It is what it is…

This will be a quickie as I had a little medical procedure done today and am heavily medicated. So to avoid any embarrassment I wont go on any rants. :)

How giant is this leaf? Look at it in comparison to my hand.

FYI to anyone who I am ever mad at and decides that they want to apologize with a pizza card…I will just be more mad at you. That is all.

Best time of year for tea lovers.

So I heard about these from a reader and could not find them anywhere. I had to break down and buy them from because I had to have them! I decided to do a pudding cookie with the candy cane flavor since I had some candy cane kisses sitting around. Pretty easy and pretty yummy and something festive to bring to cookie exchange.


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  1. Love! Perfect for the holidays. I love those peppermint kisses.

  2. Ok, I may just have to buy those on amazon too :D They look slightly repulsive as a pudding flavor, but I bet they would be amazing in baked goodies. I wanted to try the pumpkin pudding kind, but I couldn’t find it anywhere either.

    The cookies look so soft and chewy and to holiday-ey!

  3. Feel better soon!

    Lovely cookies! Very festive.



  4. Your cookies look very festive. I bet they would be a great treat for anyone’s Christmas dessert table.

  5. Never knew they had candy cane kisses even:-)
    Thank you…take care.

  6. As a tea drinker and Christmas obsessive, I wept gently with joy at the sight of such a thing as ‘eggnog tea’. I thus promptly rushed to the Amazon (US as UK site doesn’t sell it) website only to find that America does not ship such things of wonder to the UK. *weeps*
    You get gingerbread flavoured pudding items, gingerbread marshmallows, chocolate bark and all sorts of other wonderous concoctions (I found a tin of pre-made Bordens eggnog and bought it with great gusto, so that I could get my fix before finding a proper recipe and making it myself). We get nothing like it! Boo. I would like to make your lovely cookies, but alas, we do not get candy cane pudding stuff over here either. :-(

    For the love of all things holy, have you considered making money from us poor, underexploited Brits?! Sell these wonderful things! I guarantee people would buy them, heck, I could keep you in sales of eggnog tea for the next few years at least! Just an idea…

  7. The jello pumpkin pie pudding really was pretty bad – but I never thought about putting it in baked goods. I used to make pudding cakes all the time – those cookies sound great!

    Hope that you are fully recovered soon.

  8. I have those teas! I love these cookies and that pizza thing is hilarious!!! Hope you are ding okay!!??!!

  9. @Zazzy- yes as pudding I think they would suck. But I plan on using the gingerbread one in a Jelly/Pudding Shot for my Tablespoon (General Mills) job that I have and use the rest in cakes and cookies.

  10. I never understood why people liked those peppermint candies…on the bright side the smell of mint makes you less hungry, which makes me wonder why those peppermint patties are so large in the first place.

  11. I can think of a few people who would love a pizza card as an apology :-)

    These are great to add to my cookie exchange list. Always looking for something different!

  12. can i just say that i think it’s funny that Amazon lists the option of “buy new” for the puddings? and that it’s actually the 2nd choice? i (for one) tend to prefer my pudding “new” instead of “not new”

  13. I like the stream of consciousness.

  14. What if I can’t find the pepermint pudding? Can I use another kind?

  15. Vanilla?

  16. Just made these today and these are very tasty! Did not have peppermint pudding (only got white chocolate at the store ha ha) so I added 1/4 tsp peppermint extract. These were moist and chewy. I yielded close to 6 dozen which meant I ran out of peppermint hershey’s but that is ok the cookies are good on their own. I will save these for next year because these are too cute. Also, it helped for me to spray the cookie sheets so they would come up easier. Thanks for sharing!

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