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I avoid politics like the plague on here, with the exception of the time when Palin kept visiting hockey teams and accidently injuring players (which I didn’t complain about her politics I complained that she was injuring players). And I’m not one to get into them here today. I am a firm believer that as long as you stick to your convictions and you are respectful of those who do not believe in the same thing as you then you are alright in my book.

I did not watch the debate. It’s not that I don’t care what they have to say, it’s because I know it’s all a dog and pony show where both sides make a lot of promises that will never come to fruition. I’m not a registered Democrat or Republican for that matter (in my state you don’t have to designate) but when I did have to designate I chose the Whig party…just cause.

But when I was on Twitter I started to notice a ton of comments about Big Bird and that Romney was evicting him and that made me hit the web for research. I grew up with PBS. It’s where I learned to count with the Count and to this day can hear his voice in my head if I count up anything. :) I learned right from wrong on Sesame street. I learned how to treat friends. I learned my colors and the letter and number of the day. All in an entertaining way. Plus my mom loved it because a bowl of cereal and Sesame Street meant down time for her. :P

As I got older I learned to cook from Martin Yan “if Yan can cook, so can you” and Julia Child as well. I learned to paint from Bob Ross and his “happy trees”. My poor parents for a while received a lot oil paintings with happy trees for a lot of holiday and birthdays. :D And the science nerd in me loved to watch NOVA.

So I will admit that while most things don’t tend to shock me in politics I was taken aback by this to say the least. I couldn’t imagine my childhood without PBS. And as corny as it sounds I think in a lot of ways I am a better person from growing up with PBS. I was the nerd in high school who had a KAET (the Phoenix PBS station) I am a friend bumper sticker on my car because I gave money every year…as a teenager.

So these cookie cups go out to you Cookie Monster since I may have to start sending you care packages as you might be out of job soon buddy. :(

I made these for the hockey team (or first game back) and they were a big hit. They were gone in the blink of an eye and I got quite a few OMG’s. If you can’t find the Candy Corn Oreo’s which is actually hard at this point you can just use a Golden Oreo instead.

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  1. Those bites look great! I love the idea.



  2. These are so cute and yummy looking!!

    I agree about PBS. I have been looking forward to Sesame Street with this new baby. :( And what about America’s Test Kitchen? I need that show in my life!!

  3. I have two young boys so I often have the Super Why theme song in my head. I really don’t want to have to watch super heros all the time.

    I really need to watch for these candy corn Oreos next year as they sound amazing.

  4. With the popularity of Sesame Street, all the food shows, the BBC rebroadcasts, etc., I have no doubt that PBS will live on and on, regardless of what government funding is or is not available. My Mom ALWAYS backed our local PBS station faithfully. (I think it was the fishing and BBC shows that solidified that action!) I’m not really sure I understand why they should get funding from anywhere but the “public” anyway. Isn’t that the point of the name? Regardless, I have much faith in their continued success!!

    I didn’t bother with the debate either. I think most have their minds made up anyway. Your dog-and-pony-show description made me laugh! Once a politician, always a politician???

    Um…do you lay awake at night figuring out new ways for us to gain weight?!?!?!? I may have to make these just to say I did…..and then GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!!!

  5. Can vanilla extract be substituted for vanilla bean paste?

  6. I didn’t watch the debate either for similar reasons. Yummy cookie cups though!

  7. Christine says:

    Recipe looks decadent and awesome!!

    I find it hard to believe that people are all up in arms about Sesame Street. If you want the show and the network to live on.. donate people! We don’t need to continue borrowing money to fund it….

  8. @Sherin – you can sub vanilla extract for bean paste.

  9. Love this dessert…looks super tasty! And love the color surprise on the inside. :)

  10. These are the cutest cookies. :)

  11. I love that you did them in muffin tins. Viva la Big Bird!

  12. Yum Yum Yum!


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