Fudge a little….

At what point does a fudge become a lie? Technically it’s all a lie but you know. :) Lots of people fudge on their taxes (for the record IRS I do not :D). Probably the biggest fudge that women tell is “but it was on sale so it was fine”. But what they leave out is that those were Frye boots and while on sale still cost almost $300 with tax. Opps.

Why no officer I didn’t know how fast I was going?

There was a stop sign?

I have a headache ;)

This? This old thing? This has been in the closet for years.

Yes, I made that from scratch.

No your butt looks fine stuffed into those jeans.

I’m sure probably one of those has come out of your mouth. I know it has from me. But does it make it right? No.

One kind of fudge that is always right is chocolate. Chocolate is always nice to you…well maybe not your pants size. This was insanely easy fudge that I made even worse for you by adding Halloween candy to the top of it. It’s a great way to use up any leftover Halloween candy and make it that much better.

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  1. Oh…..Nutella ANYTHING! I’m on board! I have some fundraiser baking coming up and these will be a must-make-and-contribute item!!

    Wouldn’t you really like to tell someone how their butt looks stuffed in those pants?!?!?!? There is simply no kind way to do it unfortunately…..but I have been tempted!!

  2. Looks pretty awesome to me. Can’t wait to try the recipe myself.

  3. Drizzle holiday colored appropriate white chocolate and we have a holiday! This is delicious!

  4. Mmmm. Fudge. I love everything about fudge, the texture, the color, the texture, the chocolate, did I meant ion the texture? Yeah, I like fudgyness. :)

  5. Leftover Halloween candy? I’m not familiar with that ingredient. Is that anything like leftover lobster?

  6. @jeri- okay more like the candy you buy after Halloween when it all goes on sale cheap

  7. This blog always cheers me up :D

  8. SO I might have just purchased a pair of Frye boots THAT WERE ON SALE!
    Love Fudge :)

  9. This recipe will be perfect for Xmas time – my coworkers will certainly love it. :D

  10. Oh goodie…. I needed another recipe to use up all the candy I have left over from the Trick or Treaters… It varies each year with how many show up at my door… some years a lot and we can run out or some years we get very few and I have a lot left over. So this year I have about 15 pounds of candy left over. I am using it all up in cookies, cakes, and now fudge! My co-workers at my school are already drooling at the prospect of my bringing in baked goodies with these things! Thanks, Peabody!

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