Love is…

Growing up my parents had these drinking glasses with two naked cartoon characters on it. I would always giggle when I would get that cup. It came from a comic strip called Love is…. Each cup had the naked couple doing something quite innocent and would say something along the lines of Love is…accepting that no one is perfect. They were cute and as I got older I learned to love them…and steal them when I went off to college. :)

I learned over the years that the cups were a good reminder that the little things really do add up and while life can be complicated love should not be. Oh sure it can be hard at times as many people aren’t big on compromise but at the end of the day if it’s THAT hard to be together maybe you aren’t supposed to be. I am very fortunate that MDP and I while we have had hard times being together isn’t hard at all. Probably because we really appreciate the small things and try not to expect grandiose things from each other.

And with that I am going to do something I rarely do here…get mushy. My own version of Love is if you will.

Love is….

…cuddling and watching hockey together.

…holding my hand at public skate.

…doing the laundry 94.734% of the time.

…cooking with me.

…cooking for me (breakfast every weekend).

…helping me be a better hockey player.

…texting me every day when at work to tell me that you miss and love me.

…never taking stress out on me.

…making props for my food blog.

…keeping me warm when I am cold.

…singing 80’s songs with me in the car and not even noticing that I sound like I am beating a cat when I sing.

…moaning more than me when you eat something amazing.

…letting me steal your clothes.

…getting my tires rotated and changing my oil to keep my car safe.

…someone who accepts me completely and doesn’t try to change me…nor I him.

I could go on but you are probably vomiting at this point and vomit and a food blog don’t mix. :P

So I had posted the frozen whipped cream that I make for hot chocolate. A few people were interested in more flavors so I will put those up in the coming weeks as I am sure more cocoa will be made as the temperature decreases.

This here hot chocolate is really not that much chocolate. It’s actually cookies and cream ice cream melted down. I got the idea from our old neighbor who used to melt down chocolate ice cream and just mix it with water to make cocoa. Yeah, that was good hot chocolate. So I Googled and found that a lot of people do that. But for some reason they add like a stick of butter and a ton of sugar PLUS the ice cream and that seemed like a bit much. You can buy store bought if you want but I wanted very few ingredients in mine.

You technically don’t need to make the ice cream but I feel the churning really gives it an extra cream edge. When served MDP’s daughter told me she was always in awe of what I could do with food (or drink) so I am pretty sure it was a hit…since none was left. You could easily experiment with all types of ice cream to take your hot chocolate over the edge. Make it and serve it to the one you love.


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  1. This looks amazing! And, I love this post :)

  2. Mushy is good..I remember those LOVE IS..I’m 58 would your parents be about that?:)

    You make a cute cute couple.

  3. Judy Johanson says:

    I’m sure the hot chocolate is wonderful. I think the two of you are..and this post brought tears. Love you both

  4. It sounds like to me that you are in a very happy place:D

  5. I am so glad that you seem so happy :-)

  6. I have never heard of melting down ice cream and adding it to water to make hot chocolate. It seems so simple yet so awesome at the same time. But it seems like it would be too liquidy… I dunno. MDP’s daughter is right. It’s amazing what you can create with just a few ingredients and a creative mind.

    P.S. That’s a really nice picture of you and MDP :)

  7. Awwww… this is such an adorable post! And the hot chocolate looks pretty tasty too.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. You guys are adorable! Mushy is okay, once in a while :)
    And this looks so delicious too~

    Thanks for always sharing your wisdom, and mad cooking skills :D

  9. I bet that’s good hot chocolate – I’m gonna make the hubs some :-) my mom had two posters on our dining room wall one was a love is poster and the other said “friends are the peanut butter on the jelly of life” ahhhh the memories of that dining room (we never ate there we did things like had friends over and made chocolates)

  10. Awe, so sweet. As I was reading your list I was making my own ‘love is’ list in my head. Love is great! I feel blessed every day to have found it.

  11. Awwww, what a cute post, Peabody. And the hot chocolate looks pretty darn good too!

  12. Cool drink idea, and sweet list. :)

  13. Great post. My husband and I would love this.

  14. My grandmother, who I remember as a child had a box-style garment bag FULL of clipped UPC codes and the like for all those little contests products offered for “Free with proof of purchase”, also clipped newspaper columns for folks who might be interested in them, and clipped the Love Is… cartoons. I’m not sure why she did, since her husband was long since passed, but somehow I inherited them. Probably a hundred little cartoons from the newspaper all with different scenes. When I met my husband, our relationship was long distance at first and I sent him a different little Love Is… cartoon with every letter. Such fond memories! :)

  15. D’awwww! Aren’t you two just the cutest?! And isn’t this hot chocolate just the prettiest? Looks fantastic!

  16. Great post and great recipe!

  17. @Lydia- OMG! I Love that story that is too sweet.

  18. I cannot wait to try this. my kids I care for and myself will LOVE IT

  19. Oooh, I’ve been hooked on the idea of this hot chocolate ever since I first saw the photo on Fridgg! I’ve never had hot chocolate made from ice cream before, and I really like the chocolate-rimmed mug. It’s supposed to rain in LA the rest of this week, so that should be a perfect excuse to try this… ^_^

  20. please forgive my ignorance . . . the recipe says Oreo Frozen Whipped Cream Circles. what is that? I can’t wait to try out this recipe! thanks!!!

  21. Nichole Jackson says:

    This was good but way too sweet with the ice cream and choc chips. Nobody would drink it but me, not even my husband who lives for sweet things.

  22. Myrtice Stevens says:

    Thank you so much for the story. It makes the drink so much better than what i always have before. From now on, every time i have a cream hot chocolate, your love story will be the first thing come up to my mind.


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