like chocolate, but whatever photo manip you did on the ganache is making me want to lick the screen. I think that qualifies you for Best Blog! Plus the ghosts are freaking cute.

  4. Ok, you were right. I’m pretty sure I just gained about 5 pounds just looking at this magnificent masterpiece of cake. It looks incredible. If I got a slice I’ve got to admit that I would keep the little ghosties as a souvenir because they are so gosh darn cute! I love them :)

  5. I love the little ghosts and that peanut buttery (it’s a technical term) cakey killer thing under them. I wouldn’t like any of it, though, if you didn’t have a print button!

  6. The cake looks incredible, but I must make those ghosts ASAP! I have 4 egg whites in my fridge and my kids love meringues!!

  7. Definitely boo-riffic!

  8. I think that is the craziest concoction I’ve ever seen you deliver to date! It looks sinfully delicious and I’m going to have to jump on your crazy train and make it in your honor.

    ** But only because you have a “print” button.

  9. Holy crapolla!! The ghosts on top are too stinking cute to start off with, and then the contents of that cake in mind blowing!

  10. The made up word that came to my mind was diaobesity – a more severe form of both conditions..and maybe worthwhile for this cake.

  11. YUUUUUMMMMYYY! This recipe looks like the kind of sin I need in my life. WOWZA sister! The only way I could ever come up with something this amazing is if I went on a diet because thats when I come up with my best ideas. But you can see how that ends up being a lose lose situation. ;p

  12. Christine says:

    naughty stuff there….. I like it!

  13. This is so out of control…PERFECT! So glad you gave that print button to have the very best blog like Ree. Do you know her? ;)

  14. Boo!-yah! I think I’m going to use that PB buttercream on everything. Well, maybe not Brussel Sprouts. And please feel free to share this tip with your readers, especially that mean lady. Your lovely new print button can also be used to save directly and paperlessly to ones computer. Just hit the print button, but instead of hitting print, copy all (control + a) and paste into a new word document. It works beautifully.

  15. any changes i should make if i use low suger sweeteners

  16. @derek – I have no idea. I don’t use low sugar sweeteners in any way.

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