It’s so Fluffy, I’m gonna die…

So on Saturday I finally got to go to some place that I have been wanting to go to for years. And now that I have been I pretty want to move next door and go over every single day. Not only is is a Kangaroo Farm but a Christmas Tree Farm…which is pretty much the best combo ever. Talk about happiness 24/7/365!!! Anyway,  The Outback Kangaroo Farm was even so much better than I imagined! You really get to get in there and pet, feed, and hug (yes hug) the Wallabies and Kangroos (though the Wallabies are more of the lovers and now I need to find $1800 to own one…feel free to donate for that. :) ) If you live in the area you should totally go. They stop their daily tours this month until March but you can request a private tour.

I mean COME ON how can you not want one of these. They were so gentle and so soft and when one of them cuddled with me…ahhh!!!

MDP, his kids, and my future MIL all went. They all thought I was insane. I was by far the most enthusiastic of the group often being caught jumping up and down in delight.

They have other critters there too including llamas which I also love (Alpacas are beyond awesome as well but they didn’t have those) and you got to put a pellet in your mouth and the llama would come kiss you. Not many people were brave enough to do it. As you can see in the words of Katy Perry I kissed a Llama and I liked it. So much I bought a stuffed llama. I say drama llama a lot so I got one. We were going to name it after the biggest drama llama we know but decided that was too mean to the stuffed animal and named him Paco instead.

The rest of the weekend was chill. Laundry…which even the dog doesn’t want me to fold. :) Smart dog. She knows that folding laundry is evil.

We made that killer French toast I was talking about with the bread I made.

Fall is in full swing here and I just love that I live in a place where there are actual seasons. You really miss seasons when you live in some place like Phoenix.

But Fall means cooler weather and in fact we almost kind of skipped and went right to winter as we are currently 15 degrees cooler than the average for this month. As you can see the dog is pathetic as she sits by the fireplace hoping for me to turn it on. Clearly she doesn’t pay the gas bill. :P

And yes, I am cold too…but I layer better than the dog.

I bought some yummy looking sprouts at the market. I like to buy them this way as most people have never seen how they actually grow. MDP is a big cabbage eater so he loves him some sprouts. We just roasted them with maple syrup and bacon fat. :) It was interesting to see how many people like Brussel Sprouts when I asked on FB. I thought there were more haters than likers!


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  1. Oh my goshI want to go to this Christmas Tree Farm/Kangaroo Petting Zoo!! It looks like so much fun. I want to be kissed my a llama… but then again, don’t they spit? Ah well. :)

    I like the picture of the leaves. Fall leaves are the best kind of leaves.

  2. I am with you – I totally love everything cute, furry and cuddly! I make my husband take me to the Petting Zoo during our fair so I can touch (we don’t have small children) LOL

  3. The Kangaroo/Christmas Tree Farm sounds like great fun! I wouldn’t want to kiss a llama though. I don’t like my dog kissing me on the mouth, or the cat sticking her face in my mouth, so I wouldn’t want some strange llama kissing me.

    But count me as a non-hater on Brussels sprouts, who has never seen how they grow before. That’s pretty neat :D

  4. My husband completely understands that we will own a wallaby one day. I want to get a little joey and be a stay-at-home wallaby mom. If you get one when they’re a baby, you’re supposed to wear them in a pouch and bottle feed them, and then they’ll bond to you. Love!!!

  5. That farm looks amazing! I need to cuddle something so cute and soft immediately. And the maple syrup and butter drenched french toast speaks for itself mmm. Hope you have as much fun for the rest of the fall!!

  6. So cute!!! And love the reference to Despicable Me. I was going to be a Minion for Halloween until I realized I was broke.

  7. This is a great recipe. Not a fan of sprouts myself but with this recipe maybe i shall start eating them more often

  8. I am right with MDP, a cabbage lover here! Will have to try this recipe next time Brussels sprouts are at my Phoenix farmers market. Have you tried making home made baked egg rolls? I could just inhale the cabbage filling so it might be loved at your house too.

    P.S. our dog despises laundry as well.

  9. Oh my, cute kangaroos and brussel sprouts together in one post?! I never loved brussel sprouts until I paired them with bacon! It’s like magic :)

  10. I am definately going to take my kids here. They (and I) will love it.

    We also bought Brussels sprouts on the stem at the market. We like them , but I thing that it was mostly because my husband liked walking around with it and Ll the comments we got.

  11. I had no idea there is a Kangaroo farm in this area!

  12. Yes Nicole and super fun…go!!!’

  13. Totally amazing weekend you had! We went pumpkin picking this weekend and the farm also had lots of cute critters to pet. We had our dog with us but the other animals wanted no part of her. :)

  14. That petting zoo looks great. To bad I’m on the east coast – I would love going there.

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