I’m voting for cornbread….

It’s Election night. Hopefully if you live in the US you exercised your right to vote. I basically voted in a manner that is the complete opposite of my parents. :) I’m sure they are wondering where they went wrong.

These muffins were made to go alongside some Chorizo Chili (yes you will be getting that recipe later this week) and they complement the chili nicely. Or so I am told. Since technically I am allergic to the chili and the muffins. Sigh. And while some food allergies I fudge on a little (cow dairy) peppers are not one that I can mess around with. Well I can I just have to stab myself with an epi pen as my throat closes shut.

I would like to say that all of you out there threatening to move to Canada if you don’t like the election results don’t do it. We don’t want you. Stay where you are. Work on making the world and country a better place…not fleeing from it.


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  1. Mmm yes I vote for cornbread too, with a VP of chili

  2. I’m anxious to see the chili recipe! Did your eaters say if the pumpkin flavor in the cornbread was prominent or slight? I can’t wrap my tastebuds around the pairing…

  3. @Alice- no you can’t really taste the pumpkin…just makes them moist and dense.

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