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I talked about Dog Shaming in this post and have often wondered if people had to walk around with a sign saying what wrong they had done if less people would do the stupid and hurtful things they do? For some I would assume yes, others sadly it probably wouldn’t deter them in the least.

While I am of course a HUGE Pinterest fan… other than the political b.s. that creeps in there as of late then number one thing on Pinterest I hate is this quote: “Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your life.” And I’ll tell you why I hate it…because the people that post it that I know in real life are the idiots who are being judged. Usually for pretty good reasons.

But I don’t call that judging…I call that moron detection. So no worries…I’m not judging a single person. But I will say that my moron detector does go off a lot around certain people.

And one does not need to be perfect just because someone else sucks as being a person. I don’t have to be perfect just because you don’t want people to judge you for doing crappy things. Don’t want to be judged? Don’t do crappy things. Problem solved. I’m sure I can be judged for lots of things (who cares):

I have a GIANT pile of laundry in the middle of my bedroom that is so high it could show up on a topical map. And sometimes I have to do the sniff test because they dirty and clean clothing mix.

There are dirty dishes in the sink. They have been there for two days. They are not getting done today.

I do not separate darks, colors, etc….every now and then I will separate out the whites.

I often write dr. offices that hound me over small amounts of money small checks. Example: I owed $7.32 to a dr. office. I knew I was going to owe them more since I just went back so I waited. But they sent me a mean note instead. So I send them a check for $.17. Then one for $.54. And so on….for three months until I reached the $7.32. :P

I don’t bother to tell MDP that the dog licked my mouth when he goes to kiss me. :P

I’m going to buy Magic Mike on DVD.

I watched Step Up 3 the other day…though I did fast forward through 90% of it. Wow, was that bad.

I ate the whole pan (minus one) of these.

These are a take on Avalanche bars which have nothing to do with pumpkin normally. They are normally peanut butter and certainly don’t have cinnamon flavored marshmallows in them…but hey it’s fall and I had a little pumpkin that needed to be used up! You can find the marshmallows here Kraft Jet Puffed Cinnamon Bun Marshmallow, 8oz (Pack of 2) and the caramel bits here Kraft, Caramel Bits, 11oz Bag (Pack of 3) .

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  1. Yeah, laundry… I do my laundry, and separate darks and lights (who has time to do actual white?) and jeans… but I have a harm time getting the laundry folded. I find it much easier to reach down from the hamper and pull stuff out. :)

    By the way, can I come over and watch Magic Mike with you? Please? I really liked that movie. And not just for the drool worthy guys *cough* Mat Boman please have my children *cough* but there was an actual plot too, and it wasn’t a sucky plot either. So please can I come over?

    I’ve never heard of avalanche bars before, but after looking at these, I would love to try some :)

  2. ** Matt Bomer. Silly typos :P

  3. i love your “Go ahead, judge me” quote. i am going to have to remember that one! thanks for brightening my day.

  4. I didn’t have any female friends to go see the movie with so I watched it by myself once you could rent it on iTunes and there’s a part of me that wishes I had bought it instead and forced the husband to watch it with me. *snicker*

    These look fantastice, by the way, and I’m not going to judge you over any of it.

  5. When I first saw the photos I thought for sure that there was chickpeas in there. I was thinking “whaaaaat?”. Now that I know it is caramel bits….they look far more delicious. :)

  6. Don’t make fun, but in my Google reader I thought these bars would be made of popcorn for some reason–kinda like popcorn balls meeting a rice crispy bar. They still look delicious!

  7. I remember a news article about a small-town sherrif that got sick of repeat offenders for small crimes like shoplifting, so he made them stand on street corners holding big signs that said, “I AM A SHOPLIFTER,” and the like. Crime went way down in that town. If you have to admit you do bad things, you’re less likely to do them.

    Now, eating the entire pan of these (minus one)? I don’t think having to admit it would stop me. Excuse me while I go find some cinnamon bun marshmallows….

  8. Love the idea of dog shamimg not people shaming so much. Well I’ll be honest I do sometimes people shame :-)

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only person who throws all my clothes in the wash!

  9. Is it just me who finds it kind of hilarious (and horrible) that there are and will be people coming on saying how they “love the quote” – without reading the actual post?

    haha I don’t know, it just made me laugh and cry to read that comment so far. n_n;

  10. Thanks for empowering me with a Miron Detector. I suddenly feel much less judgmental. And I don’t get Dr offices either, I’m in there every 3 months. When I owe you $3.54.. tell me next time, save the postage k?
    It’s taken me a long time to learn, but some people just do not care about anyone or anything but themselves and what they want, they’ll never change. I used to think ‘if they only knew how that makes others feel..’ but no.

  11. @Daisy- oh yes I have find the irony in people saying they like the quote…hahaha

  12. <3 everything about this

  13. Hi. I’m from Algeria, & I just wanted to say that if I had one billion dollars, it would be my pleasure to give it to you. YOU ARE AN ARTIST… Good job…

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