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As October comes round to an end lets do some updates…

More proof I am not a best blog and a print button is why. I posted this email on FB but since FB hardly shows stories anymore I’ll post it here. In this one’s defense it is not 14 paragraphs and is not rude.

“Hello…. I stumbled upon your blog thru a separate site and I’m very happy I found it! Lots of different recipes I can’t wait to try….I did notice that upon printing one recipe the site did display a ‘print’ option which was (thankfully) a clean page…. But as I started to print a few others I’ve noticed there isn’t the same option…..??…..
I’m hoping that you can tweak your site so that your fans are able to easily print a clean (recipe only) copy of the recipes we’re looking forward to trying on our own!
Thank you!”
If there were an emoticon to show me rolling my eyes back that is what would be inserted here.

If you haven’t seen yet you should (no one is paying me to say that). It’s like Tastespotting or Foodgawker BUT unlike those sites it not only shows you a photo and tells you where to get it the COOLEST feature is that it tells you what kind of camera took it, ios, aperture, focal length, and shutter speed. Which means if you actually want a better idea of how to get your pictures to look that way you can! It’s awesome and it was created by a fellow food blogger which I love to support as well.

The foot is pretty much mended and I am back to playing hockey which makes for a much happier Peabody!

Thanks to awesome readers this month I have pumpkin marshmallows and caramel apple candy corn (but umm…that’s gone :D ), Bouchon Bakery , The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle , and More from Macrina: New Favorites from Seattle’s Popular Neighborhood Bakery (this one doesn’t come until Tuesday).

While I just got three new cookbooks (well one isn’t here yet) so two I have had no time to pour into them yet. Can’t wait though…it will clearly benefit you all. :) What I did have time to see was my food blogger crush Bakers Royale Butterfinger Cheesecake Bars which made me totally want to do a Peanut Butter Cup version so I did. I love that site. Such a source of inspiration for me. I really enjoy how she tries to make things worse for people too. :D

So these were made for my hockey team and for a Pumpkin Carving Party we went to on Saturday. And while I don’t have the fastest hockey team thanks to me I have the fattest. :P I kid…most of them are in shape…round is a shape. So these bad boys have a layer of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, layer of peanut butter cups, cheesecake, then more peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and topped with more chocolate chips and mini peanut butter cups. Yes, they are pretty freaking awesome. That is all. Carry on.

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  1. They just fly off the screen:-)

  2. Swoon.

  3. I…yeah. These pretty much have everything I love in them. They’re definitely going on my to-bake list.

  4. Um….WOW! Gonna have to take this to work so I don’t eat it!

  5. Looks like awesomeness in every bite. :)

  6. Pumpkin marshmallows make awesome rice krispie treats.

  7. What terrific bars! Sinful.



  8. Ooooh, these look ridiculously amazing. And thank you so much for mentioning Fridgg! You just made my week. ^_^

  9. I’m pretty sure just reading about these gave me diabetes. Actually make them and eating them…well…that will probably kill me. I’ll let you know. :)

  10. Daaang. I feel my pants getting tighter just by looking at the photos.

    Glad to hear your foot is better :)

  11. Do people not know how to highlight and then do a “selection only” print? My gosh people are spoiled. I would be rolling my eyes right along with you but instead they’re glued to the screen looking at those yummy bars.

  12. I might have just fallen in love with you

  13. I’ll take a couple of those bars, please!

  14. So sorry to ask you to do this but I would like to try this recipe and also give it to 25 friends. Can you please print it all off for me as I don’t have enough paper in the printer and then post it to me here in England? Thanks, you are great!
    These bars look deadly.

  15. Hey-I’m loving your site as well. And I love that we are busting one button at a time together on other people’s pants. :) I’m hoping stretch pants/yoga pants will be excepted as everyday wear for-eva!

    These look great and – hey, my family would love this version as well.

  16. These look so over the top. I can’t wait to try them.

  17. Yes! Yes! Yes! Those look amazing!

  18. I made these and won 2 nd place in our company bake off! Fabulous recipe!

  19. Fabulous recipe!!! Super Hit. Made it for the New Year! Never lasted long with 4 college kids (boys) staying over for the holidays… Down most of them warm, then tried the leftovers cold the next morning, all with a tall glass of milk. Wonderfully easy, very tasty, and will make again whenever family and friends are over. AAA+++ Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Holy Crap! I think I might just cry if I don’t make these immediately.

    Salavating, Salavating, Salavating.

  21. Jennifer says:

    i made these last night and they are tremendous!! A hit with the kids with all of the wonderful peanut buttery goodness. A hit with the adults with the cheesecake and the sheer appearance. It is an impressive dessert! Rich, and delicious!!!

  22. Peabody says:

    @Jennifer- Glad you liked them!


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