About as random as you can get….

I was having writers block (still am) and insomnia from the Sudafed and so I thought I would just write random crap since I have had this recipe ready for days but nothing to go along with it.

I think I am going to put my dog on DogShaming.com. She has a serious used Kleenex problem. She used to try and hide it like all good closet snot eating dogs should but NO she has gotten so brazen that she really doesn’t care if we are standing right there.

I had a college moment today where the machine was down and I needed gas or else I wasn’t going anywhere. So I had to scavenger my car for money. Just a little over $6 in change. I felt like a moron paying the guy mostly in nickels but hey, it is what it is buddy. I had the slight need to punch him when he suggested that I only get $5 something in gas and buy a lotto ticket with a spare dollar.

After months of searching I finally found Key Lime Pie Vodka…pretty much about as yummy as expected. Now I am wishing I never found it. :P

Oh and I found Pumpkin Pie too. That has yet to be touched…but don’t you worry, I’m sure something will be done about that. :D

I made it out of Target for under $30…I get some sort of award for that right?

I found an old mix tape when cleaning the other day. I listened to some depressing music as a teenager it’s a wonder I made it out alive. My friends too…we all listened to it.

My very pretty blue background was made by MDP and his daughter who was nice enough to paint it for me. I love helpers.

Don’t run a blog about your family talking about how poor you are that you aren’t going to have Christmas and you can’t afford to feed your kids or throw them a birthday party (they are two make them a cake and be done) but just a week and a half before take pictures of the new clothing you bought they young kids and Sparkly Blue Tom’s shoes for yourself that cost $50. Then get donations from people so that you can still throw the party. Ummm, here’s a crazy idea if you really are struggling skip the party and I don’t know feed your kids. Because I am going to guess that sparkly Tom’s shoes don’t taste very good.

This pound cake is pretty darn tasty. If you have pecans throw some in it. I didn’t have any so they got left out. But I think they would have gone nicely with the cake. MDP polished off a mini loaf in the blink of an eye…so apparently he thought it was good.

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  1. Yum. I can’t even begin with how amazing this looks!

  2. I like when you post the random stuff; it’s funny :)

    The pumpkin cake looks great! I have already made more pumpkin recipes in the past few weeks than I did all of fall last year, and I still have another 15 oz can to use. Maybe I’ll save that for Novemeber :)

  3. Love all the randomness. Next time I’d love for you to tell tales and post names so we can all go “help” that poor misguided soul with the new Toms! And the cake looks great.

  4. Love pumpkin and maple! This sounds amazing together :) But where on earth can I find vanilla bean paste? I would love to make this!

  5. @Lori you can either just use vanilla extract or you can buy it on Amazon.com Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste – 4 oz.

    Some grocery stores carry it as well.

  6. If it makes you feel any better my dog also loves used tissues – and has absolutely no shame about it.

    This review is definitely going to be made ths week.

  7. My dog loves used tissues too. I think it’s a fetish for dogs. We keep all the bathroom waste baskets on the tank, so she can’t reach them but sometimes she still gets some.
    Your pound cake looks delicious. I don’t have vanilla paste but I’ll try making it with regular vanilla.

  8. Agreed – on all counts. This looks yummy!

  9. Ooh, if I read that blog, I’d give her a piece of my mind! That sort of thing pisses me off sooo much! I have family members who’re constantly complaining about not being able to afford things for their kids, or even pay bills, but they buy themselves new clothes/shoes/bags & smoke [more than one thing] & drink & go out almost every weekend with their friends. /facepalm

  10. Oh yeah, & our little dog Pip has taken to raiding the bathroom trash for used pads. GROOOSSS!

  11. @Peabody – thank you very much!

  12. That glaze is calling my name. I’m half-tempted to buy some pound cake at the store and just make the glaze. It sounds crazy good! :D

  13. @allison- yeah the glaze in general would be good on anything

  14. My bundt cake is in the oven right now! I’m so excited!

  15. First, toms do not look like they are worth $50… They may be the best shoes in the world, but seriously, don’t look worth it.
    Ew, your dog eats snot.
    I can’t keep change in my car or the local homeless people break in. Last time they stole my chap stick too. I was pissed!
    Out of Target in under $30 is amazing. You only get a prize if you don’t go back within the next 5 days to pick up anything you forgot or that caught your eye while you were in there. ;)

  16. Omg this cake was ahhhh mazing! I served it at a little bible study tonight and everyone loved it. The glaze was awesome but I don’t think I let it set long enough before putting it on the cake. It kind of rolled right off. I think I let it get a little thicker next time.
    Btw getting out of target for under 100 is a huge success in my book! Love the blog. Keep it up!

  17. I never get out of Target for less than $50, unless I try to use cash. Then I am really good!

    I think I would find about $0.11 in my car if I needed cash.

  18. I have this recipe in the oven right now! I am topping it this time with a buttercream pumpkin frosting, just because I wanted to use the last of the pumpkin. I will def try the maple drizzle next time!

  19. Loved this pound cake, especially a day later. The glaze made it even better. Thanks for posting!
    And by the way, LOVED the print button:)

  20. About how much chopped pecans should I use? This sounds so good and I have pumpkin baking to use. Thanks for all of your great recipes and stories.


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