Soon To Be Chubby Hubby…

One thing MDP gets asked all the time is “how do you not weigh 600 pounds?” Especially after they eat something I have made or they visit this website. :)What can I say…I like food. He does too. It’s one of the things we have in common (which there are a ton more than that obviously). But we do work out and we don’t sit around and eat they entire plate of cookies (though that depends on the cookie).

MDP and I know we will never be skinny…and we have no desire to be. Besides needing a little cushion for the pushing ;) we just like food way too much. So when I was on Pinterest going through things I had pinned I saw a recipe for Chubby Hubby Truffles and decided I needed to make them.

Mine are a little different in the fact that I stick to more of what the ice cream flavor is like….which is MALTED vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels and ribbons of peanut butter. So I added malted milk to mine and added a ribbon of peanut butter to the top.

They will certainly make you chubby that’s for sure. But that’s what the treadmill was invented for…or torture…it might have been invented for torture. :P

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  1. Lolz and yum! More cushion for the pushin’, now I haven’t heard that in a while. Love it.

  2. Peabody – the truffles look amazing. I have a treadmill in my basement and use all the time. It isn’t helping me lose weight though.

  3. I need those truffles in my life… maybe not “need”… more like WANT!

  4. People ask Brian that all the time, too. But he’s 6’4″ and one of those long, naturally lean types. I am NOT. I swear, if I didn’t love him, I’d hate him. :)

  5. Pea, what do you use for the malted milk powder? We have something called Horlicks malted milk drink powder. Do you think this is suitable?
    (I used it once for the Malted cake in The Sweet Melissa cookbook and the cake was dreadful…so am wondering if I used the wrong thing or the recipe is dodgy.)
    The Chubby Hubbies look delectable.

  6. I bought malted milk powder for a scone recipe that didn’t come out right, so I have a lot of left overs. At least now I have an idea of what to do with it later on :)

  7. Holy cow I gained five pounds just looking at this:). Anyone who has a food blog who hasn’t gained weight, including their spouses…well…..that would be weird. Or they are doing something wrong….ha-ha.

  8. Mmm I’ve somehow never had these before.

  9. Carole, Isle of Man says:

    Re Horlicks – I think Ovaltine will work better – it has a more malty taste.

    I cannot wait to try this recipe, but what on earth are ‘Peanut Butter Chips?


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