Twelve years ago…

I don’t think much about my mother’s cancer these days. Once a year when getting my boobs squashed is about when I think of it. Well more like the waiting around to hear if I need to come back for anything. See my mom found out through a mammogram twelve years ago that she had breast cancer. Twelve years ago a lot of things changed.

Twelve years ago my mother told cancer to go f&%* itself. Twelve years ago my mother decided to make it a positive in her life instead of a negative. Twelve years ago my mother became more of an amazing person than I already thought she was…and that’s hard to do. Twelve years ago my mother became my hero.

It’s funny what memories we keep from childhood. Mine is bubble gum ice cream. I loved the stuff (though when I eat it now I have no idea why). But I would always laugh because my mother would be beyond disgusted at how we would all spit our gums balls out of the ice cream and save them for later. Which in retrospect was a horrible idea as you ended up eating napkin covered spit covered gum balls. My mom would go so far as to promise to just buy me a bag full of gum balls if I would order another flavor and not subject her to seeing me spit gum balls into a napkin. I eventually caught on.

When I decided to make lollipops for Breast Cancer Awareness Month that story for some reason popped in my head and I decided to make bubble gum flavored lollipops. These can be whatever flavor you choose. Other than the fact that you are working with beyond hot sugar lollipops are actually very easy to make (as long as you  have all the stuff). I threw in sprinkles with mine to be festive.

The picture below is from the year my mom had her toe removed and couldn’t physically walk (but got pushed) for Relay for Life that she does every year. It was the year my mom learned the power of the Internet where you my readers raised over $1000 for her! She was blown away…still is to this day. So ladies if you are of age go get your boobs squashed…it could save your life.

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  1. That’s wonderful!. Best wishes for many more years.

  2. It is weird how some memories really stick and others just don’t. Congrats on 12 years for your mom! My mom is a 8 year survivor.

    I would love if you entered these lollipops in my Power of Pink Challenge for a chance to win a $100 donation to the charity of your choice:

  3. Great story and great lollipops! And you are right, the only time I think of it is when I too am getting my boobs squashed haha. I really need to learn to do it myself.

  4. Twelve years ago exactly, my mom was going through the same thing and I was amazed by her strength, humor and resolve to not be “sick”. She is/was/always will be my hero. Here’s to moms and their daughters…and getting our boobs squashed for good health!

  5. @Jen fantastic about your mom!

  6. <3 to you and your mom. Pancake Boobs FTW!

  7. GO MOM!!! (Same to Peabody!)

  8. I love this. I bet your mom thinks that you are pretty special too. Thanks for the reminder to make my appointment for the annual pancake squeeze and hugs to your mom.

  9. Audra Blair says:

    Yay for Moms that refuse to give in to the evil that is cancer!

    My ice cream story is one of being asked my favorite color at an ice cream shop, then being presented with a cone topped with strawberry ice cream. I recall whispering to my mom – “I should have said my favorite color was brown”.

  10. I’ve never heard of having actually gum balls in bubble gum ice cream. It’ sounds kind of weird… but cool at the same time. I dunno.

    You’re mom looks so happy in the picture. Just by reading a few sentences about her I know she is an amazing woman.

  11. Lets hear it for surviving. I’m a double survivor, thyroid and leukemia.
    Question about Lorann oils, am I understanding right that a 1 dram=1 tsp?
    On the website, those little bottles look like more than 1 tsp
    These look like fun. I will be trying it

  12. @lee- yes a dram is a tsp. They sell many flavors just in dram size but some in large bottle only.

  13. Yay to your mom! 12 years is amazing! My mom is at 1 year this month. Thanks! I might just get a chance to make these!

  14. I’m a 10 year survivor! Way to go, Your Mom! The lollipops look good, too!

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